10 Great Succulent With Red Flowers

Christmas Cactus 

We all know red is a ravishing and powerful color. In the Western World, it represents power, desire, and love, while in many Far East cultures it represents prosperity, luck, and happiness. 

Adding red succulents to your garden is a great way to make your garden more vibrant and attractive while adding them to your indoor spaces is a great way to invite love, desire, luck, and happiness into your home.

If you have been thinking about adding red succulents to your home, you are in the right corner of the internet. For in this article, I will reveal to you 10 great red flower succulents. These succulents have red flowers and are pretty forgiving. This means just about anybody can easily grow them to make their indoor spaces or garden more vibrant and attractive. 

Without further ado, here are 10 great succulents with red flowers. 

10 Best Succulents With Red Flowers

1. Flaming Katy Kalanchoe

Flaming Katy Kalanchoe

In my opinion, Flaming Katy Kalanchoe is the prettiest red flower succulent in the world! Nobody can convince me otherwise. The name Flaming Katy is pretty appropriate for this succulent because when it matures, flaming red flowers appear during winter making it look amazing. 

So if you want your home to look colorful and red during winter, this is succulent to get. 

According to experienced succulent gardeners, among the most common red flower succulents, this one produces the most ravishing and vibrant of blooms.

How does the Flaming Katy Kalanchoe look when it is not blooming? Well, in my opinion, it looks just as attractive as it does when it is blooming. Its leaves have pretty edges and look thick, green, and waxy. They are just like the leaves of jade plants. 

This succulent blooms during winter. This is the reason why it is sometimes called the Christmas Kalanchoe.  So if you want your home not to look dark and cold during winter, you should strongly consider it.

One important thing to note about this succulent is that while it blooms on its own the first time, it subsequent blooms are usually quite inconsistent. Therefore, to make it gloom some gardeners transfer it to a dark room or storage area to make it bloom. This is usually done in October for about 14 to 15 hours every day for several weeks.

2. Christmas Cactus 

Christmas Cactus 

 The Christmas cactus is a well-known succulent amongst experienced gardeners. It is known as the Christmas cactus because it big and red flowers/ blooms appear during the holiday season. 

The blooms usually look very attractive and can last for many weeks in many species of the Christmas cactus. The best Christmas cactus plants usually have blooms that last between eight and ten weeks. 

Unlike most cacti, this cactus is not native to a desert environment. It comes from a tropical region in Brazil and, therefore, it does well in tropical areas with more humidity and requires more regular watering because it is not adapted to staying thirsty like desert cacti.

Therefore, if you decide to grow this cactus, you are going to need to be ready to water them frequently. Not as frequently as most houseplants but more frequently than you would water a normal cactus. If you do not water this cactus enough, it will not bloom at the right time. The best way to water the Christmas cactus is to do it at least once weekly during the summer and the spring and once every other week during winter and fall. 

Just like the Flaming Katy Kalanchoe, this red-flower succulent can also be kept in the dark for several weeks to trigger blooming. The best conditions for making this cactus bloom are 15 to 16 hours of darkness daily in temperatures between 45 to 60 degrees F. If you keep your plant in these conditions for at least six weeks, it will produce buds.

Once this happens, transfer this cactus to a bright south-facing windowsill and the full sun will do the rest; it will make your cactus blossom into a stunning red succulent.

3. Euphoria Milii

Euphoria Milii

In the last few moments, I stated that the Flaming Katy Kalanchoe is the prettiest red flower succulent in the world! I still stand by this statement. However, in my opinion, if the Flaming Katy Kalanchoe did not exist, this would be the prettiest red flower succulent in the world! 

The Euphoria Milii has got very pretty red flowers. In terms of appearance, the succulent is small and compact and it nice red flowers look like cute buttons on top of its foliage. 

This unique succulent is a native of East Africa and Madagascar to be specific. Therefore, if you are looking for a tropical succulent, you should strongly consider it. Because it is native to a tropical region of Africa, this succulent can only be grown indoors in cold areas. If you are lucky enough to be living somewhere warm in Texas, Florida, New Mexico, Nevada, or Southern California, you can grow this outside as a garden plant.

For this plant to bloom, you need to grow it where it receives maximum sunlight whenever the sun appears. Therefore, put it on the windowsill of your sunniest window for the best and most vibrant red blooms. If your region does not receive bright sunlight often, you should consider grow lights if you want to see this plant blooming vigorously.

4. Barrel Cactus

Barrel Cactus 

Barrel Cactus is probably the best red flower succulent for outdoor growing. So if you have a garden that is in need of bright red flowers, this is what you should go for! 

The Barrel Cactus thrives outdoors in warm regions such as Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Southern California. When outside, this particular cactus blooms very well and its red flowers look great. You can also grow this barrel cactus inside if your home receives good sunlight or if you have indoor grow lights. 

In terms of appearance, this cactus looks cylindrical and like a big globe. You can expect its bright red flowers early every summer from when it matures. 

This cactus does well in soils, which do not get easily waterlogged. Therefore, when getting a planting soil to plant barrel cacti in your garden or your home, you should get well-draining soils. 

While barrel cactus are pretty hardy and can survive tough conditions, they usually need deep weekly watering when the sun is hot both in summer and spring seasons. If there is good regular rainfall in your region, you do not need to water your barrel cactus or cacti frequently. 

In winter, barrel cacti usually go dormant. This makes them capable of surviving winter outdoors. However, you can overwinter them if you want to. 

The best thing about the barrel cactus, in addition to its apparent beauty, is the fact that this cactus can live for decades. If you grow it in your twenties and take good care of it, it will probably outlive you. And it will consistently bloom almost every year.

5. Burro’s Tail

Burro’s Tail 

Burro’s Tail is also a beautiful red flower succulent. It produces red and pink flowers every now and then. This is despite the fact that many people think it does not bloom. 

But while this succulent does bloom, it does so inconsistently. To make it bloom, you need to supply it with plenty of light. Therefore, grow it somewhere outside and unshaded to ensure it gets the light it needs to bloom. If you want to grow it indoors, grow it somewhere where it will receive maximum sunlight for it to bloom.

And even if you get this succulent and it does not actually bloom, you will simply love how it looks. The succulent has a gorgeous appearance with long pale green trailing stems and delicate tendrils. 

The flowers that Burro’s Tail produces usually appear during summer at the end of its stems. 

6. Sempervivum Tectorum

Sempervivum Tectorum 

Also known as Hens & Chicks, Sempervivum tectorum is one of the most attractive succulent plants to grow in the garden. 

The plant is best known for the fact that it is shaped like a rose. 

It is known as Hens & Chicks because the parent rosette produces tiny offsets. The parent rosette is the hen and the rosette offsets are the chicken. 

The name of this rose-like succulent mean live forever in Latin. This is in reference to the fact that it produces plantlets or chicks continuously making it seem as if it lasts forever.

7. Huernia zebrina (Lifesaver Plant)

Huernia zebrina (Lifesaver Plant)

If you want a plant that has both good shape and color, this is it. This plant is native to the Southern tip of Africa and does best in warm and sunny conditions. 

It is known as the lifesaver plant because of its flowers. The flowers look to have a striped corolla and light-colored petals and their center is a glossy and reddish ring known as annulus. 

Unlike most of the succulents I have described so far, this one grows in a creeping manner. The best thing about it is that it is quite low maintenance. You simply need to put it in good potting soil and to grow it outdoors in an unshaded area and it will grow very well.

8. Orchid Cactus

Orchid Cactus 

Orchid cactus has some of the most amazing red flowers you can expect from a succulent. This cactus is also known as Epiphyllum ‘Fantasy Dragon’ and its can grow about 30 cm wide and 20 cm tall.

Orchid cacti often grown with a primary crown of joined petals and secondary outer divided petals. 

It is best grown in a hanging basket outdoors where it can receive good sunlight to look especially vibrant. 

9. Pincushion Cactus

Pincushion Cactus 

This is a very popular succulent that grows very well indoors. It is perfect for office desks because it looks attractive and does not require a lot of office space.

It has the standard cylindrical cactus shape and grows only a few inches tall.

Its flowers are usually pinkish red but they do not appear always.

10. Aloe Arborescens

Aloe Arborescens

This is a close relative of the aloe vera and it is said to have similar healing properties as the aloe vera. It has some of the most attractive red flowers but it is only great for outdoor planting because it grows about 3 feet tall on average. 


The above are the best red flower succulents in my opinion. The Flaming Katy Kalanchoe, in my opinion, is the most attractive red flower succulent in the world.