Mammillaria Schwarzii Care & Buying Guide

Mammillaria Schwarzii


Light requirements High
Water requirements Low
Ease of care Easy
Size Small
Toxicity Non-toxic
Zone 9b to 10b
Temperature resistance A little frost-hardy
Growth speed Slow
Indoor growing Suitable


Taking Care Of Mammillaria Schwarzii

Ideal conditions

Mammillaria Schwarzii is a typical succulent – it requires little water, needs warm temperatures, and prefers direct exposure to the sun. This cactus is a little frost-hardy as well (down to 25 degrees Fahrenheit/-3.8 degrees Celsius), but it shouldn’t be exposed to low temperatures for too long.


Mammillaria Schwarzii has typical watering needs for a cactus – you should only water it when its soil is dry to the touch.  This cactus is drought-resistant and doesn’t require much water to thrive.

Take care not to overwater this cactus. In nature, Mammillaria Schwarzii grow in soil that easily lets water through and doesn’t allow it to accumulate around the roots. Overwatering is very likely to cause root rot in the Mammillaria Schwarzii cactus.

In winter, suspend watering and allow the cactus to enjoy its dormant period. When dormant, cacti require less water than throughout the growing season, which is why they don’t need to be watered in winter.

Where to plant

The ideal soil for Mammillaria Schwarzii would be a combination of cactus soil and mineral grit such as perlite or pumice. Mixed in a 1:1 ratio, cactus soil and mineral grit will not allow water to accumulate around the roots.

If you will be keeping the cactus potted, then make sure to get a pot with large drainage holes at the bottom.

Placement-wise, given that Mammillaria Schwarzii love full sun, it would be ideal to keep your Mammillaria Schwarzii outdoors where direct sunlight is plentiful. Indoor growing is also possible, but you will have fewer spots to choose from where Mammillaria Schwarzii will thrive.

If you have a window sill that is lit by direct sunlight all day, then Mammillaria Schwarzii should grow adequately inside. If lacking light, you may place grow bulbs around the cactus, but remember that direct sunlight is preferable.

Whether inside or outside, make sure to temporarily move the cactus to a shaded location on very hot days. Mammillaria Schwarzii is fairly heat-resistant, but it can also get sunburnt if exposed to the scorching sun for too long.

General care information

In spring and summer, fertilize your Mammillaria Schwarzii cactus to ensure consistent growth. Once every 4-8 weeks, feed your cactus soil on a cactus fertilizer diluted to half strength.

Keep an eye on the growth of the plant and repot it once it outgrows its pot. Mammillaria Schwarzii is a slow grower, so you’ll probably need to repot it only every other year. 

With that said, you may want to repot your Mammillaria Schwarzii cactus every year. This, on one hand, would allow you to inspect the cactus’ roots and remove any damaged or rotten parts and on the other would allow you to introduce the plant to fresh soil, which can be very beneficial for growth.


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