Troy-Bilt Weedeater Won’t Start

Troy-Bilt Weedeater Won’t Start: Troubleshooting

The Troy-Bilt Weedeater is a powerful American weed trimming tool. It is perfect for trimming weeds season after season because it is a solid machine with a great engine. It is also quite easy to start compared to traditional weed-trimming tools.

The machine works well and it is made to last. It is very easy to start. However, like most machines, it can have off days. In other words, there are days it won’t start. This often happens after many months or years of use. 

In this post, you will learn about the issues that can make this trimmer not to start and how to address them. 

Issues that can make the Troy-Bilt Weedeater not to start and solutions

  1. Dirty parts or systems. If your Troy-Bilt Weedeater has a problem starting, the issue could be that one of its systems is dirty or blocked by dirt. So the very first thing you should do when you have time is to take it apart and clean everything real nice and then put everything back together to the last screw. This is what most repair professionals do when they get machines to repair. So instead of paying a lot of money to get your trimmer fixed, try fixing it yourself by cleaning it thoroughly, inspecting its systems or components, and fixing anything that is broken. 
  2. Lack of fuel or bad fuel. When your Troy-Bilt machine refuses to start, the number one reason is often lack of fuel. All machines need the power to operate and many of them get the power from fuel. So check the fuel tank to see if there is fuel. If there is little or no fuel, get fuel and fill up the tank. 

If there is enough fuel in the tank but the machine cannot start, dump out the fuel if it is old. Fuel is volatile and loses some of its properties after one month. Therefore, if there is old fuel in your Weedeater, dump it out for it could be the reason why your machine is not starting. After dumping out the old fuel, inspect the inside of the tank to see if everything is okay and not blocked. If everything is okay, fill up the tank with new fuel and then start your Weedeater. 

  1. A bad spark plug. A spark plug that is bad or dead will not provide the ignition energy needed. To know if your spark plug is the reason why your Weedeater is not starting, you should take it out carefully to check if its tip is clean. If the tip is dirty or black, you should replace it with an unused spark plug. After replacing the spark plug successfully, you should start your trimmer. If it still won’t start, you should consider taking your trimmer to a professional to check the ignition. Avoid trying to fix the ignition system of your trimmer if you think it has a problem because it is a high voltage part of your trimmer. One way of knowing for sure if your trimmer’s spark plug is the problem before taking it to a professional is to use a spark plug tester. Spark plug testers are available in plenty on Amazon. 
  2. A clogged carburetor. A clogged carburetor might be the reason why your trimmer machine is not starting. Many people leave fuel in their Troy-Bilt trimmer machines for a long time not knowing that this could cause carburetor problems or more serious problems. When fuel is left in a trimmer machine, because it is volatile, some of its components often evaporate leaving behind a thick and viscous liquid. When this happens in the carburetor, the thick liquid can block or clog the carburetor preventing a trimmer’s engine from starting. So if you should never leave fuel inside your trimmer’s fuel tank or carburetor. If after examining your trimmer’s carburetor you believe it is clogged, you should clean it using a carburetor cleaner. If this does not work, you should rebuild it or replace it. 
  3. A defective recoil starter. Your trimmer’s recoil starter is the thing that turns the crankshaft to start its engine. If it is not working, then there is no way your trimmer’s engine will start. If you believe your recoil starter is the problem, you should remove it and inspect it to see if anything is broken and if it is working as it should. When you pull its rope, it should turn the crankshaft and cause the engine to turn. And when you let go of the rope, the recoil starter should pull back the rope. So if the recoil start is not working correctly, you should make sure it does for your trimmer to start.
  4. A stuck or broken starter pulley. There is a pulley in your recoil starter. When it is stuck or broken, it will not recoil your trimmer’s starter rope. Because of this, it will not start your engine. If your starter pulley is stuck, you should unstuck it. If it is broken, you should replace it.
  5. A broken rewind spring. This is one of the most common reasons behind non-starting Troy-Bilt engines. When you pull a starter rope and then release it, the rewind spring is what recoils it. If the spring does not work, it will not recoil the rope on its pulley because of this, it will prevent your trimmer’s engine from starting. If you find that the rewind spring is broken, replace it. Rewind springs are sold individually and as part of a complete recoil starter assembly. So if you want to purchase a rewind spring only, you can do so especially online.
  6. A clogged fuel filter. A clogged fuel filter could just be the reason why your trimmer is not starting. Whenever you find your trimmer’s fuel filter clogged, the most likely reason is that you left fuel in your Troy-Bilt and its volatile parts escaped leaving behind a thick substance that clogged your filter. If you left fuel in your trimmer for more than 30 days, you should just assume the filter is clogged and you should get a replacement. But before replacing the fuel filter, you should drain the old fuel and flush the tank with clean fuel.
  7. A clogged spark arrestor. In your trimmer, a spark arrestor is a screen which prevents your trimmer’s engine from releasing sparks. After several months or years of use, the arrestor automatically accumulates a lot of soot that clogs it. When it becomes clogged, your trimmer’s engine will most likely not start. The good news is that it is very easy to unclog a spark arrestor. You simply need to scrape it with a wire brush to remove the soot. If you have a spare spark arrestor, you should not even bother cleaning the clogged one. Simply replace it. 
  8. A clogged air filter. Your trimmer’s air filter can be clogged and this can prevent its engine from starting because it can limit the air getting to the engine. If your air filter is not working, you should buy a replacement and replace it. If you suspect there is air leaking into your trimmer’s engine, you should take your trimmer to a professional and let them have a look at it.

The final word

If your trimmer is not working, one of the issues above could be the reason why. If your trimmer won’t start even after trying to repair it, you should take it to a professional to avoid making a bad situation worse. If you are not confident with your DIY or repair skills, you should also forget trying to fix your broken trimmer or to replace a part of it. Contact a professional.