Do Blue Heart Lilies exist

Do Blue Heart Lilies exist? How to Get the Blue Tint

The quick reply to the question, “Do blue heart lilies exist?” is “No, they don’t.”

That’s the question that a lot of people have been wondering. Blue heart lilies that you find online on the market are fake. They are so pretty, but they seem to be impossible to find!

If you want to get your hands on some of these stunning flowers, just follow these steps and you’ll soon be enjoying their beauty in your garden.

The truth behind Blue Flowers:

It’s pure for folks to ask if blue heart lilies exist. It is because there are various pretentious blue heart lilies offered everywhere. It’s also a result of blue not being a real frequent shade in nature. In reality, most of the blue flowers you see being offered within the flower departments are white flowers dyed blue by horticulturalists. So it’s logical for folks to marvel if actual blue heart lilies exist.

Ways to get Blue tint flowers:

If you want real blue flowers in your garden, even though not lilies, it is possible to get them.

  1. You can use a plant called the Blue Delphinium or Dense Blazing Star as an imposter for this flower type. The colors are not usually quite as vibrant. They are more of a light wash of color than the true deep blue – but they can still give the effect you want.
  2. There are other ways to get a blue tint, too. You could use dye or paint as an alternative to flowers for this purpose. The color will not be quite as vibrant if it is painted on rather than naturally grown and dyed in, but it should have enough of an impact that will satisfy your needs.


Why do people love Blue Heart Lilies:

Here are just a few reasons why so many people just love Blue Heart Lilies:

  • They create a stunning contrast with white flowers in any kind of arrangement.
  • Blue is calming and soothing, perfect for the bedroom or any other area of your home that you want to relax in.
  • The color says “I’m thinking about you” without having to say anything at all! Send these lilies as a gesture of gratitude or as a way to say “I miss you”.
  • Lilies are great for arranging in containers, but they also make an excellent addition to bouquets that will be handled.
  • These flowers symbolize wisdom, happiness, peace, and tranquility among different things. They’re perfect for loved ones with mental health points or who would like additional calm within the house environment because they encourage emotional wellbeing.
  • Lilies are really easy to care for and will last as long as two weeks in a vase with some water! Keep them cool and out of direct sunlight in order to keep their blooms fresh.
  • Individuals love blue heart lilies as a result of their blooms look actually putting and stylish in dwelling gardens from the early summer season. Individuals additionally love them as a result of their nice indoor crops. The lovely flowers have a pleasant perfume and so they can be used to improve the overall look and atmosphere of many interior spaces.

So if you’re actually searching for crops that would enhance the looks of both the inside and the outside of your property, you shouldn’t hesitate to make use of any of the methods provided just above. 

  • These flowers often make themselves present in bouquets to somebody who has lost somebody they loved, which includes their life from sickness.
  • The lilies have been very common during wartime to symbolize hope and peace between nations on opposite sides. They can also be used at weddings typically given by the bride’s mommy-in-legislation. If she gives her daughter a bouquet with many bluish hearts; it signifies that she approves of their union and wishes them well being and happiness together. It should not be mistaken for an old superstition stating that gifting this type of flower would mean death on your own son or daughter if you are the mother-in-law.

This post will teach you how to get the beautiful blue hue on your own flowers with products from the grocery store and at home. You probably have everything in the house for this project already, so it won’t cost you anything.

Easy methods to Get Lilies with the Blue Tint?

To get a surprising blue heart lily, you have to dye or paint naturally occurring white lilies. One of the most common ways that people get a blue tint in their flowers is by using a hair dye.

The opposite possibility is utilizing food dye to change the color of the lilies. Try mixing water, dish soap, and food coloring together for an easy way to go from green or white lilies into vibrant blues!  That is the most secure and most advisable technique.

The coloring process is easy enough for people who know how to get the color effect on their own or want it done professionally. There are two types: those with a light-blue base and dark purple tips, and those with a deep-blue base covered with white petals.

  • For the first type, you will need a red dye (available from any fabric store) mixed into water as well as some lemon juice squeezed in for fragrance; you’ll then soak your cloth strips until saturated before wrapping them around the stems just below where the petals go.
  • For the second type will need to soak a cloth in blue dye, then wrap it around the stems just below where the petals start growing. You’ll want to do this every few weeks so that they stay as blue as possible.

In both cases, you might have some trouble keeping your hands from turning different colors unless you use gloves!

Easy methods to grow Blue heart Lilies

Now that we know blue heart lilies are actual, we learned how to get them, and why folks love them a lot, it’s time to find out a number of tips and tricks that may assist you to develop them efficiently. Beneath are a number of ideas that will help you develop blue heart lilies:

  1. Plant The Seeds Early. If you’re like the majority of people, you will almost certainly need to develop blue heart lilies in containers indoors. If sure, then you must plant them early about three weeks earlier than winter. The aim of doing that is to make sure your crops have grown considerably when spring comes and that they bloom earlier, even before the summer season.
  2. Use Potting Soil and Enrich It With Fertilizer. Blue heart lilies are not tough. They only want water therefore they can develop in most soils. Nevertheless, to extend the probability of your blue heart lilies blooming, looking outputting and delightful, you must use potting soil and you must enrich the soil with fertilizer.
  3. Make Certain Your Containers Have Good Drainage. Blue heart lilies like water. Nevertheless, they don’t like standing in waterlogged soil all day, so you have to ensure the containers you plant them in have good drainage. In the unfortunate event that they are not provided very good drainage, the roots of your crops will begin rotting and can die. For sure however, your crops may also die.
  4. Expose Your Vegetation to The Sun. Lilies just like the sun. So if you need your container lilies to develop into reliable and brilliant blooms, you must expose them to direct daylight for no less than six hours day by day. As a result if you don’t achieve this, the stems of your crops will start to lean in direction of the sunlight and will in all probability fall and break or not look very good. Subsequently, you must be sure to place your indoor lilies someplace in your home the place they’ll get direct daylight. Or develop them outdoors however in places where they can get direct daylight.
  5. Water And Fertilize Your Lilies Persistently. If you would like your lilies to bloom and grow to be what you need them to grow to be, you must water them each two days after feeling the soil around their roots and fertilize them as often as per week. Blue heart lilies grow best in environments that are moist and humid, so you should try your best not to dry them out. Make sure that the soil never fully dries out before adding new water to it. 

What is the best method for checking the moisture in the soil? Use your sense! Really feel the soil using one of your fingers. If the soil is simply too moist, you must wait till it’s a bit dry to water your lilies once more. Add a max of three quarts of water when watering to keep away from waterlogging your lilies.

For those who do all of the above issues, you’ll quickly have blossoming blue heart lilies in your home, your backyard, and/or your workplace.