When to Use Revive on Your Lawn in Colorado

When to Use Revive on Your Lawn in Colorado?

Every Colorado homeowner craves to have a luscious lawn that is healthy and green, though most struggle to attain this due to the nature of the soil present in the State, as well as other factors.

As with most other places around the United States, you can use the first application of Revive on your lawn is when the grass has begun to come out of its winter dormancy phase. After this, you can apply to Revive during the summer months as the grass starts to turn green and grow once more.

Interested in learning more about when to use Revive and the potential benefits that it poses to your lawn? Then keep on reading.

Reviving Your Lawn

What is Revive?

For those who are unaware, Revive is one of the best products that you can give to your lawn. It revitalizes and rejuvenates lawns that are suffering from certain conditions, while also helping to allow water to penetrate deep into the soil.

The product comes in both granular forms as well as a liquid form. The granular product is water-activated, meaning that it will begin its work the next time it rains. The liquid form, while more expensive and harder to apply evenly, will give you results immediately.

Revive is a soil treatment that is entirely organic-based and made from all-natural products. With a combination of soil wetting agents, iron, and the inclusion of totally natural and eco-friendly organic lignosulfonates (which are essentially byproducts of wood pulp), Revive works to literally revive your lawn!

When Should I Use Revive on My Lawn?

Using Revive on your Colorado lawn at the right time will ensure that it gets the most out of the product. For starters, you do not want to apply to Revive any time that the weather is cold or the grass is dormant or dying.

The best time for you to use Revive on your Colorado lawn would be to wait until winter is over and the grass begins to come out of dormancy. Once you notice that the brown, dried grass is beginning to turn green again you can begin the application, though it is recommended you wait a while longer.

Waiting until the summer when the weather is the warmest will bring forth the best results. Two applications during this period of time will help to make your grass thicker, greener, and healthier overall.

So, to get the best results, apply to Revive once in the spring when the grass begins to come out of dormancy and turn green again. And then apply two coats at different times during the summer months when the weather is warmer.

This should help your grass to thrive and reach its full potential. Taking care of your grass in the meantime as you usually would ensure that your grass gets that beautiful, deep green, and flourishing look that all homeowners crave. 

Should You Use Revive Granules or Liquid?

Because there are two different application methods available for Revive, granules and a liquid version, individuals may wonder which one is better for them.

As stated earlier, granules will activate after it rains. This method is better if you want a more even spread of the product throughout your lawn with minimal effort. The only downside to using granules is the fact that you will need to wait before seeing the effects of Revive.

The biggest upside is that you get a more even spread of the product throughout your lawn. Since it is easy to evenly spread the granules and make sure every area needed is covered in the formula you will not have to worry about brown patches once the product activates. 

It is also substantially cheaper than liquid formulation.

The liquid version of Revive will render results almost immediately, and you will be able to enjoy a green and beautiful lawn much faster than you would with the granule version. Though it is quite a bit more expensive than the granule version and comes in smaller amounts.

Those who can afford the liquid version will still want to be aware that it is quite a bit harder to apply evenly throughout your lawn. Brown patches that did not get treated are much more common when using the liquid version.

In the end, it is up to you which you prefer to use. Both are fantastic products and will benefit your lawn in the best way.

The Benefits of Using Revive on Your Yard

Revive as a product brings with it a myriad of benefits that are sure to please anyone who cares for their yard. With a few easy steps for application, you can begin to experience the benefits posed by Revive for yourself.

By allowing water to penetrate down into the soil of even the most hard-to-wet variants and even getting through tough thatch and mat, Revive works to heal your yard.

Aside from these benefits, the product helps to save you water by solving issues that are associated with soil that is hard, dry, and compact, while the iron included in the formula works to thicken your turf and turn the grass a luscious and appealing dark green.

Other benefits that Revive bring to the table include reducing the runoff of water on areas that are sloped as well as reducing the evaporation of water from the soil. It also facilitates the movement of fertilizer down deep into the roots of the grass and provides the roots with supplemental iron all the way through.

It also works hard to do away with dry brown patches of grass entirely and turn them back to a beautiful and appealing luscious green color.

As we mentioned earlier, Revive also helps to cut down on water costs. The way it does this is by getting the soil wet down deeper than simple watering can do. This lets your yard keep more water within the soil between irrigations. 

So, during times of drought or severe heat, or when watering restrictions are imposed in your area, your grass will still be able to thrive and look substantially better than a lawn that does not use Revive.


Revive brings many benefits with it for your Colorado lawn, and in an area of the United States that has notoriously hard-to-wet soil, it is a godsend that there is a product like this that can facilitate growth and water absorption for your grass.

Knowing when to use Revive on your lawn is very important, as applying it at the wrong time can lead to wasted money, time, and effort. Next time you plan on applying Revive onto your lawn, make sure to use it at the right time in order to get the very best results possible.