What Is The Difference Between A Porch And A Deck?

What is the difference between a porch and a deck? A porch is simply a covered shelter that projects in front of a building. It can be screened or unscreened. It is also called a veranda. While a deck is a flat surface similar to a floor but constructed outdoors. Decks are usually elevated.

What is the difference between a porch and a deck?

Porches and decks somewhat look the same. However, they are quite different if you look closely enough. A porch by definition is the covered area (roofed area) that projects over the front door of a house. Its purpose is to provide anybody coming in with a shelter as they open the door or wait for someone inside to open the door.

In contrast, a deck is a flat floor-like surface that is constructed outside and usually elevated (not on the ground level). The purpose of a deck is often to enhance the outdoor living area.

Key differences between porches and decks


Porches are located in the front of the building. They are part of the entryway. When you look at your home closely, it probably has a porch. It is the built area in front of your front door.

The area typically has steps below and a roof on top. In some places, the porch is screened. You should consider screening your porch if you want to sit outside and enjoy street views or the evening breeze in a protected area.

Unlike porches, decks are usually located at the back of the building. By definition, a deck is an outdoor extension of a living space. It is typically used for outdoor recreational activities such as relaxing, entertaining, sunbathing, and grilling.

A deck area can include a pool, a hot tub, a patio, and/ or an outdoor kitchen. Because not everybody needs a deck, most homes do not have a deck. In contrast, most homes have a porch.


Porches and decks are somewhat the same in terms of construction. The biggest difference between porches and decks when it comes to construction is that porches are a bit difficult to construct compared to decks.

This is because the construction of porches also involves the construction of a roof and a bit of an enclosure.

To construct a porch, one needs to first construct the roof overhang and then they need to construct the floor or steps beneath it before adding a partial enclosure.

In contrast, to construct a deck, one simply needs to construct the floor only. Decks are not always enclosed and do not have a roof.

In short, in terms of installation, it is more complicated to install a porch than to install a deck. It is also more costly.


The material most commonly used to build decks is pine. It is also the material most commonly used to build porches. The price of pine per square foot is about $8. Other materials such as exotic hardwoods cost more per square foot.

The labor cost per square foot is between $15 to $40 per square foot. Therefore, the cost of building a square foot of a deck is between $23 and $48 per square foot.

Because of this, a standard deck measuring 16’ by 20’ (320 square feet) will cost between $7360 and $15360.

To build a porch, you will have to factor in the above price for the bottom side of the porch and you will also have to calculate the cost of roofing materials and the cost of installation.

In other words, you will have to pay much more to get a standard deck than to get a standard porch.


In terms of security, porches are less secure for children compared to decks. This is because porches tend to be facing the street. Therefore, it is not advisable to leave your child or pet on your porch because they could go down to the street.. This, as we all know, is pretty dangerous.

In contrast, decks tend to be at the back of the house. Therefore, leaving your child or pet on your deck tends to be less dangerous than leaving them on your porch.

While decks are generally less dangerous than porches because of their location, some decks are more dangerous than porches. For example, a deck with a pool or an open fireplace can be more dangerous for a child than a standard porch.


Porches require less maintenance compared to decks. This is because they are covered and, therefore, not exposed to the elements. Decks in contrast are constantly exposed to the rain, snow, wind, and so on. Therefore, they need more maintenance.

In terms of maintenance frequency, wood decks require more frequent maintenance compared to composite decks.  Wood porches also require more maintenance than composite porches. In fact, because composite porches are not exposed to weather elements, they tend not to require very little maintenance over the years.


A porch and a deck look somewhat the same but they are different. A porch is part of the entryway to many homes and has a roof over it. In contrast, a deck is an outdoor floor extension usually at the back of the house.

The purpose of a porch is to provide a place where you can stand when opening your front door or wait for someone to open the door for you. The purpose of a deck is to serve as an entertainment area for relaxation, barbequing, and so on.

What’s the difference between a porch and a deck? – FAQ

Are a deck and a porch the same thing?

A porch is generally a covered area attached to the entry of a building. Porches have open sides that allow easy transition between indoors and outdoor spaces. Sylvia James from Home How, a U.K.-based interior designer, says that a porch can be more than just a front door.

What is considered to be a porch?

Although it has the same purpose as a deck it is also useful in building. Unlike a deck, a porch may require a roof. A deck is usually attached to a home, but can also be free-standing that is open on all sides.

Is a porch considered a deck?

VERANDA. Veranda means porch in Portuguese. It’s an open-air, covered gallery or porch. Verandas are often partially enclosed by railings and extend across the sides and front of the structure.

What is an “inside porch”?

A back porch

It is almost the opposite of a front porch. It is located behind the house, and connects to the back door. It is usually open, has a roof, and can be quite large depending on the house. You have privacy with a back porch.

Can a porch go in the back of a house?

Patios are generally less expensive to build than decks.

Patios can be made of stamped concrete, stone or other affordable materials than decks and wood. Patios require less maintenance and labor, which can help lower costs.

What is the difference between a patio or a deck?

Nouns delineate the differences between deck and balcony.

A balcony is an accessible structure that extends from a building, especially outside of a window. A deck is any flat surface that is walkable: a porch, a porch, a raised patio or a rooftop.

What is the difference between a deck and a balcony?

Screened Porch – we much prefer this term. This is a Porch with screened walls. This is not considered a porch. Deck – wooden structure (could be wood framing with composite decking) without a roof. Patio – masonry structure without a roof.

What are the different types?

You can use wood or timber decking in many ways. As part of your garden landscaping, as a way to increase the living area of your house, or as an alternative for stone-based features, such as patios. Decks can be made of treated lumber, composite lumber or composite material.

What is a porch that doesn’t have a roof?

Your living space is increased by a deck Form and function are two words. Many homeowners use decks as places to plant herb or container gardens, to enhance the dinner table while adding natural beauty to the outdoor décor. With today’s materials and deck designs, it is much easier to build a deck.

What is the purpose a deck serves?

Porches are designed to protect homes from dirt and extreme weather conditions. Sometimes they are partially covered. In the case of a 2-story house, the second-floor overhang can act as the roof or covering. A porch extending from front to side of the house is called a “wrap around” porch.

Why do people have decks?

Sunrooms, also called “Florida room”, a “garden conservatory”, “garden area”, “patio space”, “garden room”, or “winter room”), are rooms that allow plenty of sunlight and offer views of the surrounding landscape.

What is a second-story deck?

Farmers Porch: The farmer’s porch, also known as an open porch, is a traditional style for old New England homes. These open-air porches can be extended along the front or sides of your home. These porches are easily identified by the strong beams supporting them.

What does a glassed in porch mean?

The patio cover is the roof above a deck. This roof provides shade from the sun and rain. It can be either a solid or an open roof. Pergola can also be called patio or deck roofs. This roof is often open, and supports columns or posts.

What is a farmer’s porch?

A “deck house” typically refers to a type of affordable mid-century homes found clustered throughout the country built using panelized prefabricated components in a post and beam construction. This allows for huge expanses or glass and an open floor plan.

What is a roof on a deck called?

A patio looks like a deck. However, it is usually made of concrete or stones and can be located close to the house. A balcony extends from a building’s upper floors. In a pinch, a large wooden porch might be called “a deck”, but it is not a patio, porch, or gallery.

What are deck homes?

Lanai is a term used frequently in Hawaii to refer to a particular type of porch. It is used most often to describe an enclosed porch with either a concrete or stone floor. Lanais can be distinguished from sunrooms by having concrete floors. They are usually located on the ground near the home. – Angie’s List.

What is a “balcony” in the USA?

A patio and a deck both have a high resale price. However, patios are usually less expensive to put in and their resale value sits at 100%—which is slightly higher than the 76% resale value of a deck.

What is a Lanai in a House?

Untreated wood decks can last between 10 and 30 years. Decks made from composite and treated wood can last 50 years. Many composite decks come with a 20-year warranty – and often a lifetime guarantee.

A patio or deck can add more value to your home.

One good reason to invest in a deck is that it increases the value of your home. According to Home Remodeling magazine, composite decks are able to return 74% of the original cost, while wood decks only return 87%.

How long can a deck last?

They can be slightly raised and made from any type of material, although they are most commonly the same as your house. It is important to cover a verandah. A deck is an excellent place to enjoy a beautiful view. Decks require railings, and are elevated above the ground.

Can a deck increase the value of a home?

Verandas, also known as verandahs, are roofed platforms that surround the house. They act as a ground floor balcony and provide access to the front and back doors of the house. Although it is generally open, verandas can be enclosed by a railing fence.

What is a covered porch?

A portico is a covered porch leading to the front of a house.

What is the name of the front porch on a house?

A porch should be at least 6 feet in depth to provide comfortable seating. You need at least 10 feet to place a table outdoors. Width will vary depending on the house. A porch can partially cover the front, but mainly serves as shelter for the front door.

What is the ideal depth for a porch front?

Stoop, meaning “a small porch”, is derived from Dutch stoep.

What is the difference between a porch and a stoop, you ask?

Decks let you feel elevated from the ground, sitting on an outdoor extension to our kitchen, den or master suite. Decking materials, whether wood or wooden in appearance, can add that feeling of extension.

What is the name of the porch’s top?

Thanks to the old projectors, we call them acetate cards. You used to stack the slides as a deck of cards when you had only those large projectors. It might be helpful to see your slides as a deck of cards.

Why do people love decks?

Railings and other amenities can be added to an uncovered porch. The porch can be left open, without a roof, to allow for more sunshine. A small porch may also be covered with a tiny roof, but only if it’s a side porch.

What is the definition of a deck?

A concrete patio is generally cheaper than a deck. A concrete patio will generally be cheaper than a deck depending on the layout of your yard. However, a wood deck will likely have a higher return on your investment than a concrete patio.

Can a porch be exposed?

A series of slides that are used to aid in a presentation. Also known as a deck, A slide deck can be used to organize your talk and is an important step in preparing for a presentation.

Which patio or deck is cheaper?

Balconies are at street level. There is no exit from the balcony except to go back into your condo or home. A balcony can be found above the second floor, while a porch can be found on the ground floor. Most though not all porches are ground level on the front of the house or a “wrap around” porch from front to side.