Oroya Peruviana Care & Buying Guide

Oroya Peruviana


Light requirementsMedium
Water requirementsLow
Ease of careEasy
Temperature resistanceMildly frost-hardy
Growth speedFast
Indoor growingSuitable


Taking Care Of Oroya Peruviana

Ideal conditions

The Oroya Peruviana cactus can thrive both indoors and outdoors thanks to its not too high light demands. This cactus does enjoy direct sun, but it grows in filtered or partial sun as well.

Oroya Peruviana tends to be quite frost-resistant as well (down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit/-6.7 degrees Celsius). However, this cactus won’t survive prolonged exposure to cold, so it should be brought inside in winter.


Water your Oroya Peruviana cactus when its soil gets dry to the touch. This cactus is drought-resistant and doesn’t require much water to thrive. Watering it when the soil is dry will allow you to keep the cactus hydrated while avoiding waterlogging and root rot.

In winter, suspend watering this cactus – dormant in winter months, Oroya Peruviana requires very little water. Keeping the cactus dry will allow you to prevent root rot and cold damage, as well as may make the plant a little more frost-hardy.

Where to plant

To ensure adequate drainage, plant your Oroya Peruviana cactus in fast-draining cactus soil. You should also add mineral grit like perlite or coarse sand to the mix for extra drainage. A 1:1 ratio of mineral grit to cactus soil should be good enough.

If you will be keeping this plant potted, then make sure to pick a pot that has large drainage holes at the bottom.

As mentioned above, Oroya Peruviana prefers filtered sunlight, though it can tolerate direct sun for a short time. Thanks to its low light needs, this cactus can be successfully grown both indoors and outdoors, though outdoors, you have more placement options to choose from.

Since this cactus doesn’t need full sun exposure, you should take care to protect it from heat. Don’t allow it to sit under direct sun for too long, and move the cactus to a shaded location on very hot days.

In winter, it would be a good idea to move this cactus indoors. Though it’s a little frost-hardy, it won’t survive low temperatures for too long.

General care information

Aside from the above, you’ll also need to fertilize and repot your Oroya Peruviana cactus occasionally.

Fertilization should be done throughout spring and summer. Usually, cacti are fertilized with fertilizers diluted to half strength. Depending on the strength of your fertilizer, fertilize your cactus once every 4-8 weeks.

As for repotting, even though Oroya Peruviana only grows up to around a foot tall and around 8 inches in diameter, you’ll probably have to repot it often, maybe annually. This cactus is a fairly fast grower.

Before repotting, allow the soil of the cactus to dry – this will make removal easier. Gently remove the pot, knock the soil off the roots, and inspect them. Remove any damaged parts and treat cuts with fungicide. After planting the cactus in its new pot, keep it dry for around a week.