Do You Tip Lawn Service

Do You Tip Lawn Service?

There are many things that challenge the thoughts and ethics of many people, one of them is the issue of whether or not to tip the person who does your lawn service. Having professionals work for you makes it all the more challenging because you may feel unsure you are doing what is acceptable to them.

Their prices seem to indicate that they might be having a tip already, but it seems like it will give you a good sense of satisfaction if you tip them. Here is some information that might nudge you to the right decision.

To Tip or Not to Tip

The decision to tip your lawn service or not will depend on several factors. The top reason to tip includes the setting of the service. For example, if you are having an old, dead tree removed, you may think about tipping as compared to having a professional come and take out weeds weekly. 

Remember that with the quoted service you are contracted for, the company only expects you to pay what was agreed. When the service personnel goes beyond what they are supposed to do, that usually warrants a tip. So also make sure that you have someone with you to make sure that you get the service you pay for in the first place.

It will also help to have someone with you to confirm when the time comes that you feel like you have to give a tip to your lawncare personnel. In case of having someone work for you as a regular service, in this case, tipping might be appropriate. But you do not have to give a tip every time people come out to work for you. A holiday tip, or a seasonal tip, may be appropriate in some instances.

This could also be a good way to show your appreciation for their services. 

What Else Matters

If you have one person who handles all your lawn service needs, a seasonal tip might be a good idea. If you have a crew coming weekly, you can consider tipping every person in that crew. Tipping can be more complicated if you have the same people coming inconsistently. 

Remember that when you are dealing with a crew there is no way you can really know who is doing the most work specifically, so it might be tricky to truly know who to tip the most or tip the least. So it is best to tip every session. Just remember that most of the companies who offer lawn care services have tipping policies, so you would want to get their company information and give them a call. 

It might be interesting for you to know, that it is usual for a company to disallow their employees to receive a tip from a customer. This is called a strict no-tipping policy. It is recommended to get this information from the service company.

About Extra Services

Extra services are jobs that are outside of what was originally agreed. If you had some tasks done by your lawncare personnel but were not part of your contract, you might want to consider giving a tip.

Think about this, when someone is working on your lawn, and you ask him to get rid of a branch that seems to have grown near your roof or window, then you should give him a little tip for the extra time spent on the job. 

After all, that task was not part of your contract. But if you see that it has already been billed to you, tipping is no longer necessary. You can just consider giving a seasonal tip at yearend.

A Harder Job Thank Expected

Because most of the professionals who work at lawn maintenance are very familiar with billing customers for the tasks that they are routinely working on, there are some jobs that still become harder than usual. Certain weather conditions can make tasks very difficult, especially for services that require digging or getting dirty. 

Certainly, different situations might lead to some unexpected issues. When this happens, that does not mean that a tip is necessary every time. But you might feel tipping is needed because they went the extra mile to get the job done for you. 

How Much Tip is Appropriate?

If only one lawn service personnel is working for you and you are looking to give a seasonal tip for the holidays, you might want to give an extra $50 so you can show your gratitude for their honest and hard work. You can consider his regular service and put an amount on top of that. There are jobs that require a crew to pull off, with more than one person, you can surely think about giving between $4 to $15 per person, depending on the difficulty of the job.


Tipping is one of the dilemmas of many people. Having your lawn and home taken care of by professionals is important to ensure that your property gets the best treatment. Some lawn services require the work of multiple people, some tasks can only be done by one. 

Most of the lawn service companies have tipping policies that are usually strictly-imposed. This is a good way for you to find out the next step you take. A good way to gauge tipping is if you are having the person or crew do something that is outside of your original agreement. 

Giving a seasonal tip is also appropriate for your lawn service. If you are dealing with a crew, you can consider giving a tip per person. Think of tipping as a reward for something that exceeds your expectation when it comes to the tasks that you have given. 

Make sure that you also give tips when the job has seemed to have been more difficult to complete. Weather conditions are a good consideration for tips. Tips do not only refer to the monetary contribution, but your word-of-mouth referrals can also be a way to tip your lawn service professionals. When you do so, be generous!

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