Mammillaria Rhodanth Care & Buying Guide

Mammillaria Rhodanth


Light requirements Medium
Water requirements Low
Ease of care Easy
Size Medium
Toxicity Non-toxic
Zone 9a to 10b
Temperature resistance A little frost-hardy
Growth speed Medium
Indoor growing Suitable


Taking Care Of Mammillaria Rhodantha

Ideal conditions

Doing well in partial sun and in shaded locations, Mammillaria Rhodantha is fairly easy to grow both outdoors and indoors. However, the more light it gets, the better, so Mammillaria Rhodantha will thrive if kept outdoors. And being somewhat cold-hardy (down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit/-6.6 degrees Celsius), it can be kept outside year-round in warmer areas.


Mammillaria Rhodantha has typical water needs for a succulent. It’s drought-resistant and should be watered only when its soil is dry to the touch. Mammillaria Rhodantha doesn’t tolerate overwatering – if you water this cactus too much, it will probably develop root rot.

In winter, do not water your Mammillaria Rhodantha cactus. The plant will be dormant and will require little to no water to survive. Besides, the drier the cactus is in winter, the more cold-hardy it will get. It’s much easier to overwater this cactus in winter than in summer as well.

Where to plant

Plant your Mammillaria Rhodantha cactus in fast-draining cactus soil. Good drainage is a must to ensure that no water accumulates in the soil. For better drainage, you may mix the soil with some perlite, pumice, or coarse sand in a 1:1 ratio.

If you’ll be keeping this cactus in a pot, then pick a pot that has large drainage holes at the bottom.

When it comes to placement, Mammillaria Rhodantha prefers partial sun and shaded locations, though direct sunlight can also be very beneficial for its growth. However, this cactus isn’t too heat-resistant, so it shouldn’t be left under direct sunlight for too long, especially on hot days.

Thanks to its not too high light needs, Mammillaria Rhodantha can be rather easily be grown both indoors and outdoors.

In winter, be sure to move your Mammillaria Rhodantha cactus indoors. This cactus won’t survive prolonged exposure to low temperatures. If winters in your area get cold, then don’t plant your cactus in the ground. Plant it in a pot so that you can easily move it inside without repotting it.

General care information

For successful growth, you will also need to occasionally fertilize and repot your Mammillaria Rhodantha cactus.

Fertilize the Mammillaria Rhodantha throughout spring and summer once every 4-8 weeks with a cactus fertilizer diluted to half strength. Keep in mind that if the soil is fresh, the effects of fertilization may not be very noticeable.

As for repotting, you may only do it when you feel that the cactus has outgrown its pot. This will probably happen every other year. Before repotting, allow the soil to dry, and after repotting, don’t water the cactus for about a week.

Annual repotting can also be beneficial – it allows you to have a look at the roots, and it also allows you to introduce the cactus to fresh soil, which may be able to boost its growth.


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