Can You Jump a Lawn Mower Battery with a Car

Can You Jump a Lawn Mower Battery with a Car?

The batteries in your lawn mower can’t last forever. They get weak over time and can break down after years of use. 

Sometimes, lawn mower batteries also get weak if you haven’t used the mower in a while. That’s why it can be a challenge to start up your lawn mower in the spring after a long, dormant winter. 

But what does the trick is jumping the battery. This can be done with a jump starter. Some people, however, do not possess these tools. So they look for other options. 

There’s been a “hack” going around saying that you can use your car battery as an alternative to jump-start your lawn mower. 

You can, but you need to take into consideration the voltage of your lawn mower’s battery. Or else, it can pose safety risks. 

You can jumpstart a lawn mower battery with your car if your lawn mower battery is at least 12 volts. 

Tips on Jumping a Lawn Mower Battery With a Car

A lot of people are able to jump their lawn mower batteries using their car batteries. It makes sense and is a viable alternative, especially if you have the technical know-how. 

However, it’s not the safest option. There are certain technicalities that you have to consider. The first thing is making sure that your lawn mower has a 12-volt battery. 

This is because a car battery is 12 volts, so the voltage needs to be balanced. While most lawn mowers carry 12-volt batteries, it still pays a lot to double-check.

Some people don’t take this necessary precaution and end up electrocuting or hurting themselves in a battery explosion. 

This is because the batteries in lawn mowers have a smaller capacity compared to the batteries in a vehicle. If the voltages do not match, the lawn mower battery can overload and explode. 

Only try jumping your lawn mower battery with your car if your lawn mower battery carries 12 volts.

If it is, then you’re set to get started. But not without undertaking crucial safety measures. 

Safety Precautions Before Getting Started

Jumping your car is different from jumping your lawn mower using your car. So no matter how experienced you are with jump-starting your car, you still need to take safety measures. 

Wear protective equipment

You never know what can happen during an effort to jump your lawn mower battery. And the risks shouldn’t be taken for granted. 

No matter how confident you are of your safety, do wear protective equipment like gloves, goggles, and long-sleeved clothing. Protect vital parts of your body. 

Maintain a safe distance from the battery

While trying to connect the cables, there is a high possibility that electric sparks will fly. This is especially true once you connect the cables and maintain contact. 

Always make sure that you’re standing at a safe distance from the battery and never directly above it. This also protects you in case of an explosion. 

Work slowly

Some lawn mower models have their batteries tucked underneath other parts. So there may be pieces of metal hindering you from smoothly attaching the cables. 

You have to work slowly but surely, paying close attention to what you’re doing. Be careful and make sure you don’t touch any metal surface. Otherwise, you’ll get electrocuted. 

Turn off the car’s engine

Once you’ve jumped the battery, don’t turn on your lawn mower at once. Turn off your car’s engine first to prevent overloading the lawn mower battery. 

How to Jump a Lawn Mower Battery With a Car

After you’ve ensured that you’re wearing your protective gear and you’re educated about the safety precautions you need to take, you can get started. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to jump a lawn mower battery with a car: 

Step 1: Bring your car and mower close together.

The cable wires that you will have to connect might not be long enough to reach far distances. So the first step, of course, is to bring your car and lawn mower closer together. 

Make sure they are at just enough of a distance for the wires to reach. More importantly, make sure the two are not touching each other at any point to prevent short circuits. 

Step 2: Connect the cables.

Connecting the cables is the most crucial part of this whole feat, as well as the most dangerous. Make sure you’re doing it properly and carefully. 

Connect the tables in this order:

  1. Connect the red cable clamps to your car battery’s positive terminal. 
  2. Connect the red clamp on the opposite side to your lawn mower battery’s positive terminal. 
  3. Connect the black cable clamps to your car battery’s negative terminal. 
  4. Connect the opposite side to the lawn mower’s engine (not battery). 

Step 3: Start your car.

Once you’ve connected all the cables correctly, start your car. It can take a few minutes before the lawn mower battery completely charges. While waiting, don’t touch or move anything. 

In case a problem arises, remove the red clamp from your car’s battery and then remove the red clamp from the lawn mower’s battery. Wait for a minute and then reconnect them.

Step 4: Turn off your car’s engine and start the lawn mower. 

After a few minutes, you can now check to see if your lawn mower’s battery is charged. Turn off your car’s engine before starting your lawn mower. 

If it doesn’t start, charge it again for another five minutes. 

Step 5: Disconnect the cables.

Disconnecting the cables might sound easy, but there’s a proper order when dispatching them to prevent electricity from flowing. 

Remove the cables in reverse order:

  1. Remove the black clamp from the lawn mower’s engine
  2. Remove the black clamp from the car’s battery
  3. Remove the red clamp from the lawn mower’s battery
  4. Remove the red clamp from the car’s battery. 


Jumping your lawn mower batteries with your car can be a good alternative, as long as the two batteries share the same voltage of 12 volts. 

Although it can be done, do make sure to take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety and security while jump-starting your lawn mower.