4500 vs 5500 Watt Water Heater

4500 vs 5500 Watt Water Heater – Making The Right Choice

Most people probably don’t think about their own water heater at home. It is natural because as hot water is made available there is really nothing much to do. As a homeowner, it is important to have basic knowledge of how the heating system works in your home. It will also benefit you to know the options available for you, especially when you need to weigh the differences between a 4500 vs 5500-watt water heater.

The Basic Types

Water heaters come in four basic types: heaters with tanks, hybrid, tankless, and heaters that bring hot water on-demand. 

Tank Type Heaters

Most people probably don’t think about their own water heater at home. It’s natural because as long as it’s producing hot water there is really nothing much to do. As the owner of a home, you should have more than one basic understanding of how the heating system works in your home. It will also be beneficial to know what options you have, especially when you need to weigh the differences between a 4500 vs 5500-watt water heater.

The Science Behind Water Heaters

The tank-type water heater features a large container for heated water. Hot water will be contained inside the insulated tank until it is needed. Coldwater accesses the container will be heated inside. Eventually, the water inside will become ready for use. The temperature will be set by you. There is also a thermostat that you can use to adjust the temperature of the water. This is considered the popularly-known type of water heater system. 

There is also a pressure valve that allows you to control the build-up of tank pressure. When hot water is needed, the heated water will be pumped by the pressurized tank going to the opening, either a faucet or appliance. As water is being used up, it will be automatically refilled and the process will be repeated again.

Hybrid-type Water Heater

Hybrid-type water features an electric pump system. This pump can be usually found at the top of the tank. The hybrid type water heater boasts of low energy consumption when compared to other water heater models. This is an attractive selling point for many people. Because to save energy means to save on their resources as well.

Since a hybrid is considered a premium product, it is necessary to pay extra for it. The cost of this type of heater is almost double the price of other types of heaters. It is understandable that the premium cost for the hybrid water heater can be recouped after three or four years. 

If you live in a hot climate and your appliances are electric, this type of water heater might be the one that suits you. You can definitely read more about hybrid water heaters online. 

Tankless water heaters

Tankless water heaters can usually be found wall-mounted and are able to provide heated water for the whole house. Tankless water heaters are popular for hotels and bigger houses. As hinted by its name, tankless water heaters have no big, bulky water tank. Tankless water sits idly until a faucet for hot water is opened. 

Water will then run through the unit, and an electric element will warm that water. Eventually, cold water is heated when it has been warmed. When the faucet is closed, the water heater will also automatically shut down. This benefit is what makes a tankless water heater specially-attractive to consumers.

It is known that tankless heaters deliver at least 30 gallons of hot water daily but only use 30% lesser energy as compared to other water heater types. This is the reason enough for tankless water heaters to become a popular choice for many.

On-demand Water Heaters

Point-of-use water heaters are compact, and also tankless models that deliver hot water to a place almost immediately. Water heaters of this type are usually installed at a distance from the source of water.  It’s a pretty popular option because takes care of the issue of opening the tap and having to wait for the water to warm. 

Waiting for water to warm up is not only wasting time, but it also wastes a lot of water and money. Because most people who wait for the water to run put the faucet open. Most water heaters of this type can fit snuggly inside the cabinet and closet. They also sometimes come as easy to install. On-demand water heaters are also reliable and durable. 

You will be able to use this type of heater for at least 20 years. That is a very long time! It is an advantage that puts on-demand water heaters ahead of the competition.

How Will I Choose?

Choosing the type of water heater to use depends on the size of your home, your need for hot water, and your budget. If you are on the hunt for a water heater, the type is only one of the concerns. There is also the question of the wattage of the water heater. 

Both the 4500 and 5500-watt water heater are of the electric kind. The numbers denote the amount of electricity each type uses. Both of them are connected to storage tanks that serve as the storage for the water that you need. 

The main difference between the two is the amount of time it takes to heat the water that you need to use. This can be a real concern because most people who use water heaters want it on demand. If you are looking for a water heater that does this, perhaps you might have a choice in mind already. 

Doing the math

Typically, when using the 4500-watt water heater, it can process between 18-25 gallons of water per hour. Compared to the 5500-watt water heater that heats between 25-35 gallons per hour. When you do the math, it will show that the 5500-water water heater can process about 4-7 gallons more water than the 4500-watt water heater. 

To be clear, the water does not get any hotter with a higher-wattage water heater. This can be set by the thermostat in your water heating system. It also does not get the water to heat fast. The difference is how long it takes for the storage tank to heat up again when the hot water in the tank has been consumed. 


Water heaters in the home sometimes come unnoticed. Knowing their importance usually comes when there is a need for hot water. Water heaters are an important addition to a home. It provides a way for people in the house to use hot water on demand. There are four basic types of water heaters in the market: tank-type, hybrid, tankless and point-of-use. 

Each of these basic types has its own features and advantages. When you are considering getting a water heater, bear in mind the size of your home, your demand for hot water, and your working budget. Water heaters come in two types of wattage, 4500 watts, and 5500 watts. 

The temperature of the water is not affected by the wattage of your water heater, however, the difference lies in how long it takes for the storage tank to heat up water again after the hot water contained has already been depleted. You can certainly read more about water heaters and their respective wattage differences.