Will Vinegar Clean Mortar off Bricks?

Will Vinegar Clean Mortar off Bricks?

Aren’t you tired of using different methods to clean mortar off bricks? Did your efforts go in vain?

I would take over your worries and provide you a viable solution. And you don’t have to spend much money. Spending a few dollars would do the trick. How?

Have you ever tried vinegar? Will vinegar clean mortar off bricks? I will tell you how the vinegar works in cleaning mortar.

Let’s get started.

Vinegar as a Cleaning Tool

Vinegar is a solution typically made of water and acetic acid. You can widely use it for many purposes like food preparation, beverages, medicines, cleaning, etc. 

The percentage of water and acetic acid varies depending upon the purpose you are using vinegar for. 

Vinegar is a natural and easy solution for cleaning many things in your home. 

The vinegar for cleaning purposes contains six percent of acetic acid. In contrast, vinegar for consumption has five percent of acetic acid. 

You must be thinking how merely one percent of acetic acid would make a difference. Let me tell you that the addition of one percent would make the vinegar 20 percent stronger and effective.

You can clean many household items using cleaning vinegar, including toilets, stainless steel dishwasher front, windows, mirrors, glass shower doors, etc. 

Also, you can get rid of stains like mold and mildew – all you should know is how to use vinegar for cleaning purposes.

There’s another form of vinegar that is used for industrial purposes. It contains 20% percent of acetic acid. You can’t use industrial vinegar for household cleaning products.

And you are prohibited from consuming not only cleaning vinegar but also industrial vinegar.

Will Vinegar Clean Mortar off Bricks?

It always looks awful when mortar comes onto bricks. I had experienced such a situation on my brick walls at home. And I’m sure you must also have gone through the same situation very often. 

Before I got to know about cleaning vinegar, it was the worst nightmare for me thinking of how to get rid of it.

Cleaning Process

Let’s go into the details of how you can use vinegar as a cleaning tool for mortar.

Vinegar contains a small amount of acid. The chemical reaction would work out to pull the mortar off bricks.


The cleaning process starts with covering the floor with a cloth.

If you have a masonry stone or marble on the floor, you must protect it from chemical ingredients. Using a piece of cloth covering all your work area would be appropriate.

After that, it’s time to protect yourself. Use a pair of rubber gloves to keep your hands away from the chemical solution.

You should avoid burning your skin by keeping gloves on. What would be next that is likely to be exposed? Your eyes. For this, you have to use goggles to protect your eyes.


Use a dry brush and try to keep away the tiny particles from the mortar. Once you are done brushing, you need a chisel to scrape mortar as much as possible from the bricks.

Chisel is a handy tool having a long-blade at one end and a handle at another end.

Be careful and not scrape too harshly. Otherwise, you may end up scratching the bricks. 

Diluting the Bricks

The next step is to soak down the brick wall with clean water. The more you wet mortar thoroughly, the more chance it is for the vinegar to work correctly. 

So, it’s better to use a brush and dip it in clean water. Apply the wet brush thoroughly over the bricks.

Applying Vinegar

Now, you are ready to apply vinegar on the mortar. Don’t splash the vinegar on the mortar. 

The best way is to make a solution of vinegar and water in a ratio of 2:1.

For instance, you have to put two cups of vinegar in one water cup. Add a few drops of lemon essential oil as well.  

Use a brush soaked with vinegar solution and apply it gently on the mortar.

Then, leave the mortar for 5-10 minutes letting the mortar absorb vinegar solution as much as possible.  

Scrubbing Lightly  

When you observe that vinegar tends to dry off the mortar, it’s time to scrub mortar off bricks.

It would be better not to scrub the mortar hard. A gentle 4-5 times push would be enough. Keep in mind not to discolor the material of the bricks.

The moment you start scrubbing, you would see the mortar begins disappearing from the bricks. 

If you don’t get the desired result, it would be better to use more vinegar solution. Leave it for a few minutes allowing the mortar to absorb. Now, it’s time to scrub mortar gently. 

Rinsing With Water  

When you see that mortar disappears entirely from the bricks, you need to rinse the bricks with clean water.

After that, use a piece of cloth to dry the bricks. I’m sure there would be no spots and patches of mortar on the face of the bricks.

Things You Should Avoid When Using Vinegar

When you are dealing with vinegar for cleaning purpose, keep these things into your mind:

  • Don’t ignite or light up a fire
  • Don’t smoke
  • Don’t have eatable things nearby
  • Don’t let your children near the work area
  • Don’t keep the vinegar bottle open
  • Don’t scrub too harsh
  • Don’t use chemical water for dilution purpose

Final Words

There is no doubt that vinegar comes as a practical solution when it comes to cleaning.

Will vinegar clean mortar off bricks?

The utility of vinegar in cleaning mortar off bricks is unquestionable. It’s a very cost-effective method of cleaning mortar but must be used with utmost care.

The cleaning vinegar contains acid as a chemical compound. It’s not only harmful to your eyes and skin, but it can also damage the bricks’ quality.

To slightly reduce the toxic level of cleaning vinegar, don’t forget to dilute it.

Overall, vinegar would be the best cleaning tool for your household, including mortar off your bricks.

Above all, a clean home is a happy home.