Do You Need A Permit To Replace A Fence?

Do You Need A Permit To Replace A Fence?

Do you have a fence that is destroyed and beyond fixing? And you want to change it? You are probably thinking if you still need a permit to renew your existing fence. Well, Let’s find out. 

Depending on where you are located and your local cities rules and regulations, yes, you will need a permit to replace your existing fence.

Why Would You Want To Replace A Fence?

If you are the type of person who likes to have privacy, you’ll most likely put a fence in front of your house or even in your backyard. It serves as a barrier, upstanding structure that will enclose your area and limitations of something or someone in your place. Therefore, you can regulate and have full access to your property.

You can guarantee the safety of you and your family from animals or unwanted people who might trespass. We can’t hide the fact that even if you are just staying at home, criminals and trespasser is still a thing. Having a fence will prevent them to enter your land. 

Do you live in an area where weeds grow out everywhere? Don’t be bothered. If you have a neighbor that has a garden, it is most likely, that their grass will intrude on your land and you don’t want that. Having a fence can prevent that for you. I suggest that put a fence that doesn’t have many gaps. You can put up a vinyl privacy fence. This will ensure that the unwanted weeds will not reach your land. 

In addition to all of these, putting up a fence can obscure any noise that is coming from your street. Do you have neighbors who like to throw parties? No worries, there is a type of fence that can cancel out noises. This will serve as a “sound-barrier”. You may want to look for thick tongue and groove board materials.

Why do I need to have a permit when putting up a fence?

Whether it’s your first time to put up a fence or you’ll replace your existing fence, there’s a time that you’ll need a permit. Let’s find out why and when you will need a permit. 

If you will just repair your fence and it has slightly basic damage, having a permit is not necessary. Nevertheless, if you have a fence that is beyond fixing, you’ll most likely need a permit. Given an example, that you are living in a place that is highly occupied, there’s a high rate that you will need a fence. 

But, if your fence is not over 6 feet tall, it will not require you to have a permit. Let’s also look for some kind of materials. If you are to build a fence that is from masonry, you will need a permit. 

Putting up a fence in environmentally critical areas such as Yard, steep sloop, wetland, and Buffer Variances will require you to have a permit and in some situations, you will not be granted permission to build a fence. 

The place you live in, is also critical if you are to have a permit when putting up a fence. Some places stand the need of it, while some do not. If you are living in an urban area, having a permit is necessary. 

Since we now know why and when do we need a permit when putting up a fence, Let’s now tackle how and is it hard to get a permit?

Let’s say that you are sharing a fence with your neighbor, It is a must that you get a deal and have their consent about it. According to California Civil code 841, If you are to share the land, there shall a fair share of responsibility for preserving the boundaries and monuments bounded by the owners. 

There’s also a fair share of benefits from the fence that is dividing their land and unless the owners have acknowledged a written agreement, it is to be presumed to have equal rights and responsibilities for the acceptable toll of construction, conservation, or any restoration of the fence. 

Is it hard to get a permit?

Processing the permit is not commonly burdensome. But, there still times where it will require much time and effort from your end.

You may have to call or go to your nearest city hall to ask for the list of requirements to get a permit. They will also decide if they will they require you to get a permit for your fence. 

They will give you paperwork and also the requirements that you need to accomplish. You’ll most likely have to pay a fee upon submitting your approval. 

Make sure to ask questions about the fees that you will be paying. 

After that, you need to gather a survey of your property and you will need to ask the surveyor to mark the barriers of your land. After succeeding in doing that, demand the surveyor a copy of the survey. Upon doing this, it will help you see the perimeter of your fence and will hand you some warranty just in case that the inspector of the building will need it. 

When you successfully have the survey of your land, you may need to do some sketching. Sketch your fence perimeter. Be certain that you acknowledge any prescribed setbacks of the land.  

Lastly, you need to hand over a sketch of how your fence will look like and then wait for the permit to be released. 


We all want to live in an admirable and friendly neighborhood. If it’s your first time owning a house, it’s crucial to have it all together, making sure that you have set a good foundation. 

For the reason that it will be a place where you’ll stay most of the time. But we can’t hide the fact that building a beautiful and safe house will take a lot of our time and effort. 

Given an example, putting up a fence. If you think about it, it’s your land already. Why stress out the process of having a permit just for a fence right? But, we can’t do anything about it but to follow the rules and regulations of our municipality. 

At the end of it, when it’s all done, just enjoy lounging in your backyard and sleep comfortably knowing that you have a beautiful house and at the same time, a fence that will keep you safe.

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