10 Best Orchids For Bedrooms

The 10 Best Orchids for Bedrooms

Orchid plants are basically flowers. They bloom once, twice, or thrice a year depending on the species. They look magnificent when in bloom. However, some species look great even when they are not in bloom. This is because they have attractive leaves, stems, or structures. 

Certain orchid species can easily be grown in the bedroom. They especially do well when grown in pots on windowsills or on bedside tables near windows. 

People grow orchids in the bedroom primarily to make their bedrooms look unique and attractive. People also grow orchids in their bedrooms to enhance their relationships. This concept is part and parcel of the traditional Chinese medicine concept of Feng Shui. Lastly, people grow orchids in their bedrooms to sleep exceptionally well. This is because orchids absorb carbon dioxide at night, and produce oxygen ensuring oxygen levels do not go down even when the windows are closed at night. 

Now that you know why people grow orchids in the bedroom, it is time to discover the best orchids for the bedroom. 

The 10 Best Orchids for Bedrooms


Also known as paphs, Paphiopedilum is one of the most common household plants. It comes in several colors that looking striking when in bloom. Whatever your favorite color is, a similarly colored paph orchid is most likely available on Amazon or in any serious gardening shop near you.

Paphs are also known as Lady’s Slipper orchids. Therefore, if you are searching for paphs online, you can also use the term “Lady’s Slipper orchids” to explore more results. 

Paphs are sufficiently compact to be positioned near the corner of a bathroom sink. They look especially good when next to a large mirror with mirror lighting on top. They also look good on a big nightstand or bedroom desk. 

Humid air, bark-rich planting mix, and low light keep paphs happy. 


Oncidiums are lacy-flowered orchid plants that are perfect for the bedroom. The best thing about oncidiums is their flowers. The flowers, with their ruffled petals, look amazing when they are in full bloom on top of tall arching stems. 

Depending on the species, oncidium orchid flowers can be red, pink, white, or yellow in color. 

Oncidiums need cool temperatures at night to thrive. This is easy to provide by setting them on windowsills or tables under or next to windows. You should only water them when their stalks stop looking firm at the base.

Moth orchid

Moth orchids are amazing orchids that are found in many gardeners shops across the world. They are cheaper and easier to take care of compared to other orchid plants. The most unique thing about moth orchids is that they are probably the most ubiquitous orchid in the world. 

However, despite being ubiquitous, they have very attractive blooms that can last up to four months. And the best thing about them is that they can live for years. 

Moth orchids are happiest in light that is bright and diffused. This means they can do well even in basement bedrooms as long as they have the right artificial light. 

Pansy orchid 

This is one of the most feel-good orchids in the world! I say this because it has vibrant leaves, and an open-face bloom that is bright white and burgundy and very easy on the eyes. 

One of the things most people like about the pansy orchid is the fact that it has a nice faint fragrance. They sell it smells like happiness and like Hawaii. It is a very faint smell that won’t prevent you from sleeping.

The worst the fragrance can do is to make you dream you are on holiday in Oahu or Bora Bora yet you are in a small apartment in chilly New York.

Pansy orchids are happiest in mist. So make sure you spray them every morning to keep them misted. 

Oncidium sharry baby 

Just like moth orchid, this is also one of the most popular orchids across the planet. And while it is not as ubiquitous as the moth orchid, it is found in major flower and gardening shops. 

This orchid can do well in the bedroom. You should buy it if you like two things – beauty and chocolate. 

You should buy it if you like beauty because it produces blooms with some of the most beautiful purple flowers. And you should buy it if you like chocolate because its blooms have a chocolate fragrance that will give you a daily chocolate fix. 

If you choose to keep this plant in your bedroom, keep in mind that it likes filtered light, moderate humidity, and weak biweekly fertilization. Also, keep in mind that this orchid can grow up to 4 feet tall so make sure you find a suitable pot and spot for it in your home.

Cupid spirit orchid 

This orchid is a moth orchid hybrid. It has flowers with white petals and cute dark spots. It is usually sold with two flower spikes. When the spikes are in full bloom, they look very graceful on top of tall stems. 

This orchid smells nice and can be situated in many places around the bedroom including on a nightstand table, a windowsill, or on the bathroom sink. The only thing you need to know about it is that it needs good air circulation to thrive. So do not just locate it somewhere where it cannot get good air supply. 

The plant also prefers good humidity. This is why a bathroom sink is usually a great place for it. 

Mini moth orchid 

The compact size, cuteness, and beauty of this orchid make it a perfect gift for graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day.

Its small size means it can fit perfectly even on small windowsills or nightstands. Nevertheless, if you decide to position this orchid on your nightstand, make sure it is near enough a window to get natural light. If it isn’t, get an artificial light. If you cannot get an artificial light, situate this orchid on a windowsill.

Cattleya orchid 

This is one of the most attractive and most sought-after orchids in the world. It is native to Brazil and can easily be grown in a bedroom. However, they need good air circulation and a good draining planting mix. If they do not have these two conditions, they can quickly start rotting at the roots.

Placing them next to a window that you open for many hours daily is good enough for circulation. You can also get a fan to give it the airflow it needs. 


Dendrobiums are found all over the world. The best thing about them is that they can tolerate sunlight. So you can leave them next to your window without worrying about their leaves getting burned. However, they also like humidity, so you will need to keep a humidifier next to them to keep them humid and growing. 

You will love having their evergreen leaves and beautiful white petal flowers in your bedroom any time of the day. 


This is a miniature orchid. It is compact, easy to maintain and it can fit just about anywhere. It has leaves that are stunning but it does not shout for attention. It is great for men’s bedrooms because it only produces small flowers that are not very showy. 

The best thing about this orchid is that it can be grown as a terrarium orchid.