Can You Paint A Cement Driveway?

Can You Paint A Cement Driveway?

The short answer is that yes you can. You can definitely paint your cement or concrete driveway. However, you cannot just use any paint on your driveway or just paint your driveway anyhow and expect brilliant results. 

In this post, I will share with you what you need to know before you paint your cement driveway, how to paint your driveway, and the best cement driveway paints on the market. 

What you need to know before you paint your cement driveway

Before you paint your cement driveway you will need to know the following things. 

  1. The color you want

Cement/ concrete paints are available in many colors. So depending on the appearance of your property or the type of look you are going for, you are going to have to choose a color to use. Most driveways look good in neutral colors.

  1. The durability you will need

If the driveway you want to paint is subjected to plenty of traffic and abuse, you will need to use very durable paint. However, you have to keep in mind that the more durable cement paint is the more expensive it will be. So if you are on a budget you will have to balance between durability and cost. 

  1. Whether you need a primer

The paint you choose will determine whether you will need a primer. Many cement/concrete paints require you to apply an etching primer to make them stick better to cement surfaces. 

  1. Whether it is a great idea to paint your cement driveway 

Painting a cement driveway that is too damaged will not be of much help. The final appearance will not really impress you. However, if a cement driveway is not damaged and just looks faded or basic, painting it is a great idea. This is because the paint will improve its appearance, make it easier to clean, reduce water damage, and ensure your driveway lasts longer.

  1. The brush you will need 

Different concrete and cement exterior paints require different brushes or rollers for proper application. So when you purchase a cement driveway paint, make sure you also purchase the manufacturer-recommended brush or roller for the best results.

How to paint your cement driveway

Before you even think about painting your cement driveway, you will have to think of where you will be parking your vehicle throughout the week. This is because your driveway will need about seven days to completely dry and be ready to use. Your neighbor’s driveway will be a good place to park your vehicle throughout the week especially if you need to use your vehicle virtually every day. Of course, you will need to ask them nicely first before doing it.

After finding a convenient place to park your vehicle throughout the week, you will have to find the perfect time to paint your driveway. The best time to paint your driveway is during summer as the hot summer sun will accelerate the curing process. If you cannot wait till summer, you will have to do it when the weather is predicted to be hot and sunny throughout the week. Because if you do not and then it rains or snows, the moisture will affect the curing process and the results will not be impressive. 

Now that you have the above critical information in mind, it is time to know how exactly to paint your cement driveway. 

Cordon off your driveway 

To begin painting your cement driveway, you must first cordon it off. You will be fully aware that your driveway is off-limits but not everyone will be. So cordon it off properly and make sure you clearly indicate it is wet paint. 

Clean your driveway 

Painting your driveway without thoroughly cleaning it will negatively affect your results. So clean your driveway thoroughly before you start painting. First sweet it well. Then use a pressure washer to remove everything on it. Lastly, use a scrub and a brush to remove any stubborn stains, dirt, or debris.

Give your driveway time to dry

After cleaning your driveway, you should let it dry well. Moisture is the biggest enemy of paint. The two do not go well together. So after cleaning up your driveway, you have to wait for it to dry completely before proceeding to the next step below.

Apply the primer 

When you make sure the driveway is completely dry, you should apply the recommended primer as recommended. Some cement driveway paints do not require a primer to be applied. So only purchase the right primer when the paint you purchase requires you to use it. 

Cover the places you do not want paint to go to

Use masking tape and old newspapers to cover the edges of your driveway and any markings or spots that you do not want paint to go to.

Apply the first coat

Mix 100ml of turpentine with one liter of cement exterior paint to thin it. Use this thin mix as the first coat to fill all the rough areas and minute cracks and spaces. Use a big nice roller to make your painting appear nice and professional. After applying the first coat, let it cure for 24 hours.

Apply the final coat 

When 24 hours elapse, apply the second and final coat. Do not thin this final coat. After applying it, give your driveway about a week before you resume using it.

The best cement driveway paints on the market

There are many paints on the market that are made for exterior cement and concrete walls. The very best one among them for your driveway is the Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Professional Floor Coating Kit. The second best one is the Kilz Decorative Concrete Coating.