How to hang double curtains if you don’t have a double rod?

To hang a double curtain without a double rod above the window, you can use a simple rod, a metal bar, or tie a rope or a cord between the two curtain rod hooks. As long as curtain rod hooks are above the window, any of these options are available to you. 

I forgot to purchase a double rod. What are my options?

Most people think that choosing the right style and colors for curtains will be easy, but it is hard to select the right curtain style that matches your decor and keeps the light out. Sometimes, when you are out shopping for curtains, you can get mixed up and purchase the wrong type of curtain that does not match the rod that is at your home. 

But there is no need to go back to the store and exchange the curtains. It is possible to hang double curtains over the window if you don’t have a double rod. And it still looks quite nice. All you need is some mild creativity and a little elbow grease. 

To hang double curtains without a double rod, there are a few options for you to consider. You can use:

  • a plain metal rod
  • a single curtain rod
  • a rope or cord

Using a rope or cord

It may look odd to see a rope tied to your curtain hooks, but using a rope is an easy solution. The rope will weigh practically nothing, so the only hard part will be sliding it through the curtain fabric. There are two ways to tie the rope and the curtain onto the curtain rod hooks.

The first way is to climb up the ladder and tie one end of the rope to the curtain hook. Then slide the curtains onto the rope without tugging on the end that is attached to the hook. Then move the ladder underneath the empty curtain hook and tie on the other end of the rope.

The second way is to slide the curtains onto the rope and then go up the ladder and tie each end of the rope onto the curtain hooks. This method will be easier if you have the help of another person.

Before tying the end of the rope to the second curtain hook, make sure the rope does not slack at all. The rope must be tight and as straight as possible.,

If the rope is much longer than the window, you will have to cut the rope so it does not fall over the sides of the curtain and look visible. Do not cut the extra part of the rope until it is secured onto the curtain rod hook and you like the way the curtains are positioned. 

Because of how a rope looks above their window, many people will consider this solution as a temporary one. But if you like the way it looks, or you are going for a certain scene in the room and the rope and using a rope or cord adds a certain flair, then feel free to keep the rope where it is. 

Just be sure to check the rope’s integrity every once in a while, perhaps every six months. If the curtain is heavy, the weight of the fabric will cause the rope to wear out little by little. You don’t want the rope to suddenly snap and the curtains to fall to the floor in the middle of a party when you are showing off the house, do you?

Using a metal bar

Search through the deepest parts for your garage or storage space, and you could find a plain metal rod to hang up your curtains. The difference between using an actual curtain rod on a plain metal rod is that there is no way to stop the curtains from sliding off the metal rod if the rod is even slightly tilted. So, you can tackle this issue one of two ways: 

  • place the curtains onto the rod, and they create your attachments for the rod ends to prevent the curtains from falling off. 
  • Or have an extremely steady balance and take care when climbing up the ladder and extending out your arm to place the metal rod over the curtain rod hooks. 

Since there are no attachments at the end of the rod, it will be very easy for the curtains to slide right off.

Using a single rod

A single curtain rod can do the trick, just unscrew the end piece, and slide the curtains onto the rod and attach the end piece back on again. If you don’t have very good balance, using a single rod might be easier for you. The rod will not slide apart when you climb up on the ladder. Plus, a single rod is not as heavy as a double rod.

Since it is not a double rod, the rod cannot extend because it does not have two separate parts. So, before you place the curtain on the rod, make sure it can reach both curtain hooks on each side of the window. 

Why not just go back to the store and buy a double rod?

It seems like the simplest solution but returning to the store and buying a double rod is just an option. If you have weak arms or do not have much strength, it can be hard to set up double rods because they are much heavier than any of the options listed above. 

So, when you climb up on the ladder to hang up the rod with your beautiful double curtains attached to the sides, the act of balancing yourself on the ladder and carrying the heavy double rod may cause you to become off balance. You could end up with a major injury, especially if you did not have anyone to hold the ladder for you. 


See how easy that was? You don’t have to rush back to the store, search for parking, go through the customer service line and return the beautiful curtains that you spent hours looking for and restart your search all over again. With a little ingenuity, anyone can hang up their curtains without the need for a double rod. These solutions discussed may look odd at first, especially the rope, but you will get used to them in no time. 

The main reason for using these alternative methods is to prevent taking another trip back to the store. Plus, you won’t have to search for a new pair of curtains or a different rod. When it comes to keeping house and finishing projects, the simplest and quickest solution is usually the best.