10 Best Orchids For Terrarium

10 Best Orchids For Terrarium

When you want to set up a terrarium, you need to find true miniature orchids that only grow a few centimeters in all directions. However, this is easier said than done. This is because most orchids on the market usually come in very small and compact sizes only to later grow one, two, or three feet tall. Moreover, many sellers sell orchids which they call miniature yet they are compact and not truly miniature. 

In this post, I am going to share with you the best orchids for terrariums. The orchids I will share with you are some of the tiniest orchids in the world! They are true miniature orchids. In other words, they are orchid species that are genetically wired to only grow a couple of centimeters tall and wide. This makes them perfect for growing in terrariums. 

The largest orchid on the list below grows only 12 centimeters tall. The majority get to a height of approximately 7 centimeters. 

Without further ado, here are the best miniature orchids for terrariums. 

Best Orchids for terrariums 

Below are the best orchids for terrariums. They are perfect for both open and closed terrariums. 

Dracula miniature orchids 

Many Dracula orchids have a full bloom that looks like the face of a monkey. For this reason, they are also called monkey orchids. They are quite attractive and are truly miniature. 

While the name Dracula orchids sound scary, they are not. They look unique and very friendly. 

Dracula orchids like cool temperatures. In other words, they like it when temperatures stay below 68 degrees F. Therefore if you have an air conditioner, you should set it to ensure the temperature in the room where you keep does not go above 68 degrees. 

These orchids also like high humidity and moderate light. Too much light can burn them. 

Masdevallia miniature orchids 

These are also true miniature orchids. According to expert gardeners, they are the perfect orchid to keep in a terrarium that is closed. This is because they love humidity that is over 80 percent and closed terrariums can guarantee this because they are closed. 

Masdevallia orchids, love low light. Too much light will burn them. Therefore, you should not locate a terrarium with this orchid on a windowsill, a desk, or anywhere else where there is direct sunlight. You should place somewhere cool where only indirect light gets to it. 

Masdevallia orchids love a planting mix with perlite and sphagnum only as well as daily watering since they do not have pseudobulbs to hold water. 

Lepanthe miniature orchids 

Lepanthe miniature orchids have fascinating veined leaves and stunning flowers. Their flowers grow to a maximum of 0.8 cm in size. So they are really small but they look attractive. 

Lepanthe miniature orchids are known for their unique blooming style – their flowers bloom one a time in succession. They are also known for not entering dormancy after blooming. 

These miniature orchids prefer living under full shade. They do not like the light at all. So make sure you put them where they are not exposed to direct sunlight. 

Keep in mind that Lepanthe orchids like frequent watering, and prefer a planting mix with perlite and sphagnum moss. They also like weak fertilizer especially when s

Tolumnia miniature orchids

These orchids are kind of like oncidiums but much smaller. For a long time, they were considered an oncidium species but this changed in the mid-eighties. They are now considered independent orchid species. S

Tolumnia miniature orchids are perfect for individuals who are looking for tiny orchids that will look amazing inside terrariums. This is because they have a beautiful bloom. 

When properly fertilized and watered, these orchids can produce two blooms consecutively. 

Tolumnia orchids do not like too much light. They also do not like too much humidity. 

Platystele miniature orchids

These orchids are available in many species and they are perfect for terrarium because they only produce miniature flowers and grow in bundles. 

In terms of temperature, they thrive in average temperatures between 60 and 90 degrees F. During the day they prefer about 80 degrees, while during the night they prefer about 60 degrees F. 

Aerangis biloba miniature orchid

This is one of the smallest species of orchids. It is found only in Africa, where it grows on the stems and branches of trees in humid tropical forests. While this plant can tolerate low light, it can also do where under bright light and under partial shade. What it cannot tolerate is direct light. 

This plant can thrive in high humidity, which means it can do well in a closed terrarium. However, its stunning white flowers are fragrant, which means it is better suited for open terrariums. This plant is perfect for decorating tables, coffee tables, kitchen islands, and nightstands.

Aerangis calantha miniature orchid 

This miniature orchid species is also native to Africa. The most unique thing about it is that it is quite adaptable. It can grow literally in just about any small terrarium. However, it prefers being shaded because it thrives when shaded. 

If you have a rainforest terrarium, you will particularly like this orchid because it does best in conditions with humidity (as is normally the case with forest terrariums). 

Aerangis fastuosa miniature orchid 

This particular orchid is native to Madagascar. The best thing about it is that it is found in many distinct habitats. This means that versions of this plant that can thrive in the exact location where you are can be found online. 

The best thing about this orchid as a terrarium plant is the fact that its flowers are scented. The scent is jasmine-like and heavenly. It is perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms. 

This mini orchid can thrive in the famous biOrb AIR 60 terrarium.

Angraecu didieri miniature orchid 

This particular orchid is native to Madagascar. It is a miniature orchid that can thrive in a small pot or a suitable terrarium. The special thing about this tiny orchid is that it blooms striking star-shaped flowers that are somewhat larger than them. 

The second special thing about this orchid is that it produces a nice scent in the morning. 

Gastrochilus bigibbus miniature orchid 

This is one of the smallest orchids in the world. It produces quite small but colorful flowers that measure less than 2 cm in size. The plant is best known to flower in October. 

The orchid is native to Southeast Asia. It is regarded as a protected species because its nature is under threat. However, it is available in shops when grown legally.

Gastrochilus bigibbus is happiest when regularly watered, shaded, and in warm temperatures.