Where To Buy Bulk Grass Seeds

Where To Buy Bulk Grass Seeds?

One of the smartest ways of establishing a smart lawn is by the use of grass seed. However, not all grass seeds are created equal; their qualities are different. Different seeds have differing levels of filler species, inert matter, and are of different varieties.

Perhaps you’ve been wondering where high-end property managers or even golf course managers get their lawn seed. You’ve been asking yourself where they get their bulk grass seed. Well, wonder no more! Below are a few sellers to consider when looking to purchase bulk grass seed.

Best Places to Buy Bulk Grass Seeds

Turf Merchants, Inc

Turf Merchants, Inc (TMI) is one of the top wholesale distributors of grass seed in the United States. Their main customers include property owners, landscapers, sports field managers, and golf course superintendents, among others. Their commitment is to their customers to select and refine a top-quality grower base for grass seed.  

TMI cultivates and harvests one of the best grass seeds in the Pacific Northwest every year. And given that 60 percent of the world’s grass seed supply is cultivated in Oregon, the state is now a natural assembly place for several cool-season grasses that get processed then shipped all over the U.S., Canada, as well as other countries.  

To guarantee the integrity of their shipment, TMI expertly palletizes and shrink-wraps them.  Most of their seed shipment are normally combinations of Perennial Ryegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Fine Fescue, Creeping Bentgrass, and Tall Fescue. In addition, they also have a few warm-season kinds of grass like Zoysia and Bermuda, which are made available upon client request.

Dunteman Turf Farms, LLC

Dunteman Turf Farms is a top bulk grass seed supplier that proudly services Illinois and its surrounding areas including Geneva, Naperville, Yorkville, Elgin, Batavia, DeKalb, St. Charles, and Aurora. They offer a wide variety of grass seeds at competitive prices. One of their goals is to ensure that their clients can easily find a different option within their budget.

Thanks to several decades of operation, the company has amassed vast expertise in this particular field. The resultant turfs from their grass seeds have constantly been highly ranked. And armed with a great understanding of pertinent soil properties, their clients can rest assured of getting excellently performing seeds. 

They have a solid reputation for producing some of the highest quality seeds. On top of numerous positive customer reviews, the company holds great standings across numerous credible websites. This is clear proof that their past customers have been satisfied with their products.

Dunteman Turf Farms also aim to provide their clients with timely and quality services. They strive to ensure that all their grass seeds are delivered within 24 hours upon client request. In addition, their delivery fees are pocket friendly as well.

Newsom Seed Warehouse

Newsom Seed is an expert supplier of bulk grass seed, grass fertilizers, as well as pesticides in New York. With a huge collection of seed mixtures including perennial ryegrass, Bermuda grass, and bent grass, you can rest assured of finding something that matches your needs.

Nonetheless, even with their huge collection of grass seeds, they are aware of the fact that most of their wholesale clients need their own evaluation. That said, they custom grass seed blends as well as fertilizer that satisfy the individual requirements of their clients.

Their Maryland bulk grass seeds are produced using quality pieces of equipment, which are used in cleaning and mixing the various components of the seed. They are, in fact, one of the biggest seed blending companies situated on the East Coast.

Apart from wholesale grass seed, they also have an entire line of Maryland fertilizer and pesticides. And just like their grass seed mixtures, their fertilizers can also be custom blended to match client requirements. 

Hancock Seed Company

With 40 years of experience, Hancock Seed Company is highly committed to producing the best grass seed for its customers. They grow and harvest most of their products, and what they are not capable of growing is purchased from other reputable seed suppliers and family farmers.

Their prices are known to be some of the best on the market today. They work with different family farmers that are spread all over the U.S. thus eliminating the need for any seed brokers. They process, package, then ship all of their seed products directly from the family farm. Eliminating brokers and middlemen allows them to offer their low prices.

The company prioritizes the production of quality grass seed. They have a family name to protect and a reputation to maintain. All of their seeds are tested twice yearly to make sure that they possess the complete germination potential they promise to their clients. Seeds obtained from other family farms get inspected on-site.

Different from most of their competitors, they only sell grass seed that was collected in their last harvest.

Nature’s Seed

Apart from their production fields, Nature’s Seed uses a broad network of reputable and trustworthy wild-land seed growers and collectors developed over several years of experience. 

For their turf grass seed, they only stock those varieties that are top-ranked by NTEP (National Turfgrass Evaluation Program). These particular varieties are bred mainly for their top generic characteristics like drought tolerance, density, color, pest resistance, and disease resistance.

After obtaining or harvesting the best grass seeds, they get submitted to thorough quality control including purity, custom cleaning, as well as viability testing that gets conducted by other independent seed labs. 

Unlike most grass seed companies, Nature’s Seed sells their grass seed in pure live seed (PLS). What this means is that you get the exact quantity of viable grass seeds that you request for.

American Seed Company

This is a full-line seed company that specialized in quality seeds. They supply landscapers, golf courses, homeowners, and farmers with all their grass seed and other related items. Having been in operation for more than 25 years, it is no doubt that they are experts in the field.

One of their goals is to produce high-quality seeds at the best possible prices. All of their grass seeds are subjected to thorough tests for germination and vitality, and each package is marked with the test results. The company ensures that most of their orders get shipped within the same day of request.

Factors to consider when buying grass seed

Below are a few things to consider when purchasing grass seed:


Cheap grass seeds result in poor lawns and yards. Grass seeds that create better and more attractive lawns are always more costly. This is primarily because these grasses have reduced seed production capacity compared to lower quality grasses. Note that low seed yield leads to increased prices for customers.


There are often a few kinds of grass that get mixed in lawn mixtures mainly because of their considerably low cost. A few common ones that you should watch out for include ‘Nui’ perennial ryegrass, ‘Linn’ perennial ryegrass, ‘common creeper’, Italian ryegrass, and annual ryegrass. These grasses result in the formation of a poor turf and should thus be avoided at all costs.

The purity of the bag of seeds

When purchasing bulk grass seed, the bag of seed contains a lot more than the grass seeds. Also contained in the bag are inert material (dust and chaff), seed seeds, other crop seeds, and seeds that will not germinate. 

In addition, a number of companies mix their grass seed with lots of establishment and germination aids. In as much as these additives are helpful during establishment, when present, they leave minimal room for the actual seeds.

Species of grass

This is one of the most important considerations. Some grass species do thrive in the sun, others in shade, and others do well in both conditions. Different grasses also have different nutrient requirements; some need little amounts of nitrogen while others need higher amounts.


To get superb results from your landscaping project, you’ll need high-quality grass seeds. Such seeds can only be gotten from reputable suppliers. When searching for wholesale grass seed suppliers, it is important to compare a few before settling on one. With the numerous bulk grass seed suppliers available today, you’ll need to do your homework to ensure that you are settling for the best.

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