Do Possums Eat Oranges

Do Possums Eat Oranges?

Yes, they do; pesky possums can eat oranges. In fact, possums can eat almost all types of garden fruits. So if you find some of the oranges in your orange trees half-eaten or eaten significantly, the culprit is most likely a possum in your neighborhood.

Of course, there are other pests such as rats that can also eat oranges. However, if you notice a lot of fruits eaten in your garden and perhaps some leaves to, then you can be almost 100% sure that it is a possum causing the damage. This is because rats cannot cause as much damage as possums.

What Possums Eat

Possums are very active animals and, therefore, they eat a lot of food. They really do not have strict food preferences. Anything you can eat, they can eat. They are known to eat almost all common types of garden fruits including peppers, lemons, citrus, and vegetables. In addition to garden fruits, they also eat leaves and flowers. 

If you have chicken, you should be very afraid if a possum is lurking in your neighborhood because it can eat the eggs laid by your chicken. 

Possums can also eat seeds and insects. 

As mentioned above, while other pests can also eat oranges and orange tree leaves, they usually do not cause as much damage as possums. Therefore, if there is plenty of damage in your garden in the form of significantly eaten fruits and leaves, then you can be very confident that it has been caused by one possum or more.

Where are Possums Commonly Found?

Possums are found in Australia, and Indonesian. They are also found in several other countries across the world in captivity. 

Possums are known for being very adaptable. Because while their natural habitats have been extensively destroyed across the planet, their populations have continued to thrive in just about every region where they are found. This is largely because they have learned to live with humans. 

Why do I say they have learned to live with humans? Well, because possums that live around urban areas or human settlements hide and sleep during the day and then come out at night to scavenge for food. In other words, they have maximally minimized their chances of interactions with humans and try to find food when most of us as sleeping. 

So your oranges and other vegetables can be attacked by a possum whether you live in an urban area or a rural area. 

Where Do Possums Live?

In the wild, possums live in the hollows of trees such as eucalyptus. While in urban areas, they live in roof spaces, attics, open basements, and under old stationary cars. So as you can see, they have many places to live close by your home and cause more damage. From these statements, I am sure it is easy for you to tell that possums can live just about anywhere near you.

How to Stop Possums from Eating Your Oranges

If you have a dog, after washing it, you should collect dog hairs and put them in old socks and tie them to your orange trees. Possums fear dogs. Therefore, the scent of a dog near your orange trees will force them to look for other places to find food. 

If you do not have a dog, you should ask any local vet nicely and explain why. They will gladly help you out. 

If you do not want to use dog hair, you should look for another deterrent such as a scarecrow. Make sure you move the scarecrow every now and then or a clever possum will figure out what it is and come back to eat your oranges. 


Possums eat oranges. They also eat orange tree leaves and just about every other fruit they can find in a garden. So if you notice extensive damage in your garden, you should know that it is very likely a possum or several possums that caused it.