How to add Bathroom Privacy to Barn Door

How to add Bathroom Privacy to Barn Door?

When a person thinks of barn doors, the picture they have of it is on a barn that keeps horses inside or a place to store hay. You do not think of using them in a home.  Today, it is a trend to use them in a home.  They have vintage charm, are versatile, and are a way to add separation to rooms, including the bathroom.  The bathroom is the one place that most people want to use it.

Pros of Using a Barn Door for Bathroom

One of the reasons that people are now using a barn door for bathroom privacy is that while it is decorative it is also aesthetically pleasing.  It works as an entrance to the bathroom.  Another pro for using a barn door for bathroom privacy is that it is space-friendly.  If you do not have enough room to install a door with a swinging opening, a barn door is a great option.  

The only space you need is on the wall.  The length of the track and the size of the door is what matters.  You need to make sure that it opens and closes smoothly.  For example, if you want to use a single barn door, you have to only prepare space on one side of the wall.  This will be the opening space for the door so make sure there is enough room to fully open the door.

Make sure that the wall is clear; no light switches, windows, vents, outlets, or anything that could get in the way of operating the door comfortably.  Using barn doors for bathroom privacy is suitable for a do-it-yourself project.

All you need to know is how to do it correctly and many times it can be installed without having to remove the existing door trim.  Generally, when you purchase a barn door there will be everything you need to hang the door.  All you need is the hardware, sliding hangers, and the track.  There should also be instructions too on how to hang it.

Privacy Issue With Bathroom Barn Doors

This is the one thing that many worry about; privacy.  The reason is that a barn door is not like a regular door where you can shut it tightly.  With this type of door, it is not tightly closed on the sides so whatever they do in the bathroom could be visible outside of the room.  If this is an issue with you, you can get a lock for the door.  

How to add Bathroom Privacy to Barn Door

Make sure that you have the right door and track size:

Even though the sliding door does not close tightly on the side this does not mean that you cannot do something to deal with the privacy issues.  The easiest way to deal with it is to make sure that you get the right size door.  It has to be wider than the size of the doorway of the bathroom.  The way the barn doors are designed is that the track is installed outside the room so it can slide open and shut.

As a result, there can be gaps on both sides of the barn door that fits just into the doorway.  You want to make sure that the door is wider than the bathroom doorway.  For example, if the doorway is three feet wide, then the barn door needs to be at least four feet wide.  This will leave about six inches on either side of the door, helping to cover that gap.

You also need to think about the track.  It has to be the right length.  It should be two times longer than the door length.  Using the sample above, the track would have to be six feet long.  It needs to be two times the width of the door so that you can fully slide the door open.

Add a lock:

Barn doors for bathrooms normally do not come with locks like a regular door but there are a variety of locks that you can get.

  • Entry sliding door lockThis type of lock is for doors that are accessed the most by the household.  It comes with right-handed and left-handed options so you can choose which way the door will slide. This is the type of lock you would most likely want if you have a lot of people going in and out of the room, such as a guest bathroom
  • Teardrop lockThis the type of lock that you want to use if you want to lock it from the inside. The reason this is a type of lock that you should consider is that it will not compromise the aesthetics of the bathroom. It is safe and fully functional.  This is the lock you want if you are concerned about privacy.  This lock mounts to the door jamb so it will keep the door shut and give you privacy.
  • Sliding barn door latchThis is generally the one that is used with double barn doors but if you have just a single door, you can use a hook and eye closure.  Just attach the loop to the bathroom wall and the look to the side of your barn door.  If you have children, this is the type to choose because you can put these anywhere on the door and wall so you can put them out of the reach of children.
  • Hash lock:  This is the simplest and most cost-effective lock that you can get.  All you have to do is fix the hook to the doorframe with screws and then fix the hasp to the door.  These come in a variety so you should be able to find one that works.
  • Barrel slide bolt:  To use this lock option, you will need a frame for the lock to feed into.

When trying to decide what type of lock to choose, look at the functionality, safety, and privacy if you are going to lock the door from the inside where aesthetics is not that important.  You want to make sure that your child cannot accidentally lock themselves in. 


If you are still worried about privacy, you could put a shower curtain or regular curtain on a rod above the door and when you are in the bathroom just shut the curtain and you will have the privacy you want.  The bathroom privacy with barn doors is easily fixed by making sure that you have the right width of the door, the right size tracks, or a lock.

Add uniqueness to your home with a bathroom barn door and rest assured that if you do not feel it is private enough, it is an easy fix.  Most kits that come with bathroom barn doors do not come with a lock so you will to probably purchase one if you want to keep the bathroom locked when you are in there.

As you can see there are two main ways to add bathroom privacy to barn door so you just have to decide which you want.  If you just want that extra bit of privacy, then go for making sure that the door is wide enough so the door overlaps the frame on either side.