How to Change Light Bulbs in High Chandelier

How to Change Light Bulbs in High Chandelier?

Nothing adds more light and elegance to a room than the lights in a high chandelier but then a light bulb burns out.  It is not so elegant any longer with that burned out bulb.  It has to be changed but how do you change light bulbs in a high chandelier?  Let’s find out.

Why Would you Need to Change the Light Bulb?

A chandelier is a great addition to your home if you have a high ceiling along with atriums, entrance ways, dining halls, and more.  They not only brighten a room but up the bar on aesthetic appeal.  They are an expensive light fixture.  

As mentioned, you would need to change the light bulb when it burned out but there are other reasons, which include:

  • The inner filament or glass is broken
  • You want to install smart bulbs so you can control it via a smartphone
  • The light bulb is flickering now and then
  • You want to change the standard bulbs with LEDs that have an approximately 50,000-hour life span and they do not require much power.
  • The standard bulb has not burnt out but is nearing its end-of-life.  They work for 1,000 to 2,000 hours only.

How to Change Light Bulbs in High Chandelier

When changing light bulbs in a high chandelier, you can either change them yourself or hire an expert to do it.  It is possible to do it yourself with the right tools but it can be a challenge due to the height.

Telescoping bulb grabberThis is a great way to change light bulbs in the chandelier if you are scared that the ladder may topple over, you have no one to steady the ladder, or you are scared of heights.  The standard variant with many extensions is the one that you would use for bulbs that are downward facing bulb.  For an upward-facing bulb, you will need a bulb grabber that is sticky.

The Highlight Chandelier Light Bulb Changer for a high ceiling will work for both types of bulbs.

  • Put on rubber gloves and turn off the chandelier
  • Connect the bulb grabber to the extension pole that will make it easier to reach the light bulb you are changing
  • Very gently keep the grabber on top of the bulb and grab it in the provided notches.
  • Rotate the grabber in the direction according to what type of bulb it is; upward or downward-facing.
  • Once you have the bulb out, bring the grabber down and remove it by pulling the release string on the grabber.
  • Place the new bulb into the grabber and raise it up to the chandelier and once you have it in the socket, screw it in.
  • Once you are sure it is screwed in properly, you can pull the release string to release the bulb.
  • Turn the chandelier on to make sure everything is working properly.

LadderBefore you get started, make sure that you are wearing rubber gloves to help safeguard you from electrical shock.  The ladder you will need will be taller than the standard ladders.  If you have to purchase a ladder, measure the height of the room so you the right size ladder.

  • To avoid the possibility of being electrocuted, you should switch off the light.
  • Clear the surface where the ladder will be positioned so it will be level and steady.  You also need to make sure there is room to set up the ladder properly.
  • Make sure that the ladder is stable before you start to climb it.
  • You should have someone to hold the ladder to make sure it stays steady.
  • Once at the top, if there is a cover over the bulb you will need to remove it first.  Gently grab the bulb you are changing.
  • If it is an upward-facing bulb you rotate it clockwise and if it a downward-facing bulb you rotate it counter-clockwise.  
  • Screw in the new bulb and then have someone turn the switch on to make sure that it works
  • If you had to remove any covers to get to the bulb turn off the chandelier again and put them back.

Install a liftThis is more of a permanent solution as this connects a lift-based mechanism to the chandelier.  Bring the chandelier down if you want to change or clean the bulbs.  If you choose this method it is better if you hire a professional to do it but you can do it yourself.

  • In addition to the motorized lift, you will need drill and bits, wire nuts, wire cutters, screwdriver, and jigsaw.
  • In addition to turning off the chandelier, you need to flip the breaker and then disconnect the chandelier from the electrical box.
  • Where the chandelier was, there will be a hole right on top where you will place a magnetic electric box.
  • Above the ceiling, there will be some access where you can connect the motorized winch to the magnetic electric box.
  • Connect your lift to the electric source.  Then you need to connect the wires to the chandelier.
  • Between the circuit board and the winch is where connect the low voltage wires.
  • From the motorized winch, bring down the low voltage wire and use a screwdriver to connect the motorized electric meter and the winch.
  • Cover up the winch and screw the main switch to the low voltage ring.
  • Now it is time to test the lift by bringing it down and if it is working, then you can turn the chandelier back on.
  • With a touch of a button, you can lower the chandelier to floor height to change light bulbs in high chandeliers.

Disposing of Light Bulbs

When you are done changing your light bulbs in high ceiling you do not want to throw them in the garbage.  They can break and hurt someone.  The best way to dispose of them is to put them in the same packaging that the new ones came in or you can cover them in old newspapers.  Be sure a child cannot get a hold of them because if the bulb breaks they could get hurt by the glass.


When you are changing light bulbs in high chandelier, always take precautions before doing it.  Make sure that you have the high chandelier turned off and if possible turn off the electricity at the breaker box to help ensure you won’t get an electrical shock.

It is advisable if you use the ladder method that you have someone to hold the ladder because you will be quite high in the air and you do not want it to turn over on you.  Older homes had eight-foot ceilings from which the chandelier hung while most of the more modern homes have a nine-foot ceiling.  A high ceiling is anything that is over nine feet so you can see how high you might be on a ladder.

Once they are changed, be sure that you dispose of them properly so no one gets hurt.  If you are unsure about changing light bulbs in high chandelier hire or get someone else to do it for you.  If you choose to use a grabber, you can find them at most home improvement centers.