How Much Gas Does A Lawn Mower Use?

How Much Gas Does A Lawn Mower Use?

Lawnmowers are quite essential for the upkeep of healthy and manicured lawns. With quite the variety to choose from, it’s important to address the first question: 

What kind of lawnmower would I need? And more importantly, does it use gas? If it does, how much? 

According to Yale University, the United States alone consumes some 600 millions of gas to mow lawns annually, which is concluded to be two gallons per person! 

Depending on your chosen machine and the size of your lawn, you may consume more fuel than others.

Will using a petrol-operated lawn mower save me more time than using an electric one?

This is a question many people ask when they’ve decided to get a lawnmower. Which can save me money in the long run? 

Looking at the bigger picture, it actually depends on the size of your lawn in the first place. The size of the lawnmower can also be an integral part of this, as the bigger the mower you buy, the more land it covers in a shorter amount of time.

Calculations from petrol-powered users have estimated that an electric mower can mow a third of an acre per charge, while a petrol-powered mower would easily cover half an acre on one full tank. 

It would take a couple of charges to cover that same amount using an electric lawnmower. Taking the electricity rate per hour in the United States, which is about $0.12.

A typical electric lawn mower would probably use 3.5 kilowatts to fully charge which means that you’d probably be adding around $0.42 to your electric bill per charge. 

Petrol-powered mower users, however, calculate that a typical mower tank can carry around 2 to 3 gallons. Current gas prices have dropped to an average of $2.50 per gallon. Assuming you are mowing half an acre, that would typically mean spending only $1.25 for half an acre!

Another important point to note is the convenience that you’re after because both types of mowers differ in what they can offer you. 

Electric lawn mowers will require another 12 hours to recharge, which is half a day of having to wait to be able to mow your lawn next, which will most likely mean the next day or the day after that. 

Replacement batteries are definitely an option, but they would cost you some more money than just charging the machine altogether. 

Lawnmowers that use cords are another option, but they usually aren’t the most convenient if you’ll be mowing quite a large piece of land, so keep that in mind.

Whereas petrol-powered mowers can be refilled with more fuel and can be used so long as you have fuel to refill it with. 

Normally, it would be more practical to just get an electric lawnmower, but with the price drop of gasoline, it looks like it will even cost you $0.01 more when you use an electric mower. 

It all comes down to the ease and convenience that each of these can provide. Don’t forget that it’s also a little more harmful to the environment to even use gas at all. 

Will I really use that much gas just to mow my lawn? 

Well, it mainly comes down to these things: the size of the lawnmower you have, the size of the land it’s intended to cover, and probably how often you intend to use it. 

The bigger the lawnmower, the more likely for it to have a larger tank and carry more fuel. Carrying more fuel will save you the hassle of filling and refilling it, plus it covers more ground in a shorter amount of time. 

The size of your lawn is also something to consider. As mentioned previously, a single tank of gas covers half an acre, so if you’re looking to cover more than that, obviously you’ll be consuming more gas than the average person. 

Another important thing to consider is its intended use. How often do you have to mow your lawn? If your answer is “pretty often,” considering the upkeep of a nice home (or estate) and overall manicured lawn, then you’ll most likely be consuming quite the amount of gas. 

What type of gas do I need to fuel my lawnmower? 

Again, this varies depending on the model or brand of your lawnmower, as some companies and their products accept certain types of gases as opposed to others. Usually, this detail is stated in the manual that comes with the mower.

If not, it is best to check with the store you got it from, or directly message the manufacturers themselves. 

According to Cut Grass Pro, lawnmowers typically use a fusion of fuel and oil, the gas that has an octane rating of at least 87. For higher altitudes, however, the gas should at least have a minimum octane rating of 85. 

How do I save money if I use a gas-powered lawnmower? 

Although gas prices have dropped, it is still practical to save gas and save money, and saving gas means saving money. 

Something important to practice is using gas that is unleaded and always remember not to leave the fuel in the tanks for long periods of time, as this could result in corrosion and eventually lead to your lawnmower breaking down too soon. 

It is also important to consider the environment and terrain that you’re using the lawnmower on. Necessary adjustments are needed to make sure that you’re handling your lawnmower with care and also responsibility. 

Also, consider allowing some areas of grass to grow in a larger space, so there is no need for more gasoline to be consumed, this also makes for a manicured and polished appearance.

Take your time, make sure that you’re not going at a pace that makes you waste even more fuel. 


Petrol-powered lawn mowers can typically be the more practical and less-hassle route to go. Half an acre for less than $2 can save you some money and make you more eager to trim your lawn regularly, however, there are environmental repercussions to be considered. 

Your carbon footprint is increased by a significant amount when you use a petrol-powered lawnmower regularly.