Can You Make A Driveway Out Of Pavers?

Can You Make A Driveway Out Of Pavers?

Yes, you can. And I am going to tell you exactly how. In this post, I will share with you the benefits of using pavers (aka paving stones) to build your driveway. I will also share with you information on how to install a paving stone driveway and how to maintain the said driveway. 

Let’s begin. 

The benefits of using pavers to build your driveway 

Below are the main benefits of using pavers to build or remodel your driveway:

A paver driveway is strong and durable 

Paver driveways are among the longest-lasting driveways in the Western World. They may be made of individual stones but when interlocked or installed properly on a good base they can last for a very long time. Eventually, a rock or two will crack especially if you subject a paver driveway to heavy vehicle traffic. However, you can easily repair, readjust, or replace damaged pavers to make your driveway look great again.

A paver driveway is easy to maintain

When you install a traditional driveway, you will always need to do something to ensure it looks good. You will need to either reseal, recoat, or repair it to maintain it. And doing any of these things is not very easy. It can also be expensive. In contrast, once you install a paver driveway, you can forget about needing to maintain it. You may need to replace a paver every now and then but this is not going to take a lot of your time or money. 

A paver driveway is relatively cheap to install

It is relatively cheap to install a paver driveway especially if you do it yourself. Even if you decide to hire somebody to do it for you, it is going to be cheaper to install a paver driveway than a concrete one or an asphalt one. Moreover, since paver driveways do not need a lot of maintenance, they are also cheaper in the long run compared to most traditional driveways.

A paver driveway can be extremely attractive

Pavers exist in many designs and colors. Just Google paving stone designs and go to images and you will be amazed by the variety of paving stone designs and colors. When you get a good design and install it properly or get a professional company to install it for you, you will be very impressed by the results. Remember, simply getting a unique paving stone design is not enough; the installation has to be top-notch for the final results to look impressive. 

You can install a paver driveway yourself

It is not very easy to install a concrete driveway, an asphalt driveway, or a slab driveway. Because you will need some specialized equipment and skills you may not have. In contrast, it is relatively easy to install a paver driveway. It is also more exciting and satisfying to install a paver driveway than a concrete or a gravel driveway. You do not need specialized equipment to install a paver driveway.

How to install a paver driveway 

The easiest way to install a paver driveway is to get a professional driveway installation company or landscape construction company to do it for you. If you want to install a paver driveway yourself, follow the instructions below. Keep in mind that the information below is not exhaustive. If uncertain about anything, call a professional driveway installer. You will find out below that it is not very easy to build a paver driveway yourself. However, it is fulfilling. 

  1. Plan your driveway 

Planning is very important because it will help you to know what you need, the approximate costs, and the results to expect.  To plan you need to first sketch the driveway you want on a piece of paper. After editing to make it fit your property better, you need to go out and stake the area on the ground and then measure its size. Upon doing this, you should decide what part of the driveway installation you want to do on your own. 

If there is a need for excavation, you will need professional help. Moreover, driveways also need to be graded. If you do not know how to do this, you will need professional help. In case you opt for professional help, compare the local contractors experienced in this and get the one who is more experienced. 

If you choose to work on your driveway personally, you will need to buy pavers, subgrade materials (sand and aggregate), and the right tools. Probably the most important equipment/tool you will need is the plate compactor to flatten and compact the substrate materials so as to create a great base for you to install pavers.

  1. Conduct an underground utilities check 

This is crucial. By doing this, you will avoid causing expensive damage.

  1. Excavate about 1.5 feet of the driveway area

The purpose of doing this is to create a drainage base. However, how deep you will actually need to dig will depend on your area. Confirm the right depth with local builders.

  1. Spread and compact the subgrade materials

The purpose of doing this is to create a subgrade layer, which is a layer of compacted soil that can withstand heavy loads above it without going down.

  1. Install a weed screen 

To prevent weeds from growing and popping out of your paver driveway, you should install a weed screen on the subgrade base.

  1. Spread a 5-inch thick paver base

The base should be crushed stone for stability and then add a one-inch layer of concrete sand.

  1. Set the borders of your driveway

By building the edging first, you will have a better-looking driveway. You will also prevent pavers from shifting. 

  1. Install the pavers

This is the fun part. You simply need to put the pavers one by one as per their design and then tamp them down to ensure they set in right. Lastly, you have to spread mason sand in between the gaps of the pavers. This will ensure no movement between the stones and will give your driveway a complete and desirable look. You can spray a layer of concrete sealer to make the whole thing look amazing.