Jonathan Holmes

Jonathan Holmes is an avid writer, SEO, gardener, Dad, and Husband. When he's not busy with his family, you'll often find him pottering around in the garden or tending to one of the dozens of house plants he keeps healthy and happy. Jonathan has been featured on many media outlets, including Life Hacker, wikiHow and Buzz Feed.

Are Orchids Parasites

Are Orchids Parasites? – Debunking The Age-Old Myth

If you love stunningly hued flora that brightens any location, outdoor, or indoor, you ought to check out the orchid family. These exotic beauties are the largest flowering species to ever grace the face of the Earth, with over thirty thousand varieties plus more than two-hundred thousand hybrids. These plants thrive in any place that …

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Cactus Care Guide

Cactus Care Guide

Regardless if you’re looking to buy your first cactus or your 50th cactus, you might still be looking to understand how best to care for your cactus. There are a variety of ways things can go wrong.  Luckily, most Cacti are quite hardy, and it’s surprisingly difficult to kill them off completely. Read the rest …

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