Are Tea Bags Good for Orchids?

Are Tea Bags Good for Orchids

Have you ever wondered if plants would enjoy all that we do as human beings? They just might love what we love and who doesn’t love a cup of nice tea.

It is always refreshing to start your day with a cup of hot tea. It gives you a good feeling, and your plants might appreciate the dregs from your tea too.

They do. Plants love tea bags, and orchids especially love to sip some tea. 

Recently, indoor gardeners are exploring organic ways to keep plants healthy. They have stumbled on some secrets, and one such secret is that tea bags are suitable for orchids.

I will tell you why you should not take your tea alone but share the dregs with your orchids in this article. 

Tea Bags Can Be Used to Fertilize Orchids

There are so many ways that you can use tea bags to fertilize orchids. You can add them to your compost, and when they decompose, they become part of the soil.

They also encourage and facilitate the decomposing process. However, not all tea bags are compostable, and you should be mindful of this.

The tea bags made of polypropylene will not decompose, and except you want to sort them from a pile of compost much later, you should avoid adding them to the compost bin.

Alternatively, you can tear the bag and empty just its contents into the bin. Teabags add nitrogen to the compost, and this will help your orchids grow and bloom faster. 

The best part about using tea bags as fertilizers for your orchids is that they contain non-toxic organic materials. Thus, you do not have to worry so much about side effects on your plants

Tea Bags Are Great for Acid Loving Plants

No doubt, orchids are acid-loving plants, and this is why they will appreciate your teabags. Teabags increase the acid level of the soil.

If you add one or two to your potting mix, you can increase the acid level of the soil, and your orchids will be grateful to you for this. 

Teas such as black tea, white tea, and green tea contain tannic acids. You can simply identify this by the bitter and astringent taste in some tea.

Thus, after you sip your tea, do not discard the leftovers. You can add some to the soil. They will benefit from the brewed tea as the acid is active when the contents of the teabag have been mixed with water.

Alternatively, you can leave a tea bag in water overnight and use the brew to water your orchids.

However, you should note that orchids love their tea plain. So skip the sugar and cream and give them plain tea. 

Tea Bags Prevent Harmful Pests and Microorganisms From Attacking Your Orchids

Not all Microorganisms are beneficial to your plant. Some of them have an adverse effect on your plants.

Thus, it is best to control the harmful pests and microorganisms before they control your plants. These harmful organisms could include earthworms.

While the microbial activities of earthworms on the soil helps improve soil aeration, some worms do more harm than good. They can be controlled with tea.

The tannic acids in tea bags repel pests and harmful Microorganisms from your plants. You can bury a few in the soil or place them where you have most of these pests. You will be impressed with the results.

Tea Bag Rehydrates A Dying Orchid 

If your orchids are dying and you need to revive them, try tea bags. Teabags have high nitrogen content, which is one of the best nutrients for orchids.

They are not toxic, and they attract moisture to the soil. To rehydrate your orchids with tea bags, you have to prune and replant your orchids.

After uprooting your orchids, check them thoroughly to spot dead stems and dead roots and cut them off.

This should generally not be difficult if you know how to prune your orchids to trigger reblooming. Before planting the orchids, make sure you include the tea bags in a potting mix or bury one or two close to the roots of orchids.

This way, they will be able to attract moisture to the root of all this increases the rate of reblooming for orchids. 

What Quantity of Tea Bags Are OK for Orchids?

Teabags are only great for orchids if they are applied in the right quantity. There is such a thing as too much tea for orchids, and you should be careful not to put more than is required.

One of two bags weekly would be sufficient to take care of your plant needs. These bags may be included in a compost bin or scattered on the soil.

The choice is yours, and you can opt for either method as long as you use the right quantity. 

This also applies if you would be serving your orchids with already prepared tea. Do not assume that because you are using the tea bags in a liquid form, putting more than the required amount will not hurt.

Orchids love moisture and will appreciate you watering them with tea. This is like drinking a nutritious drink. It quenches your thirst and also nourishes your body.

Tea is a nourishing drink and perhaps a relief to an already dehydrated orchid. However, the rules are the rules. If you put too many tea bags, the tea will be concentrated, and this may hurt your plants.

As I have earlier stated, tea bags contain tannic acid that increases the acid level of the soil. Therefore if you put more than the required quantity, the soil may become too acidic for all the helpful microorganisms to live in.

As a result, there will be a halt to microbial activities in the soil, and microbial activities improve soil aeration, water penetration, water retention, and decomposing activities in the soil.

This means that it can discourage the nutrients providing substances in the soil from carrying on with their activities.

Furthermore, if your water excessively, this may cause root rot to your plants, and you do not want that.

This will inhibit any new growth, such as the roots and stems mainly when they have been pruned. The roots may also die, and your plants will die eventually.

You should be careful about the quantity of tea bags your orchids get. One or two teaspoons of tea daily is enough. If you stick to 1 or 2 teaspoons daily, your plants will thrive.

While tea bags are good for orchids, they are not a magic product. They provide some of the necessary nutrients that help your orchids bloom and grow.

However, for the best results, you have to combine this with the right care routine for your orchids.

Food is just one of the other essential things you need to do to keep your orchids healthy and vibrant.

You must also water your orchids when necessary, provide the right sunlight exposure for them, repot them regularly when you have to and apply a good fertilizer frequently.

Teabags are just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to orchid care, and you should make sure you incorporate the essentials.