Are Eggshells Good for Orchids?

Are Eggshells Good for Orchids

Just in case you are wondering how egg cells became a sought-after option for natural fertilizers, here’s why.

Eggshells have a lot of calcium and potassium, which are great for plants. Its rich protein content also makes it an excellent option for most plants. Another apparent reason is that eggshells are affordable.

They cost nothing, and all you need to do is collect them. You can ask your neighbors nicely to keep theirs for you, and they will be more than happy to help you do so. It costs nothing, and it is a great way to recycle household waste. 

Now to the real question-are eggshells good for orchids? The answer is yes, and for so many reasons. Eggshells are a natural source of nutrients to plants, and they are very affordable and easily accessible. It is also organic and not toxic to your plants.

You can use this easily on orchids without any fear that there may be repercussions on your plant’s health.

Orchids, just like every other plant, love nutrients, and they reward your efforts with lovely flowers. Crushed eggshells, when added to the soil, improves the calcium, potassium, and protein nutrients of the soil.

Sometimes you can even spray the eggshells on the foliage of the orchids also. To do this, you have to prepare a liquid solution, and it is not difficult to make.

All you need to do is heat some water until it boils and add crushed eggshells to the water. Soak the eggshells in hot water for 24 hours and strain the mixture into a mist spray bottle. Then, you can easily spray the mixture on your orchids to increase the calcium, potassium, and protein intake on your pants.

Alternatively, you can also use the water when it cools down to water your orchids. This will add the nutrients directly to the soil, and your plants will find this easier to absorb. 

Apart from providing nutrients to the soil, eggshells can be used for different purposes, and here are a few.

Why You Should be Using Eggshells on Your Plants & Orchids


You can use your eggshells as a natural mulch for your plants. Eggshells are rich in calcium, carbon, and protein and add nitrogen to the soil.

They also contain the essential nutrients that plants need to grow. Apart from that, they increase soil acidity, and this is great for acid-loving plants like orchids.

This makes them a good option for mulching g, and you can use them in their crushed form or grind them. Then, spread them on the soil and parts that are bare and do not receive any kind of shade or shelter.

Mulching is great for plants as it improves water retention and prevents the soil from hardening. In the long run, it stimulates plant growth and development. 

Eggshells Repel Pests

Orchids are gorgeous plants, and they attract different pests because of their bright flowers. These pests can damage your orchids if they are not controlled.

There are many pesticides available in the market, but eggshells can be used as an organic pesticide. They keep these pests away from your orchids.

To use eggshells as a repellent, crush them loosely and spread them on the soil. The sharp edges would discourage pests from coming close to your plants. Also, the acidity of the shells can discourage and drive some pests away from your plants.

If you apply the eggshells in a water-soluble or finely ground form, they may not be effective as repellants. They will blend well with the soil, and the pests may not notice them from afar.

Therefore, you should crush them loosely and spread them generously on the soil so that the pests will be discouraged from coming close to the orchids.

Eggshells Can Serve As Pots for Orchid Seedlings

If you cultivate your orchids yourself or if you own a garden store and you need to plant orchid seedlings, you can use eggshells as pots for your orchid seedlings.

To do this, crack and open the top of the eggshells and empty its content. Make sure the sides are intact. It should be oval, like an oval bowl. Fill the eggshells with soil and plant your seed or seedling in it.

This is an inexpensive pot for seedlings. Eggshells are porous, so the roots of your orchids will breathe as air would quickly penetrate the shells.

Also, since they have high calcium and protein content, the pots will not be mere containers but will also provide nutrients directly to the soil.

However, eggshells are small, and after some time, the makeshift pot would not be able to accommodate the plant roots as they will outgrow them.

This shows that it is time to repot, and you can simply add the eggshells used in planting the seedling to the soil when repotting. You can plant them with the pots, or you can repot them and crush the eggshells or bury them in the soil.

If you plant them with the eggshells intact, they will break after sometime when the roots begin to grow. The cracked shells will naturally be added to the soil and improve the quality of the soil. 

Precautions When Adding Eggshells to Orchids

Eggshells are no doubt suitable for orchids, but there are certain precautions that you must take if you are going to add eggshells to your orchids.

First of all, eggshells are better for ground orchids planted outside the house and not indoor orchids. Especially when rotten, eggs have a strong bad smell.

So if you put them on indoor plants, your home will equally smell. To avoid this, use eggshells for outdoor plants and make sure that you use good eggs.

Also, if you add eggshells that are not properly crushed, you can invite pests to your plants. The shells are attractive, and animals like birds may come close to pick them from the soil. In a bid to do so, they may end up harming your orchids.

They may be distracted by the flowers and end up destroying your flowers instead. While the eggshells may protect your orchids from these pests because of the sharp edges, it may not be able to discourage more significant pests from damaging your orchids.

Therefore, it is better to blend the eggshells smoothly. This way, it will mix with the soil. Also, instead of just applying eggshells tropically, you can dig holes around the plants and bury them. This will go a long way in minimizing the smell. 

Another way to minimize the adverse effects is to add them in little quantities. You will be able to control the smell and, finally, wash the eggshells before adding them to orchids.

You can either wash them before you soak them if you’re going to be adding them in the liquid form, or you can wash and dry them before you bury or apply them topically. Either way, it will get rid of the bad smell to an extent. 

On a final note, eggshells are suitable for orchids as they provide nutrients for orchids and also improve their quality of life generally. Thus, if you are looking for a pocket-friendly way to pamper your orchids, eggshells are a good option and one worth exploring.