Do Kiwis Grow On Trees?

No, they do not. Kiwi fruits do not grow on trees. The common kiwi plant is a vine that is grown on stakes.

This post is for you if you have been thinking about kiwi fruits and where they grow. In it, you will learn about the origin of kiwi fruits, where they grow, and how to grow them.

Let’s begin.

What Is A Kiwi Fruit?

kiwi Fruit

A kiwi fruit is a fruit that is popularly used to make salads and fruit cakes. It seasonal and has a unique taste that distinguishes it from other fruits.

The fruit is a rich source of vitamins, fiber, and minerals. It is said that an average-size kiwi fruit can provide as much as 90 milligrams of Vitamin C only.

Because it has useful micro-nutrients, the fruit is said to be very beneficial when it comes to health. Some of the benefits including treating indigestion, preventing sickness, increasing immunity, and so on.

The fruit is eaten like a mango. In other words, both its flesh and its skin can be eaten. It can also be cooked using butter to create a sour and sweet sauce.

The kiwi fruit can also be used to make confectionaries, cocktails, and mocktails.

What Is The Origin Of The Kiwi Fruit?

Origin Of The Kiwi Fruit

Since the kiwi fruit is called the kiwi fruit, many people think it is native to New Zealand. However, this is not the truth. While New Zealand is now one of the biggest exporters of the kiwi fruit in the world, the fruit is not native to the country. It is native to the Northern provinces of China.

The cultivation of the unique fruit spread from northern China to New Zealand and the rest of the world in the early 1900s.

Where Do Kiwi Fruits Grow?

As mentioned in the introduction, kiwi fruits grow on woody kiwi vines. They do not grow on trees as many people assume.

And there is a difference between trees and vines. Trees grow standalone and do not need to be supported. In contrast, vines need support to grow and to produce good fruit.

The kiwi fruit vine is fast-growing especially when grown in places with cold climates.

How To Grow Kiwi Fruits?

To grow kiwi fruits, you need to grow kiwi vines. Kiwi fruit vines can be grown in many places around the world as long as they get the right conditions for growth. Some varieties of the plant do well in mild winters, while others do well in relatively warmer places.

To grow kiwi vines, first, you need to research and get the best variety for your region. Different varieties do well in different conditions/regions. So make sure you get the variety that is most suitable for your region/location.

Second, you need to pick an area in your garden or farm where there is partial sunlight. Kiwi vines need only partial sunlight to thrive as too much sunlight and heat can harm them. If there is no location like this, you should create one by building a shaded greenhouse or using shade netting.

Third, you should make sure you have both male and female kiwi vines. This will ensure pollinators can pollinate the female flowers leading to the development of kiwi fruits.

Lastly, grow your selected kiwi plants and remember to provide them with what they need to thrive including fertilizer and support.

What To Have In Mind When Growing Kiwi Fruit Vines

1. Selecting The Right Variety Is Very Important.

Growing Kiwi Fruit Vines

There are many varieties of kiwi fruit vines. You need to choose the right variety for your zone or region. If you end up choosing the wrong variety, the conditions in your zone or region will make it difficult for it to thrive.

Generally, hardy kiwi vine varieties are excellent for USDA zones five to nine. However, in regions that get quite cold during winter, they are not suitable. Russian varieties such as Tatyana, Ananasnaja, and Natasha are more suitable for such regions. So if you live in a region that gets very cold in winter, you should go for a Russian variety kiwi fruit vine.

2. Kiwi Fruit Vines Are Dioecious.

Hardy kiwi vines are dioecious. This means they bear female and male flowers on different plants. So if you want to see kiwi fruits in your garden, you should make sure you have at least one male plant to produce pollen to fertilize your female plants. Experts recommend having one male kiwi vine for every eight female vines.

3. Kiwi Vines Grow Fast And Big.

You need to be prepared for fast growth when growing hardy kiwi vines because they grow fast and big. Therefore, be prepared to support them and ensure they grow properly to produce a bountiful harvest.

4. Do Not Expect The Big Kiwis You See At Your Local Grocery Store.

Hardy kiwi vines grown in North America typically produce fruits that are smaller than those found in grocery stores. The kiwi fruits sold in grocery stores are often imported from New Zealand where the varieties grown produce the bigger fuzzy fruits.

The varieties grown in North America produce smaller fruits that are only somewhat larger than grapes. They usually start doing so about four years after planting.

5. Kiwi Vines Produce Fragrant Flowers.

Kiwi vines produce white small flowers in summer. The flowers are fragrant and have a similar scent to that of the lily of the valley. So if you love flowers and you love it when your garden smells great, you should hurry up and plant kiwi vines now.

6. Vines Need Good Spacing To Thrive.

When growing vines, you should put them at least ten feet apart. This will ensure each one has a lot of space to grow and thrive without affecting the other.

7. Pruning Is Important.

Pruning is very important. You should check videos online on how to prune kiwi vines to make sure you do the right thing. But before you even start pruning, you should get quality pruning tools and you should use them properly to prune old vines and new vines at the right time.

8. Mulching Is Important.

Kiwi vines loved to be mulched. But the mulch should be at least four inches from the base of your vines. Properly mulched vines get all the moisture they need to thrive.


Kiwis are tasty and used to make salads and fruit cakes. They grow on vines contrary to what many people think. New Zealand is one of the major exporters of this fruit hence their name.

You can grow kiwi vines in your garden or farm and harvest kiwi fruits if you follow the tips above. Remember to provide your kiwi vines with proper support and to prune them correctly for a good harvest.