How Much Gas Goes in a Push Lawn Mower

How Much Gas Goes in a Push Lawn Mower?

Maintaining your lawn is one of your responsibilities as a homeowner. Unless you want to be the neighbor with the untidy and shabby property. Mowing your lawn requires not only time but fuel as well.

The amount of gas that goes into your lawn can vary greatly depending on the size of your lawn mower and its functionality. However, on average, a small self-propelled lawn mower usually needs 1 to 3 quarts of a gallon (1 to 3 liters).

It is also possible that you may consume more fuel depending on your machine, the size of your yard, and the frequency of use.

Do I need a lot of gas to mow my lawn?

Yale University conducted a study and they found out that the United States alone annually uses around 600 million gallons of gas for lawn mowing. It can be estimated that a single person can consume at least two gallons of gas in mowing their lawns.

It is easy to know how much gas you would consume if you know the type of lawn mower you have, the size of the yard that you intend to mow, and the frequency of lawn mower use.

Lawn mower

The specific type and model of your push lawn mower will factor into fuel consumption. Commercial types of machines use more fuel than your standard ‘home owner’ or consumer model.

There are lawn mowers that offer fuel-efficiency features and have relatively lower consumption compared to your standard lawn mower. You can check with your retailer if the current lawn mower you have this feature. Quick online research would also help you identify the consumption rate of your mower.

The size of your mower also factors into the rate of fuel consumption. Bigger lawn mowers, for example, have more like to have bigger tanks and carry more fuel. Although you are not required to fill them up, carrying more fuel would mean that you need to fill and refill them if you intend to use them for an extended period of time or use them to cover bigger lawns. 

Carrying more fuel will save the hassle of refilling and you would be able to finish mowing in a shorter amount of time.

Size of Your Lawn

The amount of ground that you wish to cover or the size of your lawn should also be part of your consideration when computing the amount of fuel that you intend to use. According to some lawn mowers, an acre usually would consume a gallon of gasoline. 

According to, a home improvement online tool, the average residential lawn size in the United States is almost a quarter of an acre or 10,871 square feet. You would need at least need to consume a quart of gallon. 

This, however, can vary depending on where you are located because there are states where lawn owners have 17 times bigger than the average size. 

In Vermont, it is estimated that the average residential lawn size is 73,979 square meters or 1.69 acres. This residential size would require you more than a gallon of gasoline.

The slope of your lawn will also impact the fuel consumption as a lawn with a steeper slope would require more engine power. Climate, for areas above 5,000 feet altitude, would need more fuel than those in lower areas.

Frequency of Lawn Mower Use

The frequency of lawn mower use should be another consideration when computing the amount of gas that you would consume. Maintaining a manicured lawn of a nice home (or an estate) would be often and you will be most like to be consuming more gas than the average two gallons per year.

What type of gasoline do I use?

Lawnmower commonly uses a fusion of oil and gas with an octane rating of at least 87.

But the type of gasoline which you would use will again vary depending on the specific type or model of your lawn mower. There are brands and models which require a certain type of gasoline over the other. You can find these details usually in the user manual which comes with the mower. A quick online search can also help you identify the gas recommended by the company.

Where do I buy lawn mower fuel?

You can purchase your fuel from your local retail hardware store and home center. This store sells pre-packaged quart or liter size containers of gas. It is better to buy them because their container is a good alternative in storing them for excess gas instead of buying a fuel transport cell or storage.

These pre-packaged mower fuels often have a ‘fuel stabilizer’ feature added to them which increate their shelf life. This also reduces or avoids repair costs in lawn mowers engines because they don’t quickly expire when the lawn mower is dormant for months during seasons like winter.

If you are still unsure of the fuel you need to purchase, it’s best to check with your lawn mower user manual or the store where got your lawn mower. You can also contact the customer service of the manufacturer.


Mowing your loan is a necessary chore if you intend to upkeep and manicure your residential lawn. That being said, your lawn mower requires the right amount and the right kind of fuel to achieve its optimum performance. 

You also need to factor in your fuel consumption when it comes to mowing your lawn especially if you intend to mow your lawn very often as it will save you time, effort, and resources. 

The specific type of your lawn mower, may it be a commercial type push lawn more or a standard homeowner type push lawn mower,  will greatly impact the kind of fuel and amount of fuel which you need to consume. Make sure you are familiar with your equipment.

The size of your lawn and the frequency of how you intend to mow it is also an important factor when considering how much gas goes into your push lawn mower.

Aside from knowing the mentioned factor above, you may also contact your retailer or your manufacturer to estimate the amount of fuel you would need for your lawn mower.