Azek Decking Review

Azek Decking Review – What We Really Think

Founded back in 2001 and driven by the aspiration to make great contributions to the home improvement industry, Azek became experts in creating stunning exterior trims.  They have endured a number of setbacks and challenges through their journey and are now being celebrated as a reputable household name. In this review, you’ll learn more about Azek, its decking products, and also their warranty details among other things. Let’s get right into it!

About the Azek Company

The company is comprised of a group of skilled engineers who develop not only the latest but also some of the most innovative and advanced products in this field. They mainly work with PVC composites and a combination of other different materials in the production of their products.

Ever since its inception, the company has experienced steady growth and has diversified its range of products. Thanks to experimentation and numerous testing with different materials, Azek has been able to come up with several new product ranges in their collection.

Apart from being great innovators, the company produces products of unsurpassed quality. That’s precisely why the company has grown year after year. Let us now take a closer look at their products.

Azek Decking

As mentioned earlier, Azek decking is primarily composed of a cellular PVC material that’s plastic. Given that its core does not contain any wood fibers, the decks do not absorb any moisture and are not susceptible to rot. Besides, it’s sturdy capping and composite core maintains the deck’s beauty by repelling insects, dents, and scratches.

Azek decking has been engineered to last considerably longer compared to other composite decking, with a gorgeous natural hardwood feel and look. To achieve a more natural look, Azek decking features a multi-colored surface and a natural wood grain. What’s more, the incorporated Alloy Armour shells contain UV protection that prevents fading even when exposed to harsh sunlight.

Quality of Azek Decking

Azek decking is thoroughly researched and developed by experienced experts in this particular field. The company is committed to the production of the best decking that are accompanied by remarkable features, which make them useful and practical.

Azek is quite specific with the materials utilized in all of its production stages. They come up with and choose the materials to be utilized with the help of advanced techniques to treat them and improve their suitability for use.

Azek has its own unique systems of protection such as their Alloy Armour Tech. They even develop their own unique materials such as the Timbertech. That said, Azek is right at the forefront of several technological innovations and advances in the industry.

The company produces every decking piece with the utmost care and have strict checks all through the production process. This translates to fewer mistakes and more consumer satisfaction.

And that is not all! Azek has shown a deep understanding of their products and are well conversant with the alternative decking industry. This great understanding translates into the creation of solid, high-quality, and reliable products for their customers. 

Types of Azek Decking

Azek develops and manufactures products for the entire home, featuring exterior fittings and trims useful for all. They use PVC, which is smarter than wood, in creating their decking and have established themselves as one of the top decking manufacturers. They offer three decking styles:

Arbor: This collection includes the more earthy tones that are inviting and warm. On top of being durable, the boards used are specially designed to imitate tropical hardwoods. This type of decking is popular among homeowners who are looking to come up with a lovely outdoor space.

Vintage: This look features rich coloring that slightly differs from board to board, imitating natural wood decking. The boards have streaking and this decking style is known to be durable.

Harvest: This collection makes use of high performing material to ensure that the decking is both long-lasting and durable. The boards feature soft and relaxing colors to create an inviting and classic look and feel to your outdoor space.

Each of the above decking product styles has been developed with a particular home in mind. The best part is that they fit with both traditional and modern home furnishings and fixtures. 

Also offered by Azek are Timbertech lines that have been produced using plastic and wood fibers to give practical surfaces. They are particularly durable to harsh elements and are ideal for those living in the more unstable conditions.

Lastly, Azek has a capped polymer decking range. This range is designed to resemble wood and is tougher and stronger compared to other product ranges. For those looking for an even surface to last a lifetime, the capped polymer is what to go for.

Apart from being available in different materials and styles, Azek decking also comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from. Some of their popular colors are:

  • Brown

The brown shades give a family-friendly and welcoming feel to your outdoors. The different shades greatly vary and have been thoughtfully paired up with other specific styles that best complement them.

  • Gray

The soft grays offer a more sophisticated and subtle, yet stylish look to your outdoors. They come in varying patterns and textures and are perfect for a refined and clean look.

  • Red

If you are going for an American or traditional look, then the deep red is what to settle for. There are numerous contrasting shades of red available. The reds especially work well with contemporary and traditional decking.

Features of Azek Decking

Azek decking is renowned for its durability. They have several built-in features that help to ensure their toughness and resilience. These include:

  • Superior dissipation of heat

To keep away too much heat that might destroy the boards, the decking incorporates Alloy Armour shells that contain UV protection. 

  • Stain, fading, and scratch resistance

To minimize damage as a result of wear and tear over time, the materials employed in the decking are highly resistant to staining or accidental damage that unavoidably occurs through usage.

  • Resistant to harsh weather

Azek decking utilizes high-quality materials that make them resilient against the toughest weather conditions such as heavy winds, snow, and rain; they are capable of standing up to the challenge.

  • Resistant to moisture damage

Thanks to the use of unique PVC materials in their production, Azek decking boards are not susceptible to moisture damage, thus maintaining a clean look.

All these features help in maintaining the decking and leave it looking fresh and new for a long while. This makes Azek decking a worthy investment for both yourself and your home.

Pros and Cons of Azek Decking

Azek decking has proven to be better than most of its counterparts based on the solid reputation that they have built for themselves over several years. It is now a popular household name when it comes to alternative decking matters.

Advantages of Azek decking include:

  • Low maintenance required; Azek decks do not need any sanding, painting, or sealing. They are also resistant to fading and staining
  • Durability; Azek decks do not warp, splinter, mold, or rot. They remain as good as new for quite a while
  • Numerous options available to choose from; Azek decking is available in a variety of wood grain options and colors to pick from

The major disadvantage of Azek decking is its cost. About cost, solid PVC decking is the most costly synthetic option. However, the low maintenance and extended life of Azek decks make them a worthy investment.

What people say about Azek Decking

There are a lot of positive reviews available online regarding Azek decking and numerous homeowners praise the style and durability of this decking. A lot of users also praise the quality of the materials used in the decking boards.

Nonetheless, there have been a few complaints as well, particularly concerning fading. Some users complain that the boards faded within a few months of installation.

Note that the degree of fading in Azek’s decking is challenging to predict as it depends on the environment and the conditions where it will be set. It should, however, not begin fading within the first few years. It is important to check the care and maintenance guidelines to find out more about what can be done to prevent fading.

Despite a few cases, Azek appears to be doing a good job.

Final thoughts

Azek Decking has, without a doubt, done a good job in making a name for themselves in the jam-packed home improvement industry. They have not only shown their diligent side but have also made great advances in the field. They create high-quality decking using that outlive most of their competition. That said, if you are looking to vamp up your outdoor space, then these alternative decking dealers could offer exactly what you need.