How Many Fence Boards Do I Need

How Many Fence Boards Do I Need?

Building fences have been a dependable form of privacy and security. Having a fence also ensures that unwanted visitors are kept out. Fencing also helps to keep pets safely inside the yard. Fences come in different forms, sizes, and designs. 

Whatever your motive is to build a fence, there are surely many questions that you need to be answered. It is important to figure out the number of fence boards that are needed to complete your intended fencing.

There are a number of materials that you need to get from the store. Before you head out to purchase them, make sure you have a few things in order. It is important to call the zoning office to know the preliminary steps you need to start construction. 

Things like a lot survey are needed for fencing on a property line. In some cases, the homeowners association might have a restriction to using different materials and a limit on the height of the fences in the village. Once you have this information in place, you can proceed with your fencing construction.

Read on to learn more about the number of fence boards you need for your construction. There are many more interesting things you can find about this specific project.

Getting Started

What is the length where the fence run?

Because you will be dealing with materials and costs, it is safe to say that accurate measurement is a top priority. You certainly would want to be specific when it comes to measuring the size of your new fence. 

If not, you will be in danger of building past the boundary of your land, misreading the number of panels needed, or forgetting to consider the incline where your fence will run. 

It is important to get the exact measurement of where the fence will run. Start by measuring between two points where the fence will run. Mark the start and endpoints by using pegs that you can drive into the ground. 

In case you may not be able to physically do this, consider getting the help of a professional surveyor where you can have your fence run correctly-measured. Getting the measurement right will keep you from unnecessary problems.

What kind of post should I choose?

Fence posts are the backbone of fences. Fence posts are designed to hold your fence in place. There are a couple of basic styles of posts. The types you choose can depend on the type of configuration that you prefer. 

In case there is a gate, the type of post will then be different. The trick is in knowing what type of fence posts to use, and then you will know how many to buy. There are different materials of fence posts, they can come in vinyl, wood, chain link, or ornamental. In choosing posts, you should consider the type of purpose they will have. 

Here are some of the types of posts you will encounter. Line posts are for extending the length of your fence. You will notice that line posts will have holes on either side. Line posts are used to connect straight sections of fences. 

You will be able to use line posts for slight angles. End posts are used to make the end of the line. Notice that the end posts only have holes on one side. Corner posts are used to join fences at a sharp, 90-degree angle. 

Blank posts can allow you to customize your fence. You will be able to drill holes onto them. If you are building a gate, you can use a blank post or a line post. However, you will need two gate posts: one for the hinge and one for the latch. If you are unsure what type of posts to get, your local fencing company will be able to handle all types of fence posts, as well as your inquiries.

How many fence boards will I buy?

Using the overall measurement you have taken for the property line, you can deduct the dimension of the type of posts that you have selected. If you are brand new to fence board installation, consider the measurement of your total fence run, deducted to that is the total width of the fence posts. 

It is important to count the gates and corners. The number of gates will have an impact on the number of fence boards in your purchase order. Once you have decided on the number of gates, the gaps on the boards on the fence, even the look of your fence, you will have a better idea of how many boards you will need to buy. 

Final Check

Remember to have your lumber yard staff check your calculations. Their expert advice can go a long way in helping you every step of the way. Do not hesitate to ask for help about things that you are unsure of. 

They are already familiar with the ins and outs of fence construction and will be able to help you get the correct calculation of, not only fence boards but materials and cost

There are also a few tools online that you can use to help you calculate how many fence boards you need. There are fence calculators online that are easy to use. 

Google Maps is also one tool that you might find very useful as it is able to accurately show your property line. You will also be able to pin locations and form lines that simulate a measurement of your entire property.


Finding out the exact number of fence boards that you need for your project sounds complicated. 

But remember that with accurate measurements of your fence run, deciding on the right type of posts and with the right advice from your local lumberyard staff, you will be able to correctly determine the amount of the materials that you will need. The next step to worry about is the type of finish you want to have on your fence.