Opuntia Rufida Minima Monstrose Care & Buying Guide

Opuntia Rufida Minima Monstrose


Light requirements High
Water requirements Low
Ease of care Easy
Size Medium
Toxicity Non-toxic
Zone 10a
Temperature resistance Not frost-hardy
Growth speed Medium
Indoor growing Suitable


Taking Care Of Opuntia Rufida Minima Monstrose

Ideal conditions

Opuntia Rufida Minima Monstrose has typical cacti needs – it needs plenty of light (partial to full sun), a little water, and warm temperatures. This cactus will do best outdoors, though definitely not in cold areas or in winter – Opuntia Rufida Minima Monstrose only survives temperatures down to around 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-1.1 degrees Celsius).


Like many other cacti, Opuntia Rufida Minima Monstrose should be thoroughly watered only when its soil is dry to the touch. The soil should not become soggy – it should be watered just enough to become moist. Standing water near the roots causes root rot, so take care not to overwater this cactus.

In winter months, suspend watering to allow Opuntia Rufida Minima Monstrose to enjoy its dormant period. When dormant, this cactus requires little water, which is why it needs to be kept dry in winter. Besides, Opuntia Rufida Minima Monstrose are much more sensitive to overwatering in winter than in summer.

Where to plant

Plant your Opuntia Rufida Minima Monstrose cactus in fast-draining cactus soil – this is to prevent water from accumulating near the roots of the cactus. Since these cacti in nature grow in very rocky soil, you should consider adding mineral grit like perlite or coarse sand as well. Mineral grit in a 1:1 ratio with the cactus soil should allow for adequate drainage.

To make this cactus mobile, plant it in a pot rather than garden soil. This will allow you to easily move the cactus around to protect it from frost or heat. Garden soil planting is only reasonable if the weather in your area gets neither too hot nor too cold throughout the year.

The pot for this cactus should have large drainage holes at the base.

With the high light needs of this cactus in mind, you should keep it outdoors where direct sunlight is plentiful. You may grow Opuntia Rufida Minima Monstrose inside as well, but only if you have a sunny window sill.

No matter where you end up placing your cactus, make sure to protect it from extreme heat. During heatwaves or on very hot days, move your Opuntia Rufida Minima Monstrose to a shaded location.

General care information

Throughout the growing season (spring & summer), fertilize your Opuntia Rufida Minima Monstrose with a cactus fertilizer diluted to half strength. Depending on your fertilizer mix, you should fertilize the soil of your cactus once every 4-8 weeks.

Opuntia Rufida Minima Monstrose doesn’t get too big – usually only to up to a foot tall – but you will need to repot it a few times throughout its lifetime. You should do so either when the cactus outgrows its pot or annually, preferably the latter since you’ll be able to check the root health of the cactus.

No matter how often you choose to repot your cactus, repot it in spring or summer.


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