Will Lawn Seed Grow In Compost

Will Lawn Seed Grow In Compost?

Answer: Yes, it will. You just need a bit of patience to make it happen. 

Compost can help you accelerate the growth of lawn seeds. It can help in the development of a thick and well-spread lawn within a few short months. You should compost when planting lawn seeds and almost every month after planting them. The use of compost usually helps to insulate and protect lawn seeds resulting in healthy and thick grass down the line. 

If you have a large farm or garden, you can make compost at home. However, you really do not need to. This is because many gardening stores usually sell compost at very affordable prices. Compost is also sold online by sellers on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms. 

What Amount Of Compost Is Okay for Lawns?

You need dozens of pounds of compost to cover your entire lawn. This is especially true if your lawn is massive. However, even if your lawn is not massive, you need to spread between 0.5 and 1 inch of compost on your entire lawn. This means that even if your lawn is average-sized, you will need a good quantity of compost to cover every square foot of it. 

Spreading between 0.5 and 1 inch of compost on your entire lawn and then spreading a good lawn seed variety evenly on your lawn, will almost guarantee you a healthy and beautiful green lawn. This is because compost is an amazing medium for planting lawn seeds and promoting their growth. It is also because compost protects lawn seed and, therefore, ensures a healthy lawn in the long term. 

What Gardening Compost is the Best?

There is no single gardening compost product that is ideal for planting and growing all types of lawn seeds in every location. Moreover, while there are some famous gardening compost products available on the market on sites such as Amazon, it is always advisable to purchase compost from your local gardening store. 

Because purchasing compost from your local gardening store means that you will get relatively fresh and healthy compost. It also means that you can ask all the questions you need to ask and get answers immediately. Moreover, most local gardening shops have got experts who can tell what lawn seed variety does best in your region in addition to recommending the best compost mix for it. 

What is the Best Time to Plant Lawn Seeds?

The best time for planting lawn seeds with compost is in fall or spring. The reason why planting grass seeds in fall or spring is recommended is that the two seasons provide conducive cool weather plus natural rain. In other words, it is because the seasons give grass seeds the ideal conditions for germinating, growing, and thriving. 

Planting grass seeds in fall or spring is especially recommended in the northwest, the Midwest, and the northeast of the United States. It is also recommended in middle states like Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, Minnesota, and Texas. 

How Do You Prepare Land For Compost and Lawn Seeds?

Before adding compost and grass seeds to your lawn, you need to till your lawn thoroughly. Therefore, you should get a good tiller (if you do not have one already) and use it to loosen about 5 inches of soil on your entire lawn). The purpose of doing this is to enable the mixing of the compost and the regular soil. It is also to ensure the grass seed roots can grow deep into the soil and spread easily underneath the soil to produce more grass and a thicker lawn. 

After tilling the topsoil, you should even spread the compost on top of the tilled lawn. Aim to ensure the layer of compost is just about 1 inch thick on the entire lawn. This can be difficult to do for most people. If it is difficult for you, you should get a cheap compost spreader on a platform like Amazon. Compost spreaders are designed to conveniently spread compost evenly.

After spreading the compost, you simply have to add lawn seeds. You should do it carefully and evenly to make sure the entire lawn is covered. If you have never layered or spread lawn seeds before, you should get an automatic handheld grass seed spreader. It will make your work very easy. 

After adding grass seeds to your entire lawn, all you need to do is to spray your entire lawn deeply but gently and then wait. You will soon have an enviable lawn on your property.

Is Charlie’s Compost Good for Planting and Growing Lawn Seeds?

Yes, it is. It is one of the few compost products available on Amazon, and it is one of the best to use to plant and grow lawn seeds. The product has an average rating of 4.6/5 and it has been rated by hundreds of people. This rating plus the fact that it has the Amazon’s Choice label shows just how good it is. It also tells you the kind of results you can expect from it. 

The compost is made of these key ingredients: hay, clay, cornstalks, forest products, straw, chicken manure, and microbe inoculates. It is totally organic and perfect even for growing fruits and vegetables. 

Many people use Charlie’s compost for growing vegetables and they really like the results. Many also use it for gardening and they like the results too. Because Charlie’s compost is good for top spreading tilled lawns and for growing vegetables, many people purchasing it for their lawns usually end up using a portion of it to start a mini vegetable garden in their backyards. 

The only issue with Charlie’s Compost is that it is a bit expensive. However, please note that it is difficult to find a high-quality compost product like Charlie’s that is not expensive. 


Lawn seeds can definitely grow in compost. They thrive in compost because it gives them the protection and the nutrients they need to germinate, grow, and spread. A lawn that is well-made using compost will always be thicker, healthier, greener, and more resilient than one built without.