How much does it cost to furnish a house

How much does it cost to furnish a house? – Budget, Midrange & Luxury Costs

Furnishing a house is an exciting time.  Your personality can really shine through when you are able to pick the exact elements that you want for your home.  

When furnishing a home, you need to budget carefully so you can have the home that you always dreamed of.  Perhaps you really do not have a lot of money to spend, so you have a smaller budget.  Or maybe you can afford a bit more and are willing to spend midrange.  In some cases, maybe you have saved for some time and have decided to furnish your home with luxury.  

Many people do not even know what kind of budget they have.  They understand that they want to furnish their homes, but are lost after that.  They are uncertain what it means by a budget furnished home, a mid-range furnished home, or a luxury furnished home. 

If you are having trouble understanding the three, think of them in terms of campers.  A budget range would be a popup camper.  A midrange would be a 30-foot camper, and a luxury range would be a drivable RV that is fully loaded with slideouts, dishwasher, washer, dryer, and more.  

Whatever price range you have, you can furnish a home to your liking and style.  

So, how much does it cost to furnish a house?

Type of Furniture Cost per Room Total for Average 4 Bedroom House
Budget $1,000 per room $6,000 – $10,000
Midrange $3,000 – $6,000 $18,000 – $36,000
Luxury $30,000 + $180,000 +

The differences between budget, midrange, and luxury

There is a huge difference between budget, midrange, and luxury items when it comes to furnishing a home.  

To furnish a home on a budget, you will be looking at pieces of furniture that are affordable for you at the current moment.  While you certainly do not want to purchase an ugly pea green sofa just because it is the only couch you can afford, you realize that there is a budget that you must follow.  

A midrange furnished home will have pieces of furniture that are in the middle of the scale.  While they are not the least expensive on the market, they certainly are not going to cost you an arm and a leg to obtain.  These items will last longer than a piece of budget furniture, but may not last as long as a luxury piece.  

Luxury pieces will naturally cost you more money.  However, these pieces are built with quality craftsmanship and materials.  Therefore, they will last longer than a budget piece will. Luxury pieces look like they were made just for the space they were put in.  These pieces are comfortable and will last for years to come. 

Furnishing a budget home

When furnishing a home on a budget, you most likely will not have unlimited funds to allocate for furnishings.  Therefore, you need to prioritize what you need first, then go with wants.  Go through every room and make a list of what you have and what you want.  Perhaps you want your living room to have a large sectional, but only have enough funds for a love seat and a comfortable chair.  Or if you do have enough funds for a sectional, is that going to cut into your bedroom or kitchen funds?  

Once you have set the budget, you must make a plan to stick with it.  Here are some great ideas on how you can furnish each room on a budget. 

Budget pieces

When furnishing a kitchen on a budget, there are many outside of the box ideas that you can use.  You really can spend a  lot less without compromising on your overall style.  You may be able to get by with a budget of less than $1000 per room depending on what you find and where you find it.  

For a kitchen table, consider looking at a goodwill or a second-hand store.  These places offer lots of great pieces of furniture that are unique.  Or possibly you can look at an online marketplace or garage sale.  Perhaps these pieces just need a good cleaning.  Or maybe you can salvage the piece and update it to your liking.  Consider sanding the table and chairs down and restaining them.  Or use a fun color of paint.  You can replace the fabric of a chair, or if a chair does not have cushions, add them.  You may even find several mismatched chairs that would all look great together in your kitchen.  

This is a budget-friendly way to get your dream kitchen table.  Furniture at goodwill or second-hand stores are often reasonably priced, so you may be able to find a decent buy for under $50.

If you need living room furniture, you can also look at goodwill.  You may have a stigma of only seeing “old folks” furniture there that has huge ugly flowers on it.  Or prints from the 70s.  But that does not mean that the piece is not comfortable.  

There is a lot that you can do to update the look of pieces of furniture on a budget.  One easy way is to use slipcovers.  With the use of slipcovers, you can cover up the unwanted patterns or colors with material, pattern, or color of your liking.  Slipcovers come in a wide variety, so there is literally something for everyone.  

If you find a second-hand couch that you are not really crazy about the color, you can jazz it up with pillows or throws.  These two can totally change the appearance of a piece of furniture.  Drap a printed throw over the couch and toss on several solid and printed throw pillows for a homey look. Throw pillows and throws can easily be bought for under $10 each.  And you may be able to get the couch for under $100 as well if you look hard enough. 

There are also cheaper sofas that you can purchase, however, these may not be as comfortable or come in the color you desire.  We have seen sofas under $300.  Or if you really want to keep your budget on track, you can always buy a futon for under $150.  Many times these will come with the frame and the mattress.  

 Vintage pieces can often be found too for cheap.  Use the old adage to your advantage “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  Most of the time these pieces just need a good cleaning to look great again.  You can find vintage bed frames, chairs, desks, nightstands, and dressers to fit the look of any room in your home.  Many times you can find them for free if someone is tossing them out.  Or at a yard sale, they can be dirt cheap.  

If you are not able to find pieces at second-hand stores or yard sales, you can look at various stores for their budget brands.  Many times you will see furniture at shopping centers that are made from cheaper materials, such as a laminate dresser or a particle board desk.  Some will have the appearance of real wood, but may not be as sturdy as one made of real wood.  You can often find desks and dressers for under $100.  You may also be able to find TV stands for this amount depending on how large they are.  A small table and chairs sets could cost a person less than $100 too if they are offering sales. 

Another great budget trick is thinking outside of the box.  Look at some of the pieces you want to have, but can not afford. Is there a cheaper alternative?  Could you make something similar using cheaper materials?  Want a coffee table but the second-hand store only has end tables?  Use two end tables pushed together to make a coffee table.  Want a captain’s bed but can not afford it?  Buy some inexpensive bookshelves and make a base for your bed.  Then lay a piece of plywood on top of it, then your mattress.  Use the shelves for storage for various items.  

Really want end tables, coffee tables, or a nightstand but are not able to find anything you like that is affordable?  Consider making them out of pallets.  Oftentimes companies will give them away for free just for someone taking them off their hands.  Then look up patterns online for these.  You can stain them or paint them to match any look in your home.   You can also use pallets to make bed frames, headboards, couches, chairs, and so much more.  

You might also consider purchasing a metal bed frame.  These are relatively inexpensive and can be covered with a bedspread.  You will not be able to tell what sort of bed frame you have once you get the mattress on it anyway.  

You should also consider wall furnishings.  If you are on a budget, you can make a lot of your wall art yourself.  Canvases are a great way to save money.  Paint sayings on them, or do some abstract artwork.  Many craft stores will have great ideas too.  

As you can see, it does not take a lot of money to furnish a budget home.  Lots of great pieces can be found if you are willing to look and take the time to either clean them up or restore them. 

Furnishing a home on a mid-range budget

With a mid-range budget, you will be able to purchase pieces that will likely last for longer than a budget furnished house.  Furnishings that are in the mid-range can make a home look great. You can expect to pay between $3,000 to $6,000 per room on a mid-range budget.  

If you have old furniture that you want to keep, you can mix and match old and new to give your home an exciting look.  It is easy to update pieces to make them look fresh with pillows or throws, or even just using it with a new piece of furniture.  

A mid-range bedroom set will hold up very nicely.  Expect to pay anywhere from $800 to $1200 on a dresser, and up to $500 for a nightstand.  Depending on the size and softness of the bed, you can expect $1000+ on a mattress with a bed frame costing upwards of $1000.  You will also need sheets, blankets, and a comforter, which can cost as much as $600 for a mid-range budget.  

On to the living room, you can expect to pay up to $2500 for a sofa, depending on what material and size the couch is.  Club chairs are a nice addition to a mid-range furnished home, and will generally run up to $1000 each.  Add in a coffee table, which can easily run $800+ for a mid-range budget, and a lamp, which can easily be purchased for a few hundred.  Drapery might run as much as $700 depending on how many windows you have and what size they are.  A rug will also add a nice touch, so you can expect to pay an easy $1000 for a nice sized one. And do not forget about adding in a nice chandelier.  This will most likely run you about $1500.  

You will also want artwork and accessories for your living room.  Plan on spending up to $500 on accessories, such as candles.  Artwork can be tricky to value, but you should expect to pay anywhere from $800 to $1000 on art. You could also use some of this money for a mirror. 

The dining room will need a table, which for six people can run up to $2000 for a mid-range budget.  Add in chairs and you are looking at between $600 and $1200 for a set of 6.  If you want to have a buffet, expect to pay $2000+ for a nice one.  Do not forget about adding in a rug for about $1500 and accessories for $1000.  

If you have additional bedrooms in your home, you can consider purchasing headboards for the beds, then just using a Harvard frame instead of purchasing an entire bed.  

And what about artwork for the home?  You will want to furnish your walls with something.  You may consider going to art shows to buy original pieces of artwork by local artists.  This is a great idea because not only will you be getting something unique for your home, but you will also be helping an artist.  Or you can go to galleries as well to see what they have to offer.  You might also consider having an artist come in to paint a mural on your wall. 

If you have a patio or deck, you will want to furnish them as well.  Mid-range budgets for these can be as much as $1000 for a table and chair set.  You may need other things as well, such as lamps or an umbrella.  These things can cost as much as several hundred.  

Mid-range furnishings can be found at a variety of stores.  These pieces will last you for several years and look great in a home.  They have amazing quality as well, as they are made with higher-quality materials. 

Furnishing a home on a luxury budget 

Luxury is all about how a product is made.  These products will cost more than a budget or mid-range furnished house as these products have been made to stand the test of time.  Depending on what you all purchase for your home when you are on a luxury budget, you can spend over $30,000 per room. 

For a luxury couch, you can expect to pay $5000+.  However, this couch will be made with quality materials and serve the function of being very comfortable.  And it will last you for years and years to come.  If you decide to move and do not want the couch anymore, you will be able to sell it for a decent chunk of change. 

With the couch in the living room, you may be able to use some club chairs.  Expect luxury chairs to run for about $3000.  These chairs look amazing next to a fireplace, so add in $2000 for an electric one. One will also need a few lamps that could run as high as $1000 each, a coffee table that costs up to $3000, and end tables that are $2000 apiece.  You will also want a nice rug to sink your feet into, which will cost as much as $8000 on the high end. 

Moving on to the bedroom, you will want a bed that will last you for the rest of your life.  This will run you about $5000 with bedding easily adding another $1500.  Then you need to plan on two dressers that may be up to $2000 each, a dresser that is $3000, and two lamps that are $1000 each.  A rug will add a luxurious feeling to the room, costing you up to $8000.  Add in a chandelier for $5000 and a bench for $2000.  Do not forget about wall art, which you could easily spend $5000 on.  

A luxury budget table for the dining room will cost about $5000.  Add six chairs to this for another $9000.  Purchasing a buffet will run $5000.  Scones are a nice addition to luxury dining rooms, so plan on spending $2000 on two of them. And every luxury home needs a chandelier that will run about $3000.

You may also want to think about outdoor living.  There are many great patio sets that resemble sectionals that you can purchase that cost upward of $10000.  And if you will be spending lots of time outdoors, consider adding lights that will run you about $3000 for luxury budgets.  It may be important for you to have an outdoor kitchen, so you would also need a table and chairs, which could run over $1500.  You could also look into fire pits that cost upward of $3000. 

When furnishing a home with luxury, do not cut corners.  This can keep a home from feeling like a luxury home.  

Deals for any furnished home

Just because you can afford luxury items for your home does not mean that you need to pay full price for it.  Everyone likes finding a great deal once in a while.  

Take advantage of sales no matter what budget you have when furnishing the home.  Some stores will run specials after the holidays have passed, while some believe that summertime is best.  No matter what, keep your eyes peeled for the best deals around.  


No matter what budget you have, when you furnish a home, you should stick with the budget you have.  It is there for a reason, and there is no sense in spending more than you can afford.  

The totals above for prices on everything are just estimates.  We estimated higher than we needed to, but did that simply because most people tend to go over budget.  By rounding up, we felt it would be easier on homeowners instead of the other way around. 

Of course, as these are just estimates, you may need to pay more or less than what is stated.  This will depend on a variety of things.  Where you live plays a huge role in how much you have to pay.  If you have to have things delivered or shipped, you will most likely incur those fees.  It will also depend on how large your home is and which brand of furniture you opt to go with.  Your taste in furnishings will also play a role in what you pay for anything your home needs.  

It is overwhelming when you first furnish a home. With so many things to purchase, it really is a daunting task.  However, if you know where to look to get the best deals, it can make it much simpler. And if you know a rough amount for what you will be paying for each time, that helps quite a bit.