How Often To Water Hydroseeded Lawn

How Often To Water Hydroseeded Lawn?

The amount needed to water a hydroseeded lawn depends on a few factors: if it was recently seeded, how hot or cold the weather is, and if the soil drains well. As a general rule of thumb, water a hydroseeded lawn three times a day for six weeks.

How is a hydroseed lawn different from a regular lawn?

A hydroseed lawn is not a lawn with a special type of grass. It is a method of sowing grass seeds into the ground quickly to achieve a thick and beautiful lawn that does not have empty patches or uneven grass.  

When a construction crew or gardener plants grass seeds by hand, it takes much longer to complete the seeding. Planting by hand can cause inconsistent growth and leave small patches of dirt where grass never grew. Also, seeding the ground by hand does not allow the grass to grow so closely together, meaning that the lawn will not look thick and full than if the gardener used the hydroseed method. 

The hydroseed method is when a gardener or gardening service coats the bare ground with a mixture of seeds and mulch. The seeds do not have to be implanted into the dirt because the mulch will act as an anchor for the seeds to sprout and grow. The mulch also improves the quality of the topsoil below it. The biggest benefit of using the hydroseed method is how fast the grass grows. 

If the gardener were to use the hand seed method, it would be at least three months for the grass to grow, but only six weeks if using the hydroseed method. The hydroseed method is much cheaper, and all the seeds are likely to germinate and sprout at the same time.

How Often Should A Hydroseeded Lawn be watered?

Watering a hydroseeded lawn occurs in two stages: the first four to six weeks and after the first six weeks. The amount of water needed in these two time frames is drastically different, so this guide will treat them as two stages. Below this section, we included a few watering tips so you can provide your hydroseed lawn with the best care possible.

From 2nd day to 6 week

Because this type of lawn is a mixture of seeds and mulch, you must water the lawn every day, two to three times a day. Do not water the hydroseed lawn on the first day; start on the 2nd day. Every single section of the lawn requires intense watering for 10 to 15 minutes. It is not enough to lightly spray the mulch mixture for a few minutes and then end the watering session.  

If you have a lawn that is one flat area with no corners or turns, purchase a sprinkler with a wide radius. The sprinklers need to spray water beyond the corners of the lawn to ensure proper watering. Do this diligently for four to six weeks, and once the time passes, you can switch to the next watering schedule. 

Six weeks after hydroseeding the lawn

If four to six weeks pass and your lawn looks on track and healthy, then it is okay to stop watering the lawn so frequently. Depending on the lawn’s health and the heat, You can scale your watering all the way back to half an hour every week. If the rain comes for one day in a week, you do not have to water your lawn that week. 

Let the rain take care of your hydroseed lawn, and do not add any extra moisture. In the first six weeks, the mulch needs to be slightly moist at all times. Now, allow the lawn and the mulch to dry out. Just be sure to water every section of the lawn thoroughly when it is time to water it.

Watering tips

Here are just a few watering tips to improve the seeding and growth of your lawn

  • Do not soak the lawn.

For the first six weeks of a hydroseed lawn’s growth, it does not need to be soaked. Water the hydroseed lawn three times a day for 15 minutes each time. If you see pools of water formed whenever you water the lawn, it is either the fault of the soil for not draining quick enough or your fault for watering too much.

  • Don’t plant a hydroseed lawn during the middle of summer.

If you want to purchase your hydroseed lawn during wintertime, do not expect it to grow as fast as normal. For grass seeds to grow, they need to be at a temperature of over 40F degrees every day. So if you reside in an area where the winter temperature drops below 40F degrees, wait until the middle of spring to hire a hydroseed planting service.

  • Do not water the mulch during a heatwave.

Although it sounds counterintuitive, it is not a good idea to water the mulch during a heatwave, especially if the seeds have not sprouted yet. If you water the lawn during this time, humidity builds up within the mulch and destroys any brand new sprouts or seeds. Wait until the weather’s temperature drops back down to lawn-friendly level(below 85F/29C) before watering.


There are many advantages to hiring a hydroseed lawn Service. It may be more expensive than a traditional hand-planted lawn, but the results are virtually 100% guaranteed. Also, the grass will grow faster and require less water overall. If there are several gardening businesses in your area that offer hydroseed lawn services, choose the one with reviews that talk about overall service and long-term maintenance. 

When the gardeners come to your home to perform the hydroseeding, be sure to ask for detailed directions on how to water the lawn and how the cold and heat affect watering. If done correctly, you’ll have a beautiful and lush green lawn in less than two months. Every morning, you will rush to your window and just stare at the beautiful lawn that you waited so long for.