Opuntia Subulata Cristata “Opuntia Crest” Care & Buying Guide

Opuntia Subulata Cristata


Light requirementsHigh
Water requirementsLow
Ease of careEasy
Temperature resistanceNot frost-hardy
Growth speedSlow
Indoor growingSuitable


Taking Care Of Opuntia Subulata Cristata “Opuntia Crest”

Ideal conditions

Like other cacti from the Opuntia family, Opuntia Subulata Cristata “Opuntia Crest” prefers bright sunlight all day and thus is best to keep outdoors. Another reason for outdoor growing is that you will have an easier time growing this cactus up to its max height of about 6 inches.

Temperature-wise, the Opuntia Crest cactus prefers warm temperatures and isn’t frost-hardy. Unless winters in your area are warm, you’ll have to bring this cactus indoors in winter.


Opuntia Subulata Cristata “Opuntia Crest” has typical needs for a succulent – you should water it thoroughly when its soil is dry to the touch. Opuntia Crest is drought-resistant and doesn’t require much water.

Keep in mind that the soil should become slightly moist after watering and that no water should accumulate around the roots of the plant. Excessive amounts of water are harmful to cacti and will very likely lead to root rot.

In winter months, suspend watering your Opuntia Subulata Cristata “Opuntia Crest” cactus. Dormant in winter, this cactus will require little to no water to survive.

Where to plant

Porous, fast-draining cactus soil is where Opuntia Subulata Cristata “Opuntia Crest” will do best. Such soil will allow water to easily escape without accumulating.

For added drainage, you should add mineral grit like perlite or coarse sand in an around 1:1 ratio to the cactus soil. In nature, Opuntia grow in very rocky soil, so adding mineral grit will be beneficial for the health of your cactus.

Opuntia Subulata Cristata “Opuntia Crest” requires full sunlight to thrive, so outdoor growing will be the best option for it. You may grow this cactus indoors as well, but only if you have a spot by the window that is directly lit by the sun all day.

Though Opuntia Crest enjoys full sunlight, on extremely hot days, you should move the plant to a shaded location just in case. Extreme heat can lead to sunburn in cacti.

In winter, make sure to move this cactus inside to protect it from cold, but this won’t be necessary if winters are warm in your area.

General care information

The Opuntia Subulata Cristata “Opuntia Crest” cactus is a slow grower, and for more consistent growth, you should fertilize it with a cactus fertilizer throughout spring and summer. A fertilizer diluted to half strength and served once every 4-8 weeks should work well enough.

The Opuntia Crest cactus may be a slow grower, but it can reach heights of up to around 6 feet. If you do want your cactus to get this big, then you should repot it frequently, preferably every spring or summer. Annual repotting will allow you to make sure that the roots have space for growth, and it will also allow you to inspect the cactus’ roots.