How to Hang Things on Non-Magnetic Fridge

How to Hang Things on Non-Magnetic Fridge?

It seems like everyone likes to hang things on the refrigerator; from magnets to children’s drawings to notes of doctor appointments, recipes, and more.  In times past it was no problem hanging these things on the fridge, but now most refrigerators are non-magnetic.  Is your refrigerator now regulated to no longer be a place to hang things? 

So, how do you hang things on a non-magnetic fridge? There are a number of options, for example:

  • Magnetic Paint
  • Gluing on a corkboard
  • Using blu tack
  • Using a restaurant cafe rod

Read on to find out more.

How to Hang Things on Non-Magnetic Fridge

The stainless steel appliances make your kitchen look expensive and modern but unfortunately, there are some downsides to these appliances.  They no longer are able to hold your magnets that hold things to a refrigerator as they use to.  They also show fingerprints.  

The reason that your front of the refrigerator does not hold the magnets is that it will not be magnetic if the nickel content is too high in the stainless steel.  There are ways in which you can still use it for magnets and magnetic message boards.

Solution 1: On the back of your decorative magnets you can use reusable putty.  Some people like to collect magnets of the places they have traveled to or ones with meaningful phrases or pictures. To be able to put these on a non-magnetic fridge, remove the magnets and put some reusable putty on them to stick on the fridge.

After you put the putty on the back of the magnet, put papers behind the magnet, and stick them to the fridge.  You can use the putty by itself to hold a sheet of paper to the fridge.

Solution 2:If you want to put a magnetic message board on the fridge, buy one that hangs from suction cups.  This will create a magnetic surface you can use to hang notes, reminders, school work and more on the magnetic board.  Some use a strong double-sided tape to hold it in place.

Even if it does hold the board securely to the fridge, it could leave residue behind on the fridge if you decide to take it down.

Section 3:  Use the side of the fridge to put the magnets on. Many times they will use a different material, often black, for the sides.  Because of the different materials, the sides will be magnetic.  You can use that side to hang your magnets on instead of the front side.

Solution 4: If you have painted cabinets, you can use a magnetic primer on them before you paint them with latex paint.  Once the cabinets are dry, you can use them to hang your magnets on along with notes, pictures, etc.

Solution 5Use metallic Command hooks.  Once you have the hooks on the fridge, you can use two café curtain rods that are the width of the fried to put on the hooks.  On the café curtain rods, use one and one-fourth inch clip rings.  You can then clip notes and such to the clips so they hang off the café curtain rods.

Solution 6Purchase some lightweight picture frames and corkboard.  Cut the corkboard to fit inside the picture frame and glue it down.  Make sure that it is open in the front with no glass or plastic. Put mounting putty in the corners and middle of the frame and adhere it to the fridge. You can now use push pins to pin notes to the corkboard.

Solution 7Use double-sided tape to hang some of your lightweight things like notes.  It will have the power to hold up paper but may not have the power to hold up things heavier than that.

Solution 8This is more to hang your favorite photos up.  You can do this by printing your favorite ones on self-adhesive photo paper.


There are some refrigerators that do look like stainless steel but are in fact made of other materials like aluminum.  To find out if the front is magnetic or not before you purchase it, have a magnet with you and see if it sticks to the front of the door.  This way you will have no surprises when it is delivered and then find it is non-magnetic.

Although it seems as if magnets on your fridge along with notes, artwork, etc. are a thing of the past, it does not have to be if you try some of these solutions.  Soon your fridge can once again be the home to magnets and notes, artwork, and more.  The best solution would be to use a magnetic board with strong suction cups.

Just because you have a stainless steel fridge, there are ways you can still use it to hang magnets, notes, and more on.  You just have to find the solution that works best for you.  So show off the places you traveled, your child’s artwork, important notes and more on your stainless steel non-magnetic fridge.