Mammillaria Matudae Cristata Care & Buying Guide

Mammillaria Matudae Cristata


Light requirements High
Water requirements Low
Ease of care Easy
Size Medium
Toxicity Non-toxic
Zone 10a to 10b
Temperature resistance Not cold-hardy
Growth speed Medium
Indoor growing Suitable


Taking Care Of Mammillaria Matudae Cristata

Ideal conditions

Mammillaria Matudae Cristata will thrive outdoors because it prefers partial to full sunlight. Indoor growing is also possible if you have a brightly lit spot for the cactus.

The Mammillaria Matudae Cristata cactus isn’t cold-hardy and should be kept away from cold. This plant will grow the best in warm areas.


If you’ve ever had a succulent, then the watering routine of Mammillaria Matudae Cristata will be familiar to you – you only should water it when its soil is dry to the touch. Such a routine will allow you to take care of the cactus’ water needs while preventing waterlogging and root rot.

In winter, allow Mammillaria Matudae Cristata to rest and do not water it, or water it very lightly once or twice per month. Keeping it dry is preferable since it’s very easy to cause root rot in cacti in winter months. The cactus will be dormant in winter and will require very little water to survive.

Where to plant

To prevent any water from accumulating in the soil, plant your Mammillaria Matudae Cristata cactus in light, fast-draining soil. Any cactus potting mix should work since cacti generally like fast-draining soil.

For enhanced drainage, add mineral grit such as perlite, pumice, or coarse sand to your soil mix in a 1:1 ratio or more.

Even if intending to keep the cactus outdoors, plant it in a pot – this will allow you to easily move the plant around to ensure ideal conditions and to protect it from heat or cold. The pot should have drainage holes at the base.

Even though Mammillaria Matudae Cristata can be kept both indoors and outdoors, outdoor placement is optimal for it. This is because this cactus requires partial to full sunlight to thrive, and this kind of light is easiest to access outdoors.

With that said, if you have a sunny window sill inside, indoor growing shouldn’t be a challenge as well.

No matter whether indoors or outdoors, on very hot days, move your Mammillaria Matudae Cristata to a shaded location to prevent sunburn. 

And if winters in your area get cold, then move the cactus inside for the cold season.

General care information

For steady growth, fertilize your Mammillaria Matudae Cristata cactus in spring and summer once every month or two. Use a cactus fertilizer mix diluted to half strength.

When needed, repot the cactus as well, but do so in spring or summer. Being a slow grower, Mammillaria Matudae Cristata doesn’t require annual repotting, but repotting every year allows you to inspect the roots and treat them if necessary, as well as introduce the plant to fresh soil.

To make removal easier, allow the cactus soil to dry before repotting. And after repotting, keep the cactus dry for about a week.


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