How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Fence

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Fence?

You may think that simply buying, installing, and having a fence is enough. Although, after all those seasons outside, it becomes unkempt, unattractive, and rotting which not only repels neighbors and visitors away from your house, it also brings down your property value! Hence, your fence always requires the occasional paint job to suffice its proper maintenance. 

The type of wood your fence boards also affects the lifespan of the fence. However, giving it an annual paint job is a must. Although, other external factors such as direct contact of humans to the fence will require more frequent refreshing of the paint. 

Of course, there is the choice of letting the professionals handle all the painting, but that will cost more. Paint jobs can range from $250 to $4,250! But if you do it yourself, it can go as low as $80. 

However, doing the job yourself is not all that easy either. There are a number of factors that you need to keep in mind in order to lessen the work, lower the price tag, and fasten the process. 

Cost Considerations for Painting a Wooden Fence

The cost to paint your wood fence does not only end on whether you or someone else will be doing it. Other factors, such as the color, height, and style of the paint and the procedure of painting all factor into the bill. 

Take note of not just one-factor accounts of the price of the paint job. You have to account for each and every factor in order to effectively estimate the cost of painting your fence. 

Cost of Three Coats 

All types of fences always require at least three separate coats, which are the primer and then two coats of color. You can add another layer of paint is you deem so, but two coats usually do the trick. 


This is the tricky part. The number of coats is one of the factors that will determine the cost of the paint. The more coats of paint is required, the more money will leave your pockets. 

Usually, if you chose dark-colored paint, painting the fence on almost any color would be a breeze and would cost less if you would need a minimal amount of coats. However, the same cannot be said for lighter colors. If you choose to change your fence color from black to titanium white, lets us just say that two coats of white paint ain’t gonna cut it. It would require at least three coats just to get rid of any black fence underneath. 

Height and Style

Obviously, a larger and more detailed fence with more surface area to paint would cost more than a smaller one. Hence, the more area and nooks and crannies your fence has up goes the painting price too. 

Prepping the Paint Surface 

The paint itself is not the only issue. The surface which you intend to paint on needs some labor too. You cannot just simply paint on a dirty, rotten, or broken fence. The fence must always be clean, tidy, and upright whether you or someone else paints on it. If this step is not successfully done, more labor and paint is wasted in the painting process. 

Some preparations include: 

  • Rotted boards should be removed and/or replaced before painting. 
  • Nail holes should be filled and sanded. 
  • The fence should be washed and cleaned. 
  • The area surrounding the fence needs to be cleared. 

Sprayer or Roller Paint

If you are under a budget, it would be best to buy paint rollers. If you do not paint the fence anyway and you want the job done quickly yet effectively, renting a paint sprayer would be the procedure for you. However, both processes have their own pros and cons. 

Buying paint rollers is way cheaper than renting a paint sprayer, however, painting with a roller does require more effort and labor. While the paint sprayer is easier to use and requires the least labor, it is costly to rent out. Also, it even uses about 25 percent more paint than a paint sprayer. Hence, choosing between the roller and sprayer depends on your budget and deadline. 

Fence Painting Tips to Cut Down the Price or for Efficiency

  • If you are putting on a fresh coat of paint on your wood fence, it is usually best to choose a paint color that your house has or that your neighbors use. As the saying goes: “When in Rome, do what the Romans do.” But if there is not really any theme color, you can refer to your landscaping features to coordinate with. However, if you do not know how to decide on either one, you can always opt-out for neutral colors such as white or gray. People would even use red to use their fence as the feature or accent color. 
    • If you choose to paint your own fence to cut down on the expenses of labor, remember to always apply a coat of primer first. You need to use either a roller or brush because the primer needs to fully penetrate the wood. Also, let the primer coat dry for a long time to ensure a good foundation for the first coat of paint. Usually, two coats of paint will suffice. But if you are painting a lighter color over a darker one, be sure to add a third coat to rid of any presence of what is underneath. 
    • To prolong the next time you need to paint over your fence for maintenance, you should use weatherproof or water-repellent paints. This not only extends the life of the paint, it also protects the underlying fence against damage and from rotting.


Although getting a trained painter to replenish the look of your fence, it does not cost as much if you buy the paint and do the labor yourself. Just keep in mind that you need to paint wisely, especially if you are under a budget.

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