When is Kiwi Season?

Kiwifruit, also commonly known as kiwi or Chinese gooseberry, is a fruit which is native to China, but got its name from New Zealanders. They are healthy and very dense in nutrients, on top of being delicious!

Many who crave this delicious fruit wonder what time of the year that it grows. Generally, the fruit will become ripe in the late autumn, and will be available for consumption in November.

There are other types of kiwi which are available earlier, though. If you are interested in learning about the kiwi and when it is in season, go ahead and keep on reading.

Learning About The Kiwifruit


Information About Kiwis

As we went over in the introduction, kiwi actually originates from China and is known as the Chinese gooseberry. In its native country, it usually grows in the wild.

The fruit itself is very healthy, as it is packed with healthy nutrients while staying very low in calorie count.

Kiwis get their name thanks to the New Zealanders naming it after the national bird of their country. Back in the year 1904, a teacher brought the fruit back to New Zealand after a trip to China, and the New Zealanders deemed the fruit the kiwi.

It got its name because of its resemblance to their natural bird. The fuzzy plumage of the bird looked very much akin to the brown surface of the fruit, and the round shape made it look much like the bird.

The fruit itself actually grows on a vine, much like a grape or other berry. This vine can reach up to 33 feet in its length, making it quite long.

It is a very popular fruit due to how healthy it is, and it can be consumed in a variety of different ways. Some of the most popular ways of enjoying kiwis is by eating them raw or juicing them and drinking the juice.

When Is Kiwi Season?

When Is Kiwi Season?

Most types of kiwifruit enjoy sub-tropical environments, but there are certain breeds of the fruit which can grow in quite cold environs.

In general, kiwis will ripen in the late fall. This means that they are available for consumption right around November through to January.

Keeping the fruit in cold storage will extend its shelf life, and mean that you can enjoy the fruit into the spring.

For other types of kiwis which can grow in colder climates, you may see that they will be ready for purchase and consumption as early in the year as July.

If you notice that kiwi is available almost year-round or in the summer months, then the chances are that the fruit was imported into the country from a tropical environment.

In tropical areas, the fruit can be grown almost year-round, seeing as it enjoys a bit warmer climate.

The fruit actually has quite a long growing season when compared to other fruits. It takes up to 240 days in the year just to grow the fruit and get it ripe enough to be ready for consumption.

In general, kiwi season will range from the spring into the fall of the year due to where suppliers are located and how often they are able to provide shipments of the fruit.

How Is Kiwifruit Grown?

How Is Kiwifruit Grown

The fruit is not actually that difficult to cultivate, but it does take quite a bit of time, space, and most especially water!

Due to how large the vines of the plant are, you will need to water it quite a bit in order to keep it healthy and alive. If the vines are not sufficiently watered, then the plant will not be able to produce good fruit.

Aside from this, kiwi also requires sufficient support for its very heavy vines. Because of how large the vines can get; you will need to have quite a bit of space in order to give your kiwi room to grow and thrive.

Lastly, while the plant is in its dormant season, regular pruning is required in order to keep the kiwi plant healthy and ready for the next harvest.

Lots of sunshine for the plant, sufficient water either through rain or watering, and healthy fertile soil are musts when trying to grow and cultivate kiwifruits.


Kiwi, or kiwifruits, are very delicious and healthy fruits. They are a great choice as a snack or drink for anyone who is craving a refreshing splash of flavor which is also beneficial for the body.

Typically, kiwi season will be right around the spring until late fall, though you may be able to find kiwi in grocery stores or farmers markets if they are of a different type or if they are being imported from a tropical country.

Keep an eye out for kiwi from around September until the end of November, as these are the months which you are most likely to find some kiwi in your local grocery stores since the fruit is grown in California.

For imported kiwis, expect to find them in stores right around May until the end of August. These tend to be imported from New Zealand and are of good quality.