Can You Sand A Concrete Driveway?

Can You Sand A Concrete Driveway?

Yes, you can. Concrete floors or driveways are normally sanded to give them a smooth and professional finish. So if you have just recently installed a concrete driveway, you should sand it or get it sanded to make it look nice and classy. 

In this post, I will share with you all the important information you need to know about concrete driveway sanding. 

Let’s begin. 

Why should you sand your concrete driveway?

You should sand your concrete driveway or make sure your contractor sands it for the following reasons: 

  1. Sanding will make your driveway look amazing 

Professional driveway installation companies sand concrete driveways to make them look smooth and amazing. So if you want your concrete driveway to look amazing, you should sand it. If you do not sand it, it will look and feel rough and incomplete.

  1. Sanding will eliminate protruding aggregates and sharp edges

Regardless of the method you use to install your concrete driveway, it will most likely end up with protruding aggregates and sharp edges when it dries. These imperfections will make it unattractive and can be dangerous to you and your vehicle(s). For example, sharp protruding aggregates can cut your skin or puncture your car tires. However, the good news is that through thorough sanding, you can eliminate such imperfections and make your driveway safe and ready to use. 

  1. Sanding can be used to eliminate stains and paint

If you find stains on your concrete driveway and you cannot easily remove them, you can simply sand them away using a sanding machine. You can also remove paint from your entire driveway using a sanding machine. However, please note it will take you a lot of time to remove paint from an entire driveway through sanding. 

  1. Sanding can be used to conceal repairs

Concrete driveways crack with time. And when they do, they need repairs e.g. cleaning and filling with concrete crack fillers. When concrete cracks are filled, they look different from the rest of the driveway. To make them look good and somewhat like the rest of your driveway, you can sand them. 

How to sand a concrete driveway 

To sand a concrete driveway so as to make it smooth and eye-catching, you need to follow the instructions below. The process below is not exhaustive. If you are uncertain about anything below or think you cannot do it, you should call a local builder or contractor to come sand your driveway for you. 

  1. Obtain a walk-behind concrete grinder or sander

This will help you to do the work you need to do to make your entire driveway look smooth and nice. You can buy a concrete polisher if you want. However, it is not really necessary. You can simply rent one from your nearest building equipment renting shop. 

  1. Get safety equipment 

In addition to getting a walk-behind grinder, you should get all the safety equipment you will need to protect yourself. These include work ear plugs, goggles, and an industrial mask.

  1. Get to work 

Once you obtain everything you need, you should wear your safety gear and start grinding. Make sure you give each square foot of your driveway the same grinding and treatment to create an evenly polished appearance. If you do not, you will end up with a driveway that looks as if different parts of it were built using different materials. 

Frequently asked questions about concrete driveway sanding

Is it possible to sand a concrete driveway?

Yes, it is. Concrete driveways are sanded by many companies to make them smooth, safe, and shiny. The only way to sand them quickly and efficiently is to use a powerful walk-behind grinder or sander. If you try sanding your driveway by hand, the entire process could take you months and will probably result in injuries.

Which tool is the best for concrete sanding?

There are two types of sanders – walk-behind and handheld sanders. Walk-behind sanders are big and normally have more power than handheld sanders. The walk-behind sanders are used on driveways and floors. Basically, the surface must be flat and down for a walk-behind sander to be used.

In contrast, handheld sanders are used on all kinds of surfaces including countertops and walls. Because walk-behind sanders are big and more powerful, they are typically more expensive to buy than handheld sanders. However, this should not worry you if you want to sand your driveway. This is because you can rent rather than buy a walk-behind sander. Just check building equipment rental stores.

Can you use regular sandpaper to sand your concrete driveway?

No, you cannot. And this is because of two big reasons. First, because concrete is very tough. Regular sandpaper cannot really sand it – it will be worn very quickly. Second, because most driveways are just too big to sand using sandpaper anyways. 

Are handheld grinders good enough for sanding concrete driveways?

No, they are not. Most handheld grinders are made of materials that cannot really handle concrete. If you try to use one to sand your concrete driveway, it will probably fail about 15 minutes into the job. If it does not, your hands will be pretty sore when you are done sanding your entire driveway. However, it is unlikely that there is a handheld grinder powerful enough to sand an entire driveway. 

How to sand stained concrete?

You can do this by first scrubbing the concrete using a stiff brush. If it is oil you want to remove from a concrete driveway, use tri-sodium phosphate (it is available on Amazon) to scrub it off. After scrubbing, you should use a handheld grinder for better targeting of stains.