How to Hang Grommet Curtains With Sheers

How to Hang Grommet Curtains With Sheers

What are grommet curtains and why would you want to hang sheers with them? Sheer curtains are just as they are described; sheer enough to let light in and still give you some privacy.  Grommet curtains are heavier but would do the same thing, so why would you need both?

What are Grommet Curtains

Grommet curtains can also be referred to as grommet top curtains.  The grommet curtain is a popular style of curtain.  One reason is how easy they are to hang.  It is also versatile for its good looks and they can move across the curtain rods easily. 

This makes it easy to open and close your curtains for letting the light shine in and to give you privacy.  This style of curtain is much like a shower curtain because they have a grommet top.  Grommets are nothing more than small rings that are attached to curtains and are also used to define holes in the fabric.

With these types of curtains, you put the curtain rod through the grommets so hanging them is so easy. Most grommets are made of metal but some are made of plastic and rubber.   

Pair them with the right hardware and you will have stylish window treatments. They come in different finishes; antique brass, black, polished brass, chrome, copper, and more.  Grommet curtains are the least expensive and easiest types of curtains to hang.

What are Sheers

These types of curtains are a good way to brighten your room.  It gives the room a light, airy atmosphere.  They will provide limited privacy and softly diffuse light.  

They come in a variety of colors and different lengths so you are sure to find ones that will fit with any room.  Sheers can be hung by themselves or with other curtains and drapes, such as grommet curtains.  

How to Hang Grommet Curtains

Step 1:  Measure the width of your window, figuring in the width if there any molding.  For a single window, add eight inches, and for a double or larger window, add 14 inches.  The total will be the length of the curtain rod you need.

The extra inches providing you stacking space on both sides of the window.  This will let you open them without blocking too much of the glass.

Step 2:  Measure the diameter of the grommet opening.  Do not include the metal rim. To get the maximum curtain rod diameter, subtract a half-inch from the above number.  For best results choose a smooth, pole-style curtain rod.  

Step 3:  Take one of the grommet topped panels and measure the width of it.  From step 1, double the curtain rod length.  Divide the result by the width of the curtain panel.  Round that up to the next even number for the number of panels you need.

For example, if your window is 50” wide, you will want to have 100” of curtain panels.  Make sure that you keep your window balanced so if you have two curtain panels on one side, then you need to on the other side.

Step 4:  To get where you need to hang the curtain rod, lay one of the panels flat and measure from the bottom hem to the inside top of one of the grommets.  When marking where you should put the brackets two to four inches above the window frame.  Once you have the brackets fasten into the wall, hang the curtains and put the rod into the brackets.

The standard length of a grommet curtain is 84” but you can get longer lengths. Typically, the curtains should just go to the floor. Always make sure that when you hang the curtain rod that it is level.

How to Hang Grommet Curtains With Sheers

The simplest way to hang grommet curtains with sheers is to use a double curtain rod. 

Step 1: Measure three inches from the top of the window frame on each side.  Make a light mark on the walk to mark this measurement.

Step 2:  Measure up three inches from the first of the above marks and make another mark.  This is where the brackets for the curtain rods to go.  Each of these brackets will hold the bracket for the grommet curtain and the back one will hold the sheer.

Step 3:  When putting the brackets on the wall, make sure that you put the right one on the right side and the left one on the left side.  The brackets will be marked.  Hold it up to the mark and trace the screw holes with each one.

Step 4:  Drill holes through the marks and attach the brackets to the wall using the screws that came with the curtain rods.  To make a snugger fit, you can put in drywall anchors and put the screws in the anchors.  

Step 5:  Make sure that before you put in the other bracket that they are both leveled so the curtain rod will hang level.  Do the same for the other set of brackets for the grommet curtains.

The sheer curtains go on the inner curtain rod and the grommet curtains go on the outer rod.  Put the sheer curtains on and fit the rod into the brackets.  Do the same to the grommet curtains.  

Sometimes the rods will be parallel to each other. Other times the inner rod is slightly below and behind the outer rod.  Just make sure that the sheers are on the curtain rod that is closest to the window.

Once you have the curtains hung, you can arrange the curtains to how you want them to hang by sliding them along the rods until they are the way you want them.


Many use sheer curtains to hang next to the window under grommet curtains.  The sheers will let in the warmth and sunshine during the day, and also provide some degree of privacy.  If you want more privacy, you can shut the grommet curtains.  

You will need to use two curtain rods, which you can purchase in double rod sets and hold in place with special brackets.  When choosing the grommet curtains and sheers, the sheers can be a complementary color or the same color as the grommet curtains but lighter or a shade darker.  

The way that many hang these curtains is to keep the sheers closed but the grommet curtains could be swept to the side and let to hang loose or tied at the center with a tie.  The rod for the sheer curtains will be lighter and thinner with the grommet rod thicker.  The rods can be the same or different styles.