Can You Buy Dragonflies Online

Can You Buy Dragonflies Online?

Can you buy dragonflies online? Yes, you can.  Several online retailers in the US sell dragonflies to the public, including Niles Biological and Ward’s Science. Expect to pay around $30 per pack of 12 nymphs.

What are dragonflies?

Dragonflies are some of the fastest flying insects. They are fast-flying because they have four wings (two pairs) on a longish streamlined body. Their speed helps them to catch other insects because they are predatory insects. Unlike many insects, they take a lot of time (years) to become adults.

What are the benefits of dragonflies?

Gardeners love dragonflies. This is because they help eliminate insects/pests from gardens by hunting them down and eating them. Dragonflies are perfect for controlling insects/pests because they eliminate the need to use chemicals (pesticides/insecticides), which can harm the environment. 

Can dragonflies be bought online?

Yes, they can. Dragonflies can be bought online. However, in some countries/states, they cannot be introduced into a garden without the authorities.

Where can dragonflies be bought online in the US?

Several companies sell dragonflies online in the United States. Below are some of the most prominent ones. 


This company has been in existence for nearly nine decades. It was founded by a biology and geology professor who founded it and built it to provide science supplies across the country.

The company has over 35 departments dealing with several areas of science. The company is renowned for the quality of its science supplies and for its experienced staff and methods of supplying unique biological supplies.

You can purchase a pack of 12 living dragonfly nymphs from this company for about $30. The company’s website is

Ward’s Science

This company supplies different types of materials for all science disciplines according to its website ( The company is one of the most highly-rated in the science supplies industry and has a great selection of products, materials, and resources perfect for every type of client. 

Ward’s Science sells live dragonfly nymphs at $32 per pack. Orders can be made directly on the company’s website. 

Niles Biological

Niles Biological Incorporated is a leading biological supplies company. The company sells dragonfly nymphs alongside other types of biological supplies. The company’s website is easy to navigate and use to purchase live dragonflies ( 

This company is regarded as one of the best suppliers of dragonflies. This is because it has one of the best customer service teams. The team is staffed by professionals who are always ready to help whenever a client or a potential client has a problem. The company is also regarded as one of the best suppliers of dragonflies because it sells real good quality nymphs.

This company, which is based in Sacramento (CA), was founded in the late eighties by Robin and Ted and has been playing a big role in the field of science education since then. 

At this company, dragonflies are sold as pond supplies.

Planet Natural 

Founded in 1991, this company has been selling quality organic and natural products for gardening and home for about three decades. The company has a vast selection of products including live beneficial insects such as dragonflies. The company has a free shipping policy which means that anything you buy from them can be shipped to you for free. 

The company sells dragonflies for use as natural pest control. The relevant website is ( 


Avantor ( is a Fortune 500 COMPANY. It is a massive company that supplies important products and resources to customers in the education and healthcare sectors.

The company supplies products to thousands of customer locations throughout the world.

You can purchase live dragonflies from this company directly from its website. 

How to attract dragonflies to your yard

Use the tips below to attract dragonflies to your yard or to maintain those you’ve purchased once they have matured.

  1. Create a water feature in your yard. Dragonflies like water features. It is where they live and hunt. So, create a fountain or a pond in your garden. Make sure the water part is at least 2 feet deep because this is what they like.
  2. Plant vegetation close to or in the water feature. Dragonflies need vegetation near water to hide their eggs and nymphs. They like emergent vegetation but they can survive in marginal vegetation where they can hide, root, or perch.
  3. Include pollinator plants. Pollinator plants are those that produce pollen. By introducing them in your garden, you attract pollinating insects which, in turn, can attract dragonflies to feed on them.
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