Can You Paint a Shower Pan

Can You Paint a Shower Pan?

Can You Paint a Shower Pan? You can paint a shower pan.  Proper preparation is the key to success and using the right tools for the job.  You’ll need to use Tub epoxy is a paint as it’s specifically made for tubs. It adheres very well to the slick surface of the acrylic, because it is part resin and adhesive, whereas regular wall paint has no adhesive content.

If you want to update your home, but can not afford to purchase new items, you can always use a little elbow grease to clean up what you have.  Scrubbing, cleaning, and painting can go a long way to make your home look refreshed.

One thing that many individuals want is a new shower.  But they may not have the funds to obtain one.  Perhaps you like your shower, but it is showing its age.  Or maybe the once white color is looking yellowed or dingy.  What if all that could be erased?  Would you then be happy with your shower?

Did you know that you can paint a shower pan so it looks brand new?  Many people may think that it might just be easier to get a new shower pan.  But then you are disrupting your entire bathroom if you do so.  This can take days to do, and depending upon the contractor, it might even take longer.  And if you only have one bathroom in the house, that can be inconvenient.

With a bit of planning, your dream of having a clean and updated shower can come true.  A simple coat or two of paint after some cleaning and your shower pan can look brand new.

Ready to learn more?  Keep reading.

Getting ready

Before you even think about brushing a coat of paint on the shower pan, you must think of safety first. If you are not committed to this step, stop here.  When working with any chemicals, cleaners, and paint, it is imperative to abide by safety rules.

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You will want to find a pair of safety gloves, eye protection, and a mask to wear.  Rubber gloves are most likely the best as they will cover your hands and forearm.

Your mask should be worn when you are sanding to avoid getting particles in your lungs.  It can also be worn when you are cleaning the shower as it is not good to breathe in those chemicals and toxic fumes.  Chances are, you will be kneeling quite a bit of the time, so you might also want to invest in a pair of knee pads.  Purchasing painter’s tape and a drop cloth are also a great idea.

Before beginning, take a plastic grocery bag and cover your showerhead.  Use the painter’s tape to go around the shower so you do not get paint on the walls or flooring.

And of course, you will want to wear old clothes and open a window or turn on your exhaust fan to remove the fumes. Do not allow children in the bathroom with you while you are cleaning it or painting the shower pan.  And you certainly do not want to keep the door closed either as it is essential to have as much fresh air as you can when dealing with the fumes of cleaning products and paints.

You will also want to have a step stool in your shower to stand on.

Shower prep

Before you can even think about painting a shower pan, you will need to give it a good cleaning.  If there is any dirt, grime, hair, soap, or oils left in the shower pan, your paint will not adhere well. An abrasive cleaner will work the best that has bleach in it.  Then rinse well.  This process may need to be repeated if your shower is super dirty.  Just be sure that you rinse well, as sometimes these cleaners will leave a residue behind.

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After you have cleaned the shower well, start by removing the caulk.  This can be easily done with a caulking tool.  The best one may be a flat screwdriver.  Or you can use an Exacto knife or a butter knife.  Whatever works well for you can be used as long as you are very careful.

Be sure to scrape down the inside of the pan with a scouring pad, then rinse well.  If you notice any nicks, be sure to fill them in with a shower and tub repair kit.  After you have done this, use the sandpaper that is provided in the kit to remove the gloss.  It is fine if the shower is rough as this will allow the primer and paint to adhere better.   Just be sure to wipe down the shower so there is not any dust left.  Allow plenty of time for this to dry, as a wet shower pan will not allow the paint to adhere to it.  If you are in a hurry, you can use a blow dryer to speed up the drying time.

Painting the shower pan

In your refinishing kit for painting a shower pan, there will be a liquid primer.  This can be applied with a paper towel.  After you have applied this, you can mix your color from your kit with the hardener.  It will need to be mixed well, then allowed to sit for 5 minutes to settle.

Next, you will need to pour the paint mixture into the provided paint tray.  Spread one coat of paint across the entire shower pan with your paint roller.  Any hard-to-reach places can use a foam brush.  Your roller or brush should always have lots of paint on it.  Once the first coat has been applied, you can apply a second coat.

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Once you like how the shower pan has turned out, you will need to wait 45 minutes to allow the paint to dry.  Then the painter’s tape can be removed.  Twenty hours must pass before any fresh caulk is applied.  Before the shower pan is used, you must rinse it with fresh water.

Tips for painting your shower pan

Be sure to use these tips for painting your shower pan.  By following these, you can save yourself a lot of headaches and make the process easier.

  •  Keep your skin covered at all times.
  • Wear protective goggles and gloves, and use a respirator/mask.
  • Follow all safety precautions on paint instructions.
  • Open windows to provide ventilation in your bathroom.  Limit the time you are exposed to any harmful fumes.
  • Ask your doctor before trying this job if you suffer from allergies or other illnesses.
  • Bathtub and shower pan refinishing kits can be purchased. These contain the required paint and sprayer.
  •  When painting, use light layers of paint at a time, rather than thicker ones, which could clump and run.
  • For the very best results possible, go with high-gloss or semi-gloss paint instead of eggshell or flat paint.  Glossier paint will provide far better water repellent properties.  Any paint used should be latex-enamel-based.


It can be very expensive to remodel your bathroom.  A new shower can cost a fair chunk of change and can uproot your bathroom for several days.

Perhaps a better way to update your bathroom is to paint your shower pan.  A shower can look very dated and worn when they look dingy.

When you decide to paint a shower pan, you are in control of how long it takes.  The process is not super long and you can pick what color of shower pan you want.  Plus, a painted shower pan can give your bathroom an updated appearance.