Gymnocalycium Baldianum “Chin Cactus” Care & Buying Guide

Gymnocalycium Baldianum


Light requirementsMedium
Water requirementsLow
Ease of careEasy
Zone8b to 11b
Temperature resistanceMildly frost-hardy
Growth speedMedium
Indoor growingSuitable


Taking Care Of Gymnocalycium Baldianum “Chin Cactus”

Ideal conditions

Gymnocalycium baldianum “Chin Cactus” is one of those cacti that like partial shade rather than direct sun. 

Temperature-wise, the Chin Cactus likes it on the warmer side, but it is somewhat frost-hardy, as shown by its USDA hardiness zones 8b-11b (15 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit/-9.4 to +10 degrees Celsius). This cactus can take a mild cold, but it shouldn’t be kept outside if the winters are harsh in your area.


The Chin Cactus is like many other cacti in terms of watering – water it only when the soil is dry to the touch. 

This cactus is fairly drought-resistant, so underwatering it is difficult. You’ll probably need to water your Chin Cactus once every 7-14 days.

Make sure not to overwater the Chin Cactus since standing water at root level will lead to root rot.

In winter, cacti typically become dormant and thus need very little water. It’s generally considered that watering in the winter is unwise since it’s easier to waterlog the root of the cacti.

After winter, you should steadily increase the watering to the normal level.

Where to plant

When it comes to the soil, the Chin Cactus should be planted in a light soil that is easily drained. This is necessary to prevent the water from accumulating around the roots. Any cactus soil mix should work, and you may also add some perlite in a 1:1 ratio for extra drainage.

In terms of placement, the Chin Cactus should be kept away from direct sunlight, as mentioned above. This makes this cactus very easy to take care of indoor since you don’t need to have a spot near the window that’s lit all day. Likewise, this should make this cactus easy to grow in areas where full sun is a rarity.

Indoors, place the pot with the cactus in the brightest spot that isn’t under direct light. Outside, place the plant under a shade. Direct sun is too much for this plant, especially when it’s young. Heat and light may impede the growth of flowers in the Chin Cactus.

In the winter, depending on local temperatures, you may want to move your Chin Cactus inside. This cactus is fairly frost-hardy, but it definitely won’t withstand extreme cold.

General care information

You may want to fertilize your Chin Cactus during the growing season – that is, during the spring and summer. Generally, specialized cacti fertilizers high potassium and phosphorus work well.

You’ll also need to repot the cactus into a bigger pot sooner or later. Do so in the spring and don’t water the soil right before repotting so that the removal of the plant is easier. After repotting, avoid watering the cactus for around a week to allow it to recover after the shock of repotting.