Where Can I Get Lawn Mower Blades Sharpened

Where Can I Get Lawn Mower Blades Sharpened?

Sharpening your lawn mower’s blade is a necessity, and you can do this by taking it to a lawn mower repair shop, a large or small hardware store.

Ever since the creation of the first lawn mower, fathers worldwide have been waking up on Saturday mornings at 8 a.m to engage in one of the most male pastimes. They grab a cup of coffee and head to the garage, where they rev up their loud grass-slicing machine and beautify their lawn. It is almost like a ritual to them, and many people can’t remember how the grass cutting happened before the invention of the lawn mower. 

But this excellent lawn maintenance device does break down from time to time, and its blades do dull from use. So, like any other appliance, you must repair the lawnmower, and have the blades sharpened. But where in the world would you get the blades sharpened in the first place? Also, what signs should you look for to know if it is time to sharpen them?

Signs that the blades of your lawn mower need sharpening

There are a few signs that you must learn to know when you should take in your lawn mower blades. By learning these signs by heart, you will quickly identify when the blades are beginning to dull and are no longer as effective as they once were. If you do not know the signs, you will not notice the blades becoming dull, which means that it will take a long time for you to see that they need to be sharpened and clean. If you wait too long, the blades could break down and develop permanent damage. Then you’ll have to purchase a brand new set of lawn mower blades, which will cost you more money.

  • The blade no longer feels sharp, and you have to go over the same spot of grass several times in order to get a clean cut
  • After mowing the lawn, the grass is not a uniform height. 
  • By looking closely at the blades, you can see there are small nicks or dents. what else matters
  • If you rent a piece of paper over the blade, you have to use pressure for the blade to cut it.


No matter your blades’ quality, eventually, the metal will lose its integrity and cannot be sharpened anymore. At that point, you have to purchase a new set of blades. Depending on the blades’ quality and how well you care for them, a lawn mower’s blades can last from one to two years. If you place a sticker on your lawn mower with the lawn mower blades’ date of purchase written on it, you’ll know if it is time to replace the blades.

Places To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

There are two places where you can take your lawn mower to get sharpened. Both places will have their own level of service and prices. Their prices and fees will vary greatly, and certain places may be cash only. 

Big and Small Hardware Stores

You are more likely to find lawn mower blade sharpening services at a large big box hardware store than at a small mom and pop shop. But expect chain hardware stores to have much more expensive services. If there is a small hardware store in your neighborhood with a good reputation, choose that store first. Some small hardware stores cannot compete with a big box store in terms of equipment and stock, but they can easily rival them in knowledge and expertise. 

Small lawn mower repair shop

If you live in the suburbs where many people mow their lawns themselves or even hire others to mow their lawn for them, there is a high chance that you live near a lawn mower repair shop. These small shops are the best place to repair your lawn mower blades as well as have your lawn mower checked. 

Since this type of place specializes in lawn mowers, they can help you with any number of specialized issues. When you take your lawnmower into the lawn mower repair shop, ask them to conduct general maintenance while sharpening the blades. 

When you visit a lawn mower repair shop, the prices will be higher than if you went to a large hardware store or small hardware store. But this is the best place to hate your machine, as everything they know is pertaining to lawn mowers. And since they are a specialist shop, they’re much less likely to have a lot of traffic and more people for you to wait behind.

How To Prevent Blades From Dulling Too Quickly

With the correct maintenance, you can extend the length of time between visits for blade sharpening. Unless there is an issue with rocks or a rope or vine tangled around the blades, it should not take very long to do these extra steps. But do not skip out on safety in order to cut down on time. Always turn off your lawn mower before maintenance.

  • If the grass is wet, dry off the blades when finished mowing
  • Don’t store the lawnmower in a damp area. 
  • If you don’t need the lawnmower for the winter, take off the blades and store them in a dry area. 


Before you head over to the place of your choice, take the time to call ahead and request the price of their blade sharpening services. Some people do not like to talk on the phone, but calling ahead is a great way to save time and gas money rather than driving over to the store and discovering that the prices are too high. If you reside in an area with multiple places that can sharpen lawn mower blades, call around and get a quote from every store. 

Also, check each store’s reviews on Yelp or on Google business and see any reviews about lawn mower blade sharpening. However, there might not be any reviews, so don’t search too long.