Wood vs. Glass Dining

Wood vs. Glass Dining Table Pros and Cons

A dining table is the center of intimate and grand gatherings. It is just right to be meticulous in choosing the material for your tables and your other home furniture. 

Such a component type should complement your whole dining area, match the dimensions, and will last long for all your upcoming events. 

Two of the most popular and advisable dining table materials are glass and wood. 

Between these furniture figures, homeowners are usually torn on which is the best one that will complete the whole look one is trying to pull on their dining room. 

Maybe these pros and cons can help you step closer to the perfect choice. 

Wood Dining Table Pros 

Easy to restore

Damages can happen to any furniture especially if it is used daily and exposed to different activities. Luckily, for wood dining tables, dents and scratches can be quickly repaired.

Its fair share of material durability is able to restore issues more likely to happen to partially damaged ones. 

With the right tools and a skilled woodworker, the hardwood dining table will retrieve its vintage beauty and aesthetics.

Such an advantage is also the main reason why hand-me-down dining tables can be restored and returned to their original appearance. 

Wood dining tables can last longer when properly maintained and damages are not fully ignored. 

Durable with a long-life service period

Believe it or not, organic materials like hardwood offer long service years when built as furniture like tabletops.

Furniture made of high-quality wood types withstand the challenge of wear and tear issues. There are woods that are break-resistant and durable amidst rough usage conditions. 

One of the recommended wood types for a dining table is solid oak. Not just for the sake of its name, the solid oak is among the most sturdy and firm ones. 

It resists even the hottest surfaces and withstands pressure. Indeed, wood material is the best choice for dining table material if you can get the right kind. 

Timeless design 

Wood is a classic design that can complement any area, no matter what era. It just never goes out of the fashion trend and this fact alone is a solid reason why it is one of the most preferred furniture materials in many homes ever since. 

Hardwood, with its unique grain texture, establishes a certain attraction that looks welcoming to anyone’s eyes. It also creates a cozy and warm atmosphere in one’s home. 

While deemed to be the face of traditional furniture, wood can likewise be on sleek contemporary tables bringing a lot more style to the entire design. 

You should also consider the color coordination of your dining area to be able to pick between teak, walnut, oak, mahogany, or maple. 

Solidity and reliability

Satisfying and solid to sit on, wood is a material that has a lot of good reasons why people find it more comfortable and firm compared to other common mediums. 

Dining tables that are produced from good quality wood mostly stand the hiccups of long years. Woods have style variations reliable for all dining table designs. 

Materials like wood are easy and safe to handle. One can guarantee that having a wooden dining table is not worrisome even if you’re expecting a huge wave of guests. 

Thus, building one can just go as far as simple legs and a central solid block. 

Wood Dining Table Cons 

Vulnerable to damages and scratches 

Wood dining tables demand more attention than other types. The top finish can resist a couple of scratches and damages on the surface or restore its old condition after a repair. 

Yet these are not always the case for the structure underneath. Heavy and sharp objects are furniture obstructions that an ordinary wood dining table fails to withstand.

Frankly, you might have to spend a lot more money on repairs and restoration than the original purchase. 

However, you can still save yourself from stressing your wallet for the replacement if you commit to taking proper care of your wooden dining table.



To find wood that can make a durable wood dining table, it also means preparing a budget for an authentic hardwood that guarantees high quality. 

It, unfortunately, comes with a hefty price and is more costly than regular wood material. On some occasions, these special hardwoods can be bought at a lower price. 

It is also possible to discover cheaper models on most seasonal sales but that will be one of the rarest scenarios. 

Wood quality must never be compromised. It could sabotage its strength and durability and could blind you from the real deal of using unreliable materials. 

Heavy and bulky

One will feel the weight of the hardwood dining table when it has to be transferred inside the home. It can also look bulky especially when positioned in a less favorable way. 

A good dining table brings a classic touch but can also boil down your room aesthetics without studying the space that it could take up later on.

If you usually reorganize or rearrange your furniture, a wood dining table is not quite the ideal option for you unless you’re trying to develop some muscles. 

It requires the right design and type of wood to make an ideal dining table.

Susceptible to water damage

The number one factor that can challenge the durability of wood materials is moisture. 

Wooden tables are vulnerable to liquid spills and moistures that form under the crevices underneath the table. When the moisture is completely settled on the surface, its particles can make the material swell to its core.

The process can lead the whole furniture to weaken and mold will start to dominate the table. It is always better to prepare a cloth or other similar absorbents to wipe off the spills to prevent the liquid residue from creating severe damages. 

Glass Dining Table Pros 

Quite tough
Improved by technology, glass tables today are much tougher than in the old days. Glass dining tables now have chemically strengthened and safely tempered versions. 

Tempered glass can withstand heat temperatures, scratches, and impacts. It will not shatter into pieces when thumped or mildly pounded. 

The enhancement of glass models relieves more users as it breaks the fear of possible cracks while in use.  

Enhances the beauty of a dining area 

Glass dining tables will never block the rest of your room decorations. Obviously, because its structure is transparent and allows you to play around with rug and dining chair designs. 

Any decors in the area will be completely visible with the same level of appreciation. While its main material is glass, these tabletops are made more firm and durable with a metal or wood base. 

Available in different styles

The surface of the glass is naturally colorless and bare. But do not ever think it can’t be a lovely dining table. Glass materials can be customized, tinted, and frosted to different colors. 

It can also be formed and cut in any shape you prefer. Wicker, iron, rattan, chrome, and wood are ideal materials to be incorporated into a custom-made glass dining table. 


Glass tabletops are manageable and sweat-free to clean. Such a material does not absorb spills nor allow liquids to get through its structure. 

Unlike wood, glass dining tables only need a paper towel or cloth rag to dry the surface. You can keep the glass tabletop shiny using a spray of water.

Gives airier look to a dining room

The light that reflects from a glass dining table appears stunning as it sheds the whole room. Glass components and furniture are good hacks to set beautiful lighting and an airy vibe in an area. 

It also creates an illusion of a wider and larger room. Glass tables are especially recommended for dining rooms that do not have enough natural light. 

Modern and elegant 

Glass speaks sophistication when incorporated into furniture — let alone a simple dining table. It perfectly fits houses with contemporary and modern designs. 

The elegance of a glass table can match fine dining and formal gatherings. Hence, glass dining tables are more preferred for weddings, debut celebrations, birthday parties, company events, and other special occasions. 

Glass Dining Table Cons  
Can be risky
Although glass materials today are more durable than previous versions, no one can deny that they are still breakable. 

Risks are more evident especially if you have energetic pets and children running or playing around the dining space. 

If it accidentally shatters, the debris can cause dangerous injuries to the whole household.


Demands good flooring and decor

Since everything below the transparent table is clearly visible, the pressure of having good flooring and decor can sometimes cause you to be anxious about what to put. 

Although it does not require you to set something grand, at least the rest of the furniture or items in the dining room should appear presentable and decent.  


Unlike metal or wood, glass is not always replaceable. Even if you try to glue the broken pieces together, the cracks will still show and steal everyone’s attention. 

You need to be extra careful as this fragile material prevents heavy damage on its tabletop surface. 

Requires regular cleaning

A glass table does not need heavy cleaning, but a regular wiping routine can maintain the beauty of a glass dining table. 

Glass will stay in its pristine condition by protecting it from water marks, dust, fingerprints, and smudges. The fogginess can stick forever when overly neglected.


When deciding on which dining table suits your area, it is vital to consider the style and original dimensions of the space available. 

Also, you will need to weigh your selection based on how you value the long and short-term benefits of the wood or glass dining tables.