Can You Put Fence Paint on Decking?

Can You Put Fence Paint on Decking?

Can You Put Fence Paint on Decking? We do not recommend using fence paint on decking as it can’t handle the foot traffic and impact that decking undergoes.  It’s far better to use deck paint or sealer as these are meant designed to put up with abuse a deck receives.

Imagine sitting on your decking to have an evening tea with your family while enjoying the lush green views of your lawn. It’s pure bliss. Right?

However, you must have done a lot of work to maintain this cozy and comfortable outdoor space and decking. Obviously, you continue to improve the decking wood’s aesthetics and durability using paint, stain, or oil.

The question under discussion here is:

Can you put fence paint on the decking?

Sadly, the answer is no. Why? Let’s find out in this article because we really don’t want to ruin your picture-perfect moment with your loved ones.

Condition of Decking

You can’t proceed to paint your decking without its prior assessment. Here, I’ll consider two options to simplify this evaluation process:

  • Newly- laid decking – My sincere advice is not to paint a brand new decking unless you leave it weather on its own for six months before you oil it or stain it. The natural weathering process erodes any existing treatment, allowing the new paint or stain to sink in properly.
  • Untreated decking – You can paint or stain an untreated decking after six months using the process that I’ll explain in a short while.

Paint, Oil, or Stain Selection

Let me ask you a simple question:

Why do you want to paint the decking in the first place?

It’s because you want to protect the timber and ensure its longevity. That’s why you need to be mindful before selecting paint or decking oils.


You can select from various colors ranging from subtle shades to natural-looking, including all the bright and bold hues. It all depends on your creativity and imagination to give a personal touch to the decking. You can either make a bold style statement or keep it up-to-date with the latest trends.

If you opt for specialist decking paints, they help you fill the small cracks to lock down splinters. Moreover, they protect the wood from weathering while transforming your deck with the latest seasoned look.

On the downside, the paint peels off or flakes over time, especially when it isn’t applied correctly.

Deck Stains

You can find different deck stains available in rich and vibrant shades. These stains give your decking a semi-opaque finish while weatherproofing it.

Similar to the paint, deck stains peel off with time. That’s why you need to re-apply after some time to maintain your decking finish.

Decking Oils

These are my personal favorite because they penetrate the timber to make it waterproof. It can also replace the natural oils and resins, which wear off naturally with time.

Furthermore, oils deliver a subtle natural color to elevate the wood’s natural beauty. Lastly, they don’t let the wood crack during the seasonal changes in which the decking expands or contracts.

Unlike the previous two options, decking oils serve as the best protection against all kinds of weathering. Furthermore, two coats of decking oil help you to prevent the following:

  • Drying
  • Water penetration
  • Warping
  • Splitting
  • Cracking
  • Swelling

Fence Paint

Fence paint is specially designed for wood with minimal or zero foot traffic. If you choose to match your fence and deck using the same fence paint, be ready to have a short-lived paint and finish.

Not only that, but the paint may stick to your shoes and ruin your house flooring and of course, carpets.

Cuprinol Fence Paint

It’s essentially a water-based fence paint with a runny consistency, implying a thin coating and ultimately multiple resultant coatings.

You need to be careful before applying the Cuprinol fence paint on the decking since you need to recoat your decking from time to time. Furthermore, the amount of coating depends on the following two factors:

  • Weather
  • Foot traffic on the deck

Color Matching Decking with Fence

I totally understand this inherent desire to match the color on your decking with that of the fence. However, honestly speaking, it’s a short-lived dream.

It’s because the weathering rate of the decking and fences are different. Moreover, you’ll soon observe a slight difference in the paint shades, and believe me; it’s going to be a hurtful sight.

By the way, you can always color contrast your decking and fence to enhance the overall aesthetics. You can use a woodland theme to color your yard if you don’t want to opt for the monochromatic looks for your outdoor space. It’s better to opt for complementing colors to enhance the yard’s brightness.

Let me give you a bonus tip to make your deck more attractive. Always select a less vibrant color for your fence and a brighter color for the decking to grab the visitors’ attention.

For instance, you can paint the fence white and select a darker color such as gray or deep blue to maintain a color balance.

Steps to Paint the Decking

  • You should clean the decking surface thoroughly using sanding, pressure-washing, or detergent scrubbing. In this way, you can remove moss, algae, and mold to apply the deck paint or oils easily.
  • Now, remove all loose nails and replace them with a larger size to ensure grip.
  • The next step is to fill the holes with a good-quality putty to remove the excessive putty to minimize the sanding.
  • You can apply a reliable polyurethane caulk to the joints.
  • This step involves priming the bare areas and puttied spots using an oil-based primer.
  • In the final step, you can paint the decking with the selected paint or an oil-based finish. Additionally, you can finish the handrails with durable acrylic paint.


To sum up, you can’t put fence paint on decking because it’s not a practical and long-lived solution. That’s why I have done my level best to share other feasible options to enhance our decking aesthetics.

It’s essential to realize the difference between the paint requirements of both fence and decking to make a well-informed decision. 

Furthermore, keep in view the total number of people in your house who will use the deck. Most importantly, paint your decking accordingly if you have a dog who can scratch it.