Should You Mist Succulents? Pros and Cons

Should You Mist Succulents

Succulents are relatively easy to grow and care for. They are the friendliest indoor house plants, and you do not have to have a green thumb to own a succulent.

They are low maintenance plants, and this is why most gardeners go for succulents. As long as you plant them in a well-drained soil mix and give them just enough lighting and exposure to the sun, they are going to keep looking vibrant.

They do not require much as succulents can grow in extremely harsh conditions and quickly adapt to whatever environment they find themselves in. It is rare to find a plant lover that does not own one. They are lush and vibrant and add a significant charm to your indoor plant collections.

If you come across a creative succulent garden, you will be stunned by the beauty. If you select lovely containers and pair them with lush succulents, you are going to have a gorgeous plant collection.

The charm of succulents lies in their lush green fleshy leaves and stems. However, these leaves and stems could be threatened by the weather. When it is excessively hot or during a cold season, succulents undergo so much stress.

They are survivors and can find their way around the unfavorable weather conditions, but they may end up with certain ailments. Their leaves and stems may dry up, change color or turn pale and change its color.

Your once envy green looking leaves can become reddish, purplish, yellowish, or brownish. 

These unpalatable changes in succulents are mostly triggered by certain factors which include:

  • Overwatering

One thing succulents hate is excess water. They do not appreciate being showered as they are conservative plants. They store lots of water in their leaves and stems and can survive without water for a very long time.

They survive in deserts and hot regions that have little rainfall in a year. Therefore overwatering can damage your succulents. It causes root rot, which can kill your plants.

Because the succulents do not need so much water, the roots will be unable to absorb the excess water, and the last thing you want is your plans sitting on the water. 

  • Underwatering

Although succulents do not want excess water, you should also not underwater your plants.

If they do not get enough water to survive, this can lead to desiccation or drying up of the succulents. You will notice that leaves and stems will become pale and unhealthy and not as flashy and juicy as they ought to be. 

  • Excessive Sun

If you keep your succulents under direct and scorching sun, you will be exposing them to the dangers of excessive sunlight. They may suffer severe sunburn and wilt if they are not taking away from the sun to a shaded environment.

Succulents are low maintenance plants, but they are also fragile plants. Therefore, if you did not regulate the temperature, humidity level, water, and sunlight exposure of these plants, they may not live up to their full potential.

You need to adequately care for them by making sure that they do not lack anything and are also not exposed to more than they can bear. 

One way of caring for your succulents and regulating their water requirement, temperature, and humidity level is by misting succulents. Gardeners have their reservations about misting succulents.

This is because succulents are generally not moisture-loving plants, and misting is preferable for moisture-loving plants.

So, should you mist orchids? There are several reasons why you should mist your succulents, for example, to increase humidity levels or during propagation. In the rest of the article, I will be discussing some of these reasons.

Should You Mist Succulents?

Mist Succulents During Propagation

One way of propagating succulents is through their leaves. You can plant the leaves of succulents on a nursery bed, and just like every other seedling, you have to dedicate so much time and resources to them until they grow and become tougher.

Watering baby succulents can be quite tricky. At this stage, they need enough water to survive, but you also do not want to drown them with excess water.

They do not have fully formed roots yet, and watering the soil may not be sufficient to allow them to absorb moisture.

Thus, you should mist your baby succulents to water them. It is more effective to mist your baby succulents than to actually water them the traditional way because misting allows you to spray their lives and the topsoil, which is where their root is probably growing. 

Mist Succulents to Increase Humidity Level

Especially during winter or other dry seasons, plants struggle to get enough humidity. The air is usually dry because the heater is kept on throughout the day.

Therefore, you need to find creative ways of increasing the humidity level in your home so that your plants do not suffer and turn pale. One remarkable way of doing this is by missing your succulents.

This facilitates the transpiration and evaporation process in the plants and makes the environment where the plants are kept more humid.

Therefore, if you do not own a humidifier or cannot afford to run one throughout the day to save on electricity bills you can mist your plants to increase the humidity level in your home instead.

Misting your succulents will provide the moisture and warmth that your plants need to grow healthy during the winter. 

Mist Succulents To Increase Humidity Level

One of my biggest pet peeves is dirty plants. Plants are not meant to be dirty. They should be green and healthy all the time.

When grown outside, nature has a way of ensuring that they are cleaned every now and then through heavy downpours or light showers. This is why you see succulents look green and clean all the time.

However, if you keep succulents indoors, they tend to get dirty and accumulate dust and other particles on their surface. Our homes often get dusty and dirty and these particles settle on flat surfaces.

They would settle on a succulent easier because succulents have fleshy and sticky surfaces.  A good way to prevent the dust from accumulating is to keep your succulents clean and moist. Misting keeps your succulent clean and moist.

They are like light showers and give your succulents a quick bath. Misting your succulents can help you get rid of any accumulated dust in your plants. 

Mist Succulents to Water Them

Plants funnel water through their leaves to their roots, stems and other parts. Therefore, when misting succulents,  the water does not just stay on the leaves. It is absorbed through the opening on the leaves and flows down to the roots.

If you do this often, you will notice that your plants need not be watered most of the time. They will still look very healthy even if you go months and weeks without watering them. Misting is a watering technique that is good for succulents. 

On a final note, although succulents are not moisture-loving plants, it will not hurt to mist them once in a while. However, you should note the water requirements and ensure not to overwater or underwater them through this method. If you combine misting with watering your succulents occasionally, they will look clean and will remain healthy throughout the year.