Worst Toilet Brands

Worst Toilet Brands You Need To Avoid

Most people do not care what a toilet looks like when they visit your home.  As long as it is clean and they can use it, that is all that most likely matters to them.

But when you are the homeowner, there are things that you look for in all your purchases.  You want to purchase things that are a good value for the money and last a long time.

Many people will not spend countless hours researching toilets as they have more important things to do.  But when purchasing a new toilet, you must realize that some are better than others and that they are not created the same.

Here we will delve into the worst toilet brands so you can be sure not to make the mistake that many others before you have made.


When picking a toilet there are so many decisions to be made.  Do you want a one-piece toilet or a 2 piece toilet?  Will the toilet be in white or bone color?  Perhaps you prefer it to be in color?

Do you want a heated seat?  How much are you willing to pay for a toilet?  Do you wish for a higher profile one?

What bowl shape would you prefer?  Is a circle bowl fine or would you rather have an elongated bowl?  Could you be happy with a square-shaped toilet?

Then there are touchless toilets, water-saving toilets, dual-flush toilets, and soft-close toilets.  And did you know that they make toilet seats that light up?

Maybe you are confused as to what type of flush a toilet offers.  There are

Single-Flush Toilets are standard toilets that use the force of gravity to create a strong siphon during flushing.  These gravity-fed toilets are easy to repair and are the most common type of toilet that often cost less than other models.

Dual-Flush Toilets have separate flushes for solid and liquid waste.  They use a larger diameter trap way design to resist clogging and need less water to flush efficiently. However, they may require more frequent cleaning.

Pressure-Assisted Toilets are pressure-assisted toilets that have a special flushing mechanism within the tank that creates a siphon jet action.  This produces more forceful flushes than standard gravity-fed toilets.  The flushing action is boosted by air pressure and is less likely to clog and is a good choice for families because it uses less water per flush.

Power-Assisted Toilets, also known as macerating toilets or upflush toilets, are the best toilets to buy for new bathrooms in basements.  A pump permits flushing from below the sewer line while the macerating pump liquifies waste during the flush to reduce clogging and promote flow in lengthy waste lines. Some of the models are designed for boats or RV use.

With so many decisions to be made, it can be a tough decision!  Who knew that there were that many toilets to pick from.

Perhaps one of the biggest decisions you will have to make is what brand you will want.  For come consumers, brand matters. They do not care how much the toilet is as long as it is in a name brand or well-respected company.    For others, not so much.  They are just happy to have a toilet that works well.

Worst toilet brands

A toilet is a toilet…until it acts up and does not perform the job that it is intended to.  Toilets that are made to be clog-free should never clog. And a water-saving toilet should not end up costing you just as much or more in your water bill each month!   Here are some of the toilets that users have labeled as the worst in their experiences.  You may just want to avoid them at all costs so you don’t end up having the experiences they have had.


Kohler is a well-respected brand that has been around for quite some time.  Many would think that this would be a toilet brand that they could trust…

Kohler Memoirs round-bowl 1.6 gallon toilet

Perhaps you are surprised that Kohler has made the list.  Many trust Kohler as it is a respected brand.  However, this toilet has received a huge thumbs down from many.

This toilet is almost $400 and yet still does not come with a seat!  You would think that if you shelled out that much money for a toilet, they could at least provide you with a toilet seat and lid.  However, neither of them comes with the purchase.

One customer stated that it should have been given a negative 5 as it was horrible.  They did not care for the height of it as it was extremely uncomfortable for them, even though they were only 5 feet 3 inches tall.  This same customer was also not impressed with the way the tank does not sit flush with the wall.  They felt as you were sitting forward, it was not comfortable either.

Kohler Cimarron

This water conservation toilet provides significant water savings of up to 16,500 gallons per year all without “sacrificing performance”. This toilet features innovative AquaPiston technology, a patented flush engine that delivers a fast, powerful, and virtually plug-free flush.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? However, many have pointed out the issues they have with this Kohler.  Many have had to give it a second flush because the first one does not ensure all the dirty water passes over the trap, which then contaminates the fresh water.

There have been reports of this toilet lid breaking too fast just by sitting on it.

American Standard Champion

Some plumbers will cringe when you tell them you need an American Standard Champion installed.  Some will not even mess around with this brand as they truly feel it is the worst toilet brand ever.

One plumber told a customer that after he installed the American Standard Champion, he was on his own and would not fix it.  The plumber stated the toilet bowl was off level by at least 1/2 inch and that it came with a special wrench to tighten down the tank.   He felt it took more tension to tighten the bolts down enough to keep the toilet from leaking.  Yet when you tried to flush the toilet it seemed it was not catching right. Or you had to flush it twice to get results.  The plumber felt that at best the flush assembly would last 2 years.

By all means, if you need a toilet installed, ask a plumber beforehand what brand they would or would not recommend.


When purchasing a toilet be sure to do your research.  For the price you pay for a toilet, it should last several years.  However, do not assume that inexpensive toilets are cheap and that the best toilets are expensive.  Many on the market are inexpensive and great and several are very pricey but would not last for several years.

Look for one that will flush properly and provide fresh water each time.  Be certain to look at reviews to see what sort of problems people had and which ones that plumbers recommend.  It is also advised to steer clear of brands that plumbers say are not worth their time.